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Wood Bowl {Styled X3}

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I love this series :) I skipped last month and it killed me. I waited too long to ask people to join in and it would have been cutting it close. Just because I wait until the day before to do the photoshoot doesn't mean I want my blogging friends to HAVE to do the same because I was late getting their item to them. So I decided to take a month off and start fresh this month. I took that month to get all organized though and I have people lined up clear through the beginning of next year.   This month we have the fabulous Rebecca from The Crafted Sparrow and the amazing Beth from Sawdust and Embryos. They are both super talented and you are going to love how they styled their … {READ MORE}

10 Years Later…

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This is a post for The Home Depot Foundation who I love dearly. Every thought, opinion, and experience is all mine.  It is crazy to think that Katrina hit and destroyed much of New Orleans 10 years ago. It doesn't feel like it has been that long. And what is even more crazy is that there are so many places that look like it just happened last week. So many homes and buildings that are still damaged and in disrepair. Shane and I had the opportunity to see it first hand when we went back there with The Home Depot Foundation to do service projects.   These pictures are of the same house you guys!   It is easy to sit here in my home that is in good repair (if you … {READ MORE}

Kitchen and Dining room Progress!

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Whew! I didn't necessarily intend to take a break for two weeks, but I suddenly realized that school was nearing for my kids and I wanted to make the most of the last bit of summer vacation. We had days full of snow cones, playing with our new dog, hiking up the canyon, and movies in the backyard. And while I did work on some projects, most have not been photographed much less edited and written up. I do however have some progress to share with you today! We installed a new door and I painted it blue. Shane helped me one Saturday to install the door and we gave ourselves what we thought was a very generous 2 hour chunk of time. It took us ALL DAY. I sometimes forget that when you have an … {READ MORE}

My Favorite Planter Projects


It's no secret that I love plants and that I think everyone should have some type of plant in their spaces, work and home. And while a simple pot works most of the time, sometimes it is fun to add your plant to unique planter. As I am starting to put my house together again (Yay! Finally!), I am finding permanent places for some of the projects I did for my book, Natural Accents. I decided to share a few of my all time favorite planters from the book. Hexagon Planters These were fun to make and I started out staining them a medium brown. But after looking at them for a few days, I decided to paint them gold! I'm not sure if they will stay gold or get painted another color, but they are … {READ MORE}

Painted Placemats {Picnic Table Makeover}

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If you are having a drought I have the perfect solution. Invite me over to do an outdoor DIY project. It is bound to pour buckets and buckets of rain as soon as I start. It may even break some records. Like maybe one day it will rain more in two hours than it has all year. I may mumble under my breath, thank the Gods that someone invented plastic tarps, and consume large quantities of chocolate, but eventually the project will get done and your grass will look amazing. Have you ever had one of those projects that should have taken a couple days but because of unforeseen issues.... and mother nature throwing a hissy fit, it took more like two weeks? I present you with my picnic … {READ MORE}

Using Your Voice For Good

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I'm putting away the power tools and paint and I'm getting personal on the blog today. Something touched my heart and I wanted to share. Our family lives in a community that glorifies sports. All sports, but baseball in particular. Shane and I like baseball too. We signed our oldest up for little league when he was 6, soon after moving here. A few years into it though and it was clear that he was not loving it. He was the kid chasing butterflies in the outfield hoping the ball would not come to him. The one who had never once swung the bat but would stand there frozen. The kid who only looked forward to the game because of the treat he would get after. I knew I needed to  help him find … {READ MORE}

Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens + Giveaway!


I am working on finishing up my kitchen right now. The main reason I repainted it white was because I was trying hard to think of ways to make it feel bigger. It is so tiny! Taking down some of the upper cabinets, replacing them with open shelving, and painting it a bright white have really helped. But the cold hard truth is that it is SMALL. Storage will always be an issue. So when Kirklands asked me to be apart of their #SmallSpaceDesign campaign, I knew I wanted in :) Keep reading for the GIVEAWAY!   I bought this small 4 drawer dresser and while I am still debating about where it will find it's final resting place (I have narrowed it down to three options), I wanted to … {READ MORE}

Removing Labels From Crates + Giveaway!

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Where we live, we are surrounded by orchards. So much so that it is pretty much a right of passage for the teenagers in our town to work either in the orchards themselves or sorting the bad fruit from the good fruit on conveyor belts. I spent a couple of summers sorting cherries. Because of all the orchards, it is pretty easy to find old wooden crates. I have 8 of them and I am getting ready to put them all to good use as storage in my upstairs. These wooden crates combine my love of crates, with youthful memories of working for the fruit growers.  The problem with them is that they sometimes come with labels on them that are in pretty bad shape. But with a few simple tips, they are easily … {READ MORE}

Book Launch Party

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I am finally getting around to posting about my book launch party. There were a lot of thoughts and emotions involved and it too a bit to sort them out enough to write a coherent post. If you read my post about getting ready for the party, then you know that I was a giant ball of nerves leading up to this. I like PLANNING parties. I do not, however, enjoy HOSTING them. And the fact that I was hosting a party for myself seemed weird and awkward. I want to thank all of you who came. I was so worried no one would show up and Shane and I would be eating all 600 cookies ourselves, but we had a really, really good turn out! I know Saturdays are hard and Saturdays during the summer, forget about … {READ MORE}


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