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If Pinterest Came Alive…

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your Pinterest boards came to life? If you could see all the things you had pinned in person and meet the people behind the pins? Well, guess what folks? It can happen. There is going to be a Pinner's expo here in Utah with 100 classes and 200 shopping booths! And I will be there doing two things....     I think the idea is genius and I wish it was a national thing so all of you guys could participate. But for those of you who are close enough to attend, here are the details.... It is held at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, Utah. It will run Friday November 6th from 10 am to 9 pm and then again the following day … {READ MORE}

Vintage Pencil Sharpener

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Growing up we had a pencil sharpener in my dad's office where you cranked the handle and it could be mounted to the desk. I loved that thing! We have had a problem in our house for what seems like forever. We are always losing our little pencil sharpeners. I am not sure where they go. Maybe they are hanging out will all those missing socks and Tupperware. I decided to look online for a vintage pencil sharpener that I could mount to the wall so it would never get lost.     I found one on Ebay and I love that it is rusty and dented!     And while it looks so pretty on the wall, getting it on there was not as easy as I had hoped. There wasn't a stud … {READ MORE}

Heat Gun Projects & Giveaway!

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When I first heard that HomeRight made heat guns quite a while back, I didn't really think I would ever use one. But one day I had an idea for a project that would require something hot to melt it. I have to tell you that once I use used it I was hooked! One of the first projects I used it on was this fun bowl made from plexiglass. I had no idea if it would work out and I had never done anything like it but I had so much fun melting and bending it into shape.       It isn't just for projects. I used it to melt the sugar on top of my super easy to make creme brulee.       The holidays are coming and I know you are dying to make … {READ MORE}

Living Water

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I've been reflecting on things lately. Reminiscing. I purged like crazy and went through every single thing we own including pictures. It has made me both sad and joyful. Sad because of the fact that my kids are no longer tiny and squishy, and filled with inexpressible joy at the things we have had the privilege of experiencing, both good and bad. Yes, even the the bad. Shane recently celebrated his 2 year anniversary with his design firm. Those of you who have been around awhile know that when the economy tanked that the construction field and everything related to it (like architecture) was hit very hard that we struggled with unemployment for almost 4 years off and on.  It was a … {READ MORE}

Fall Mantel {Styled X3}

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I love this series so much! I look forward to it every month. And you are in for a treat because this month I have Kelli from Lolly Jane and Kelly from Live Laugh Rowe! They are amazing. In case you are new, the idea behind Styled X3 is that I buy three of the same item, I keep one and I send two of them to two different talented bloggers. All three of us style the item somewhere in our homes. Altering it is optional.     This month I chose this planter from IKEA. I loved the shape and the little wooden feet! Normally I have it on my new bookshelves but for the style challenge I....   ...added it to my Fall mantel!     I spray … {READ MORE}

Spray Shelter Giveaway!

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How many times have you gone to paint something, big or small, and the forecast said 10% chance of rain? Do you chance it? Do you hope it doesn't really sprinkle? Or what about when it is windy? Painting something and then having the wind pick up is the worst! You get pieces of grass, leaves, or dirt all over the wet paint. And then there is the chance of the over-spray getting on your house, car, or the driveway. I have had all those things happen in the past, but not any more! I have had several things I needed to paint but every day for the past week and a half it has said 10% or 20% chance of rain. Since I don't have a workshop or even a decent garage to paint in, I needed some type … {READ MORE}

To Paint or Not To Paint…. Wood Floors

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Let's chat about painted floors. Painted wood floors to be exact. I don't have to be a mind reader to know that some of you are very against it. Heck, I am against it in a lot of cases. But if you have floors that are not in good shape, if you know you will be replacing them down the road, why not have fun and paint them? That is what I did and I have loved it!   I have really loved partnering with ScotchBlue™ and being able to share projects with you that are all about PATTERN!  When we moved into this house eight years ago I refinished the wood floors in the front room and hall. I can't remember the whole reason we didn't opt to do that in the office space but I think it is … {READ MORE}

My New Happy Place

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I have regrets. I wish I could go back in time when I uttered the now infamous words "I think I'm going to redo the whole upstairs at the same time." Even in a perfect world with a steady flow of money, no real life issues that get in the way like a wedding, surgery, getting a new puppy, school starting, and so on, it was a big undertaking for one person. But I am happy to say that at least with three of the four rooms, I am nearing that glorious light at the end of the tunnel. Speaking of light, I love my family room and its large windows! It has always been one of the sunniest posts in the house.     I got all the shelves put up so I was able to spread the books out … {READ MORE}

Office Sneak Peek, Fingerprint Art, & The Early Days

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We were still in college when we got married. We lived in a tiny (as in 384 square feet) studio apartment for a little while and then through some friends we found a really old, but charming, apartment complex that was a lot roomier and even had a small fenced in backyard. We lived there until we had to prepare to move to Vegas for Shane's architecture program. While we lived there, Shane was getting some pre-requisite classes done at the U of U. He had several art classes. One of the teachers fingerprinted the students and had them enlarge the print to about 20" by 30". He then had to trace it onto a new sheet of paper and fill it in with black ink. He was working full time since we had … {READ MORE}


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