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Gold Studded Pumpkin {And more 10 minute decorating ideas}

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I love the 10 Minute Decorating series that Laura has put together and I was excited to share some Fall ideas since pretty much everything I did to decorate this year took 10 minutes or less. Gold Studded Pumpkin I wanted to glam up my pumpkins but didn't want to do anything messy or time consuming so I decided to give this little guy some gold studs. I grabbed some brads from my desk drawer and started sticking them in. I followed the lines that run down the pumpkin naturally. You can use thumb tacks as well. I had some gold ones in my desk, but I liked how the brads stick out more. Make Your Own Art Another one of my favorite ideas is to frame leaves. It is easy … {READ MORE}

How It’s Going So Far….


So I am writing a book, and it is nothing like I thought it would be. But then again I am not super close to my deadline. I might be more frantic when it is the 11th hour :) I have tried to be as organized as possible. For someone like me who is not naturally an organized person, it has been hard to do. I started out by making a list of all the projects and ideas that would be in the book. I created a page for each project and decided on a shopping list, a list of items I already had, and how each project would be styled. The planning and gathering supplies took almost a month. I was very detailed. I have taken a wall in my office and moved everything. It is the wall that had the shoe … {READ MORE}

Fall Home Tour


I am so excited to be participating in this year's Fall Home Tour! Yesterday the tour ended with My Fabulous Life. If you are coming from there, WELCOME! I am glad you came :) Am I the only one who is still reeling over the fact that it Fall already? How did this happen? I swear summer was over in a blink. It is a good thing I LOVE Fall decor :) I hurried to get my house all decked out for Fall before I left for NYC this week. I hope you enjoy this little tour. I haven't revealed my family room makeover so I was hesitant to share the room decorated for Fall. So I only gave you a tiny peek of the gallery wall. I have fallen madly in love with this lamp from IKEA. I want one in … {READ MORE}

Swedish Raspberry Kiss Cookies


Growing up we had some awesome neighbors that we loved to hang out with. Their mom was from Sweden and aside from having the prettiest accent ever, she shared with us some of the yummiest recipes. These cookies were one of my all time favorite growing up. And since I recently picked raspberries out back and made some jam, it was the perfect time to make them again.       RECIPE: 7 oz of real butter 1/2 cup sugar 1/3 cup cornstarch (you can add a little more if you feel like the dough is too sticky) 1 1/2 cups flour 1/2 teaspoon baking powder   Mix it into a soft dough. Refrigerate until chilled. Roll into small balls and press your … {READ MORE}

NYC or Bust


Last year I told you all about how I was TERRIFIED at the thought of riding in a cab in NYC by myself. I wrote a whole post about being brave when stepping outside of your comfort zone. Well, I survived! And it wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined. And guess what? I get to do it all over again this year because I am going back. (source) This year I have a whole new reason to be nervous and a new thing that requires me to step outside of my comfort zone. This year I will be heading out early and spending a couple of days filming a makeover challenge! It will done  Project Runway style!  If you aren't familiar with Project Runway, I will explain.... The BHG StyleMaker Event is held on … {READ MORE}

Celebration of Service


This is a sponsored post for The Home Depot Foundation who I love dearly. Every thought, opinion, and experience is all mine. My very first experience with The Home Depot Foundation was back in November of 2011. I was able to go to Atlanta and do a service project for veterans in need. It was an incredible experience and one that I have been fortunate to experience over again several times. I loved serving at Stiggy's Dogs in Detroit where they train service dog for vets. And I loved learning about what the Fisher House foundation does for vets and their families when I was in Miami. The kick off for this Celebration event was on September 9th in 10 cities around the US. In just two … {READ MORE}

Getting Your Home Guest Ready


It is a week into September and I am still in denial that summer is over. The holidays will be here before you know it and with the holidays often times come houseguests. I have partnered up with BHG at Walmart to share ideas of how you can get your house ready for guests this holiday season. The VERY first thing I think of is adding fresh flowers or some kind of pretty center piece to the table. These coral flowers with their hint of orange scream fall to me!   The other thing I think of is to make sure that everything they might need, is very accessible. Don't make your guests keep asking where things are. Even if you normally put your towels in a cabinet or drawer, put … {READ MORE}

Steam Clean Your Mattress! {Giveaway}

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This giveaway is now closed I live with 5 boys. They are dirty. Anything I can get away with throwing in the washer, I throw in the washer. Toys, stuffed animals, shoes, coats, etc. Unfortunately you can't just throw your mattress in the washing machine. And as often as we wash our sheets, it doesn't stop the fact that our mattress is still, umm, less than clean. But my favorite cleaning tool is here to rescue your mattress. And you can enter to win one! This SteamMachine Plus is my favorite steam machine/mop I have ever had. The fact that the inside part comes out and becomes a hand held steamer rocks my world. I no longer iron. The steamer is faster (and way more fun) than ironing … {READ MORE}

Pick Stitch Pillow


On a whim I decided to give my front room a makeover. I guess I didn't think I had enough to do. Or maybe that is just how my crazy mind works. But then I accepted a book deal and so the "quick and simple makeover" has been limping along. It gets ignored for the most part. But every once in awhile I complete another project for it. You guys! I sewed!!!! We bought a pick stitch quilt from Pottery Barn about 8 years ago for our bedroom. The stitching is the same color as the fabric so it gives it a texture without the stitches really standing out. I have been meaning to make a pick stick pillow for YEARS and I was going to do it the same as our quilt. But then I changed my mind. I … {READ MORE}


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