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Show Me What Ya Got #158

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We missed last week because of the blog hop so I am extra excited to see what you have been up to :) I have LOVED reading through all of your responses to the survey. I will write up a summery of what I have learned from it later this week. If you haven't filled it out, you still have a chance to do it. And one person who fills it out will win a $50 gift card tot he store of their choice! Here are the posts from the last little bit in case you missed any of them. I have a new series here on the blog called More Or Less. I recreate a room, from Nate Berkus's new show, on a budget to show how you can get the look for less. More or Less {American Dream Builders} Episode #1 More … {READ MORE}

More Or Less {American Dream Builders} Episode #2

more or less episode #2

I loved this week's episode! I have a not so secret obsession with mid century modern furniture. If my home were not a 1930's cottage style home I would have more of it. But I strongly feel your furnishings should reflect the style of architecture. I have had just about enough of Elaine. There, I said it. Her lack of respect for other people astounds me. And I was sad about who went home. I understood to a point but it made me sad anyway. What did you think? I had a really tough time choosing which living room to recreate this week. While I LOVED the light and bright modern room from the other house (that gold light fixture!!!), this room had more texture. Plus I fell madly in love … {READ MORE}

Spill Your Guts ….and enter to win!

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I think it is time for this blog to have a physical. Is anyone else singing "Let's Get Physical"?.... You know, from the 80's? Leg warmers anyone? This blog needs a little check-up to make sure it is still on track. I started this blog for YOU. I started it so I could inspire others. And I hope I have not strayed from doing that. Today I am asking you to fill out a little survey. There are only 10 questions. And as a big fat thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, I am going to randomly pick one person and give them a $50 gift card to the store of their choice. Since the survey is TOTALLY ANONYMOUS, if you fill out the survey, then you can click on the rafflecopter … {READ MORE}

Gold Metal Planter

Metal Bucket Makeover - gold metal planter featured

My creative friend Jen Rizzo had a crazy idea for a blog hop and she was able to convince 20 other bloggers to go along with it :) The idea was, that we each went out and found something at our local thrift shop, sent it to another blogger, and then they had to make it into something new. Heather from At The Picket Fence was the blogger who sent me my item and BLESS HER! She sent me something wonderful instead of hideous :) Whew! This is what she sent me:   I would have been happy to keep it as it was because I loved it. But that was not the challenge. Plus I already have a very similar metal bucket/caddy that I have office supplies and coloring supplies stored in so I was ok with … {READ MORE}

More Or Less {American Dream Builders} Episode #1

more or less episode #1

I hope you guys had a chance to watch the show last night. If not, maybe you can watch it online. I totally cried watching it last night. When those kids saw their rooms! Man, I lost it. And Nate was fabulous as always. Is it possible his hair has gotten even better? Before we get to the room that I chose, let's chat about the show itself. I LOVED that they chose families that were multigenerational. It is becoming more common and while it is a beautiful thing, it creates some unique challenges. I also loved this episode because we are a family of 6 living in a tiny cottage style home so we know a thing or two about how hard it can be to make a small space function well. As far as the … {READ MORE}

American Dream Builders & A New Series On The Blog

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In January when I went to ALT I had the opportunity to hear a very talented woman named Krista speak. She is the Communication Manager for Nate Berkus.  After she spoke I went up and talked with her. Not only is her accent beautiful (she grew up in South Africa) but she was incredibly nice. I threw out some ideas of how I could work with them to help promote Nate's new show, American Dream Builders. Don't you just love Nate? I just know we would be antiquing BFFs if we lived closer.... One of the ideas that I proposed was to highlight a room from the episode each week and show how you could recreate the look for yourself. The designers on the show create high end rooms. But I know most of … {READ MORE}

He Said She Said EPISODE #7 {Knick Knacks}

knick knacks shot

Here is our latest installment of our "He Said, She Said" series! Instead of posting every Wednesday, I have decided to do every other Wednesday. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Make sure and post in the comments below :) What about you? Do you like a little (minimalist) or are you a "more the merrier" kind of person? Or maybe somewhere in between? … {READ MORE}

Show Me What Ya Got #157

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Ack! I almost for got to get the party started. I was on the couch downloading new songs to work out to. I have been in a slump and thought new songs might help. Any way, I am pumped to see your latest projects and creativity :) Let's do this! Here are my latest posts in case you missed them: How to Create a Large Bun Without A Sock Updates! Why I Did Not Major In Interior Design   Remember: *No giveaways, things for sale, or etsy shops *Link back to me somehow *Link up your own work that you have not already linked up here before *Visit other links and share the love   HOME DECOR FOOD CRAFT & … {READ MORE}


project gallery

I have been working hard on some things for my blog. Ever since I debuted my new site design, I knew I also needed to update some features that have been neglected. The page on the menu (at the top) that was called "tutorials" and is now called "Project Gallery". I can't remember the last time I updated it. It was pretty sad. And once I added all the recent projects (recent as in the past year!) it looked messy. So then I went back in and separated them into categories. I wanted to make it easier for you to navigate. I have 6 different categories: Home Projects, Outdoor Projects, Recipes, Kid Stuff, Holiday and Cakes.     I hope that helps you with finding … {READ MORE}


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