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He Said She Said – Outdoor Spaces

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It is SPRING! Well, at least for now. Utah has a tendency to change it's mind. But it has been warm enough to play in the dirt and get a few things done out back. There is one thing we seem to have trouble with (aside from allergies....hello puffy eyes!!!). Watch and find out how you can help us solve this problem. I bet it is a problem you have had to face!   … {READ MORE}

Lemonade Drink Table

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I started to think it wouldn't happen, and let's be honest, we're still not in the clear. It is Utah afterall. But the snow is gone and the grass has started to green up. It is time to pull out the grill and invite some friends over! Warmer weather is screams backyard party! I was asked by Better Homes and Gardens (BHG at Walmart) to share an outdoor entertaining idea with you. Our family loves lemonade. Sometimes we use the powder mix and but most of the time we juice real lemons. But there is one thing we all don't agree on, and that is the perfect kind of lemonade. My husband loves strawberry, my sons love raspberry, and I like it plain and on the sour side. Although lately I like it … {READ MORE}

Kilim Inspired Painted Rug


I have a giveaway for a $200 Home Depot gift card at the end of the post sponsored by The Home Depot so make sure and read the whole post! I posted about my love of Turkish rugs awhile ago and how there was a runner I was obsessed over, but that I didn't need a runner. What I really wanted was a smaller rug for my entry. I found it was very hard if not impossible to find one I loved in a smaller size that would fit in my small front doorway. I decided to take matters into my own hands and paint one! This was the inspiration: Or at least the section of it that I wanted to recreate. It is long!   I have the FULL TUTORIAL over on Home Depot's  Apron Blog. But here is a … {READ MORE}

Zucchini Noodles with Pesto

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You can tell by my pasty skin that I am Irish. But in my pasta lovin', hot headed, heart I am Italian. There's got to be Italians somewhere in my family tree, I just know it. I also love carbs. So when I first heard about this contraption that makes zucchini, squash, and veggies into "noodles" I completely ignored it. I figured it was something skinny people talked about on their way to yoga.     But then I hit my mid 30's and weight started piling on and I thought maybe I would look into it. I added it to my Amazon cart and there it sat for a very long time. I guess it was our success so far in our weight loss journey that spurred me into actually buying it. Plus, it … {READ MORE}

What I’m Crushing On: Cobalt Blue

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I have really loved all of the new series I started this year. I particularly love sharing different trends or products that have caught my eye or that I am currently obsessing over. This month, I am chatting about COBALT. Cobalt is vibrant. It is a great color for a wall or something as simple as a few accessories. It's like navy blue and royal blue had a baby. Speaking of royal blue... We bought our house and we were still living in Las Vegas so some friends lived in it until we could get moved up and settled. We came up for the weekend to paint the foundation since the old paint was peeling. I had run to the small local hardware store and a darling little old lady helped me. It … {READ MORE}

How To Clean And Sanitize Reclaimed Wood

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Using reclaimed wood in projects has reached a fevered pitch. I have been obsessed with it since before I was married (over 15 years) and so I am glad that it has become a "thing". I do worry though, being a self proclaimed germaphobe, that people do not take the time to properly clean it before using it in their homes. So in an effort to save the world from dirty reclaimed wood, here is how I sanitize the crap out of reclaimed wood.     Before I take you through my process, make sure and read all the way through to the end because since I am a brand ambassador for HomeRight, I get to GIVEAWAY one of my favorite products today! The process.... If I have stored it … {READ MORE}

It’s been awhile…

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I haven't touched based with you in awhile. Sure I have been sharing projects here and there, but I haven't just chatted with you in what seems like forever. I am not sure if it is because I'm coming off a winter (and winters are hard for me) or if it is because I got caught up in the whole "deadline" rat race. When I first started this blog I was much more open to sharing what was going on in my daily life, not just my DIY life. But I got burned a few times and it made me a little weary to share too much. And because of that, I feel like over time I have lost my voice. Or at least part of it. I allowed others to take it. And I'm not sure how to get it back. I used to make crazy stupid music … {READ MORE}

Zion National Park

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I have lived in Utah all my life and have never been hiking in Zion National Park. Shane and I drove through one time when we were first married but that was it. Isn't it crazy how we sometimes neglect going to the places that are in our own backyard? There are so many places in Utah that we have never taken advantage of in the 8 years we have lived here as a family. We were pleasantly surprised that there were so many hiking trails that were kid friendly. We ended up going on all the "easy" trails and a couple of the "moderate" hikes. Our 5 year old was a champ! And for those of you without kids or with older ones, there are plenty of expert trails too. I have never seen so many … {READ MORE}

So far….


You guys, I have never had such a hard time hitting "publish" on a post. I NEVER thought in a million years that I would be posting pictures of me in a sports bra on my blog. GAH! But I want to share my journey so far. All of it. Even the ugly parts and failures. I didn't grow up struggling with my weight. I was always curvy, but never overweight. It was a time when girls with no hips and no boobs were splattered all over the covers of magazines and I thought I wanted a boy figure too. I did the best I could to hide my chest. You can read about why I never danced in my post from a couple years ago and how I got over it. It wasn't until I had my third child that the weight didn't really … {READ MORE}


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