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The Story of My Mismatched Chairs


Back when I refreshed my dining room, I got new chairs. The vision I had in my head was to have 2 short metal chairs and 2 tall metal chairs. I know it is not a huge detail and I can't tell you exactly why other than I thought it would look better if they were mismatched. I could only find the shorter chairs so I bought four and called it good. Birch Lane contacted me and wanted me to review something from their catalog. I had just recently found out about Birch Lane since they are a new company started by the people at Wayfair. Their style is AMAZING. And guess what? They had the tall metal chairs I wanted. Here they are on the backside of the table. And here they are on the … {READ MORE}

Why I went to Iowa…..

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I was asked by Better Homes and Gardens if I would like to work with them to help promote their line of products. Ummmm, of course! And then they said that a trip to their headquarters would be part of the deal. Sign me up! I was so excited. So excited that I actually went shopping. So excited that I bought HIGH HEELS. People. I have never had high heels before. But I thought, "Why the heck not?" And then I bought a dress to go with them. Who am I? By the way, did you know that the headquarters of BHG was in Des Moines, Iowa? I did, but only because I am kind of a stalker-ish fan of BHG.  But I had never been to Iowa before. I got to have a sneak peek at some of their new products and … {READ MORE}

Design Challenge: Hiding Electronics!

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Today I want to share some ideas of how I have hidden our electronics..... in plain sight! I, along with other bloggers, have teamed up with Verizon® to not only share these ideas, but to also tell you about an awesome Pinterest contest where you could win a $4,500 Visa® gift card. Since I had already hidden our electronics, Verizon® asked for my help in this campaign. I was compensated for my time in writing this post and for the use of my images, but the projects and ideas are all mine!  I love modern technology. I just don't always like to look at it :) I think we all struggle with keeping things aesthetically pleasing while keeping things functional. And since I live in such a tiny … {READ MORE}

BIG News!

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So now that I have signed the contract and made it all official, I can let the cat out of the bag.  I AM WRITING A BOOK! I was first approached by a publishing company about a year and a half ago. Maybe a little longer. I was flattered that they had asked and it has been a lifelong dream of mine. At first I was excited. Well, to be honest, I was excited/scared. I really wanted to say yes. But when I thought about it and prayed about it I did not have a peaceful feeling. I only had anxiety. I didn't feel like the timing was right. So I left the door open a bit with the company, so to speak, but essentially walked away from the deal. Fast forward to the first of this year. I was … {READ MORE}

White Walls & Progress


Both coats of white are up. Baseboards, trim, and touch ups are finished and the furniture is back in place. It is a white wonderland in our family room and it is just begging for some color! I thought I would give you a taste of what it is looking like here right now. A new coat of paint makes everything seem so fresh and new. I decided to go ahead and deep clean while I was at it. It feels like we just moved in when I walk in here. Jury is out if that is a good thing or not :)   I haven't replaced my lens that broke or the tripod, so getting good shots proved difficult. Hopefully I can get some new gear before the room reveal.   The door, floors and … {READ MORE}

Ryobi 40V Lawn Mower Review

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Back in April I had the chance to go to the Ryobi headquarters with some other bloggers. I always LOVE seeing the behind the scenes of companies I work with. I am completely fascinated with how they come up with concepts and then make them a reality.  It is the same reason I love watching Project Runway or any other creative reality show. So before I tell you about this electric lawn mower, I want to show some pictures from that trip.   We got to meet  and have lunch with the folks at Ryobi. And then we went outside and got to try out ALL the outdoor products! There were three things that really stood out to me and those are the three things I chose to review here on … {READ MORE}

Finish Max Paint Sprayer Giveaway!

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THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED ***The winner was Beverly E*** One of my favorite things about blogging and about working with brands that I truly love is that I get to give away products that have made my life easier. One of my favorite toys is the Finish Max Fine Sprayer. The first time I used it was on my brother basement. We painted all the trim, closets, shelves, and doors. Then I used it to stain our fence, which I still need to finish. In my defense it has either been SUPER hot or pouring rain here. And this time I used it to paint some doors of my own!   Before I start, I like to test the spray. You can adjust it to be vertical, horizontal, diagnal, etc. And also you … {READ MORE}

A Glimpse Inside Home Depot Headquarters

Home Depot Headquarters

Haven blog conference is held in Atlanta, Georgia. It just so happens that the Home Depot Headquarters is also in Atlanta. So during the conference a few of us slipped away so we could have a sneak peek!   It looked like an ordinary office building from the outside. When we drove onto the lot we noticed a large, fun daycare center for the kids of the employees. It was adorable and I wish I would have rolled down the window and taken pictures. I loved that one of the first things I saw when we entered was a mailbox that said "Letter to Troops" where employees can send off notes to those who serve.  (Bonus points to anyone who can tell me who these guys are in the … {READ MORE}


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I noticed something the other day. I was looking at my pinterest boards and saw that my Home Decor board had a trend going on. Almost all the rooms I had pinned had white walls. When we were renting I swore once we bought a home I would NEVER have white walls again. And the first thing we did when we moved in was slap a fresh coat of COLORED paint on walls. I always thought that white walls were sterile and boring. They screamed "Help me! I am stuck! I am a rental and can't be changed!" So why were all the rooms I pinned white?   Here's the thing..... I am stubborn. Once I stand on my soap box and declare something, I stick to it even when consciously (or … {READ MORE}


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