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Planking, Staining, and Progress! {GIVEAWAY!}

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*THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED* Winners: Kimberly Kirkland Absher, ¬†Elizabeth Gonzalez, Sandi Allen, Jeannie Garcia-Buechele I jump from project to project..... mid project. I confess, I have DIY ADD. I can't remember why I moved on from the laundry room before it was actually done. But it probably had something to do with the fact that it was to the point of being functional and I was bored with it. But it is time to go back and address at least finishing the planked walls. I got a new toy from HomeRight that made it so much faster (because being a brand ambassador has its perks)! Here is the one wall that I planked and stained awhile ago. All that work and only a little of the wall … {READ MORE}

Raising Backyard Chickens

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I have been working outside in the yard the last few weeks doing (not so) glamorous things like weeding and maintenance. One of the things that I put off last year was fixing up the chicken coop area. After 7 years, the chicken coop could use a fresh layer of paint and new shingles. And the lean-to we built last year needed to be finished. So I got to work! I still need to paint the trim on the coop but it was done enough for a post :) Our oldest hen, Sarah, was quite the model. She wanted to be in all the pictures. She was cracking us all up. She went wherever the camera went. When my husband and I got married I warned him that as soon as we got into a house, we were going to have … {READ MORE}

Popping in real quick….


I have been working outside in the yard doing maintenance and freshening things up. I am hoping to get some pictures of it real soon. But for now, speaking of outdoor projects, I wanted to share something fun. My door screen from a few years ago is on the Better Homes and Garden's website this week! It is one of 4 outdoor decorating ideas being featured. You can vote for your favorite. VOTE HERE Thanks guys :) I am excited to share the outdoor project that has taken most of my time. Hopefully in the next couple of days!!! … {READ MORE}

Driving up the Coast on HWY 101

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Like I mentioned on my first vacation post, I will still love you to pieces if you don't want to hear about our trip. But if you have ever wanted to drive up the 101 along the coast, then you may want to read on to see what I thought was worth the time and what to miss.¬† Here are the highlights from the trip. I took over 3,000 photos and we stopped at so many places. But here are the main ones. After we spent the last day in San Francisco, we drove to Fort Bragg, CA and stayed in a little hotel there. We woke up early in the morning hoping to go to the tide pools at MacKerricher State Park. We weren't clear on exactly where it was and thought we had gone too far when we really hadn't gone … {READ MORE}

I Left My Heart In San Francisco

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You know in the old TV shows when a person would pull out their slides of their recent trip and was so excited to show them to their dinner guests? They probably only invited them over for dinner for that reason. And then the camera would pan over the the before mentioned dinner guests and they would look less than thrilled? I get it. We went on a trip, I want to share, and you may or may not be jumping for joy at the thought of looking at our pictures. This was our first REAL vacation. So I also get the whole "Oh look what they got to do but we will never get to do" feeling too. I have been on Facebook for over 5 years and have seen ALL my friends post pictures from their vacations while I … {READ MORE}

Behind The Scenes At Pinterest

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Our family was planning a vacation to San Francisco (and then a drive up HWY 101) and since the headquarters of Pinterest is in SF I decided to email Ben himself and see if I could have a tour. You know, just email the founder of Pinterest and ask a huge favor. No biggie :) I figured "What the heck?" The worst case scenario would be I don't hear back from him. And since everyone in the world has access to his email, I knew that chances were SLIM. Guess what? He emailed back within a couple of hours! I met him back in January and he is the nicest guy ever. He said he wouldn't be around but that Enid Hwang could give me a tour. When Enid emailed me I was a little nervous to tell her that I … {READ MORE}

Helping Others Can Sometimes Save Ourselves

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There are a lot of reasons I love blogging. And there are many ways that blogging has changed my life. But there are two reasons blogging has, in a way, saved my life. I struggled this last year. I touched on it briefly in another post, but I had a very hard time especially this past winter. My side of the family had some huge challenges on top of my usual struggle with the winter time and some financial issues made for a bad combination. If it were not for my sweet 4 year old at home, and my sweet blog readers, I probably would not have got out of bed most days. I gained weight, had no motivation to do anything, and had a hard time looking past my own situation. When Tauni asked if I … {READ MORE}

More Or Less {American Dream Builders} Finale!

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I watched the finale and since I just got back from staying in a beach house with my family, this was the perfect episode. I loved it. It was two hours long this week but it felt like only one. I was so into it and had so much fun seeing all the designers back in action. I have been secretly rooting for Lukas the whole time so I was happy he won the title of American Dream Builder. I was actually able to see the pictures of the beach houses a couple of weeks ago. Since I left for our first real vacation and was going to be gone for about 10 days, NBC was nice enough to send me the images early. So I knew it was between Jay and Lukas a couple weeks early. When I saw the images, the … {READ MORE}

Controling Weeds In Your Garden

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I love to garden! It is like therapy for me. But I know not all people love it or want to have a garden. In talking with people and reading different articles, I think the two main reasons are #1 They don't have enough space for one and #2 they don't want to deal with weeds. Today I want to talk about ways to control the weeds in your garden so you can enjoy gardening even more. Weed Cloth Or Mulch For the first few years we lived here I used weed cloth to control the weeds in my vegetable garden. I started out using the black cloth that is a little more plastic like. I used metal U shaped stakes to keep the cloth in place. I reused the back cloth the next year to try to save money, but … {READ MORE}


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