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HomeRight Finish Max GIVEAWAY!

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My house. My poor, poor house. It is a WRECK. And I don't mean it in the way your neighbor means it when she says it and there are 3 HotWheels cars on her floor and a fruit snack wrapper on the couch. I mean it in the way that the kitchen counters are covered in vases full of fall leaves, power tools, dirty dishes, school work that I am sure is probably late, and a million house plants. I have 4 photos shoots set up at various locations in the house. Most of the furniture is not is the right place, and I currently can not see the floor in my office. That is what writing a book looks like when you are doing all the projects and photos yourself. And see this cute little dresser I painted … {READ MORE}

Modern Geometric Planter


I have partnered with 3M DIY  to create this project. I have been compensated for my time and efforts but the ideas and opinions are all mine! Remember how when I was in NYC I was challenged by 3M to find something to serve as my inspiration for a DIY project? I chose the picture I took of the relief stone detail on the side of a building in Soho (to see picture see my first post). I had a million ideas of what I could do! Molding on a wall, a giant stencil painted on a rug, and so many others. But what I ultimately decided to do was build a planter and add the relief detail to the sides. I combined my love of plants and my obsession with the pattern to create this fun … {READ MORE}

Card Catalog Side Table

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I worked with Glidden Paint for this fun project. I was compensated for my time working on this project but the ideas, tips, and thoughts are all mine! Remember when I was debating on which color to paint the metal card catalogs I had in my garage? I finally decided on NAVY! Rich Navy from Glidden Paint to be exact :) And I could not be more happy with the result. If I could marry a piece of furniture, this guy and I would be engaged right now.     In case you missed the last post, this is how they started out.   I painted them and built a base for them. It is now the perfect bedside table for my future new bedroom.   Let's break down how … {READ MORE}

Kitchen Floating Shelves

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I have partnered with P&G and Home Depot to bring you this project :) When we first moved in I put a floating shelf on one side of the window where the previous owners had chosen not to add a cabinet.   I decided one day to take down our random, loney cabinet that is in our kitchen. I thought it would look better with floating shelves on each side of the window. The cabinet blocked the light and was bulky. So after giving it some thought I took the plunge!     Right now it has candlesticks and herbs, but I am still playing around with what will be stored here. It might be bowls and glasses.     Have you seen those cute … {READ MORE}

How To Build A Simple Entryway Table

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I am excited to be partnering with 3M DIY  to share a tutorial on how to make a simple table. I needed an entryway table (for reasons I will disclose later!). I shopped around at thrift stores, online yard sales, and at regular retail stores. I couldn't find a simple table and I couldn't find one for less than $50. I had a lot going on and wasn't sure I wanted to tackle building one but then I realized I could use the same basic ideas as my simple side table and just adjust the measurements. I already had some of the wood and so I went for it!     Here is what you will need..... Supplies:3M™ Wood Filler , 3M™ Advanced Abrasives, 3M™ Wood Adhesive, brad nailer, … {READ MORE}

BHG Makeover Challenge….Revealed!

BHG challenge

I am SUPER excited because today I can finally share the challenge with you that I did with Better Homes And Gardens while  in New York! I just got the links to the video clips and watched them for the first time.  You can see it better in the video, but the fern botanical print that I used came from My friend Karen at The Graphics Fairy   We were each given a very small space with the same desk and the same chair.   Eddies Ross was the Host :) And we couldn't use nails or screws! Here are our work stations: We had $200 and 45 minutes to shop. Then we had 5 hours over the course of two days to work on the space. Since the challenge was to … {READ MORE}

How To Pick A Paint Color For Furniture

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I am working with Glidden Paint on a fun project. I was compensated for my time working on this project but the ideas, tips, and thoughts are all mine! Painting furniture and painting walls are really quite similar when it comes to the process of choosing the color. For most people it is a daunting chore. We tend to second guess ourselves and feel intimidated. And we panic when it doesn't look like what we wanted when it goes on. I have these fun metal card catalogs I got from my mom a long time ago. They have been collecting dust in my garage. I almost forgot I even had them. While I was in NYC last week my husband cleaned out the garage and unearthed them. So naturally I HAD to give … {READ MORE}

Nate Berkus + BHG + NYC= Awesomeness

3M DIY project inspiration

I have had a hard time writing this post because I can't seem to put into words how much fun and how exhausting this trip was. I was gone 5 full days and that is the longest I have been gone from my family. I was constantly on the go and came home feeling like I had mono. But it was amazing and a once in a lifetime experience. I got to NYC in the late afternoon on Monday and met up with Jen from With Heart. She was also there to film the BHG Makeover Challenge. We walked around and did a little shopping. The next morning I had breakfast with a friend and then went back to the hotel to meet up with Sarah from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs. She was the third person doing the makeover … {READ MORE}

Gold Studded Pumpkin {And more 10 minute decorating ideas}

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I love the 10 Minute Decorating series that Laura has put together and I was excited to share some Fall ideas since pretty much everything I did to decorate this year took 10 minutes or less. Gold Studded Pumpkin I wanted to glam up my pumpkins but didn't want to do anything messy or time consuming so I decided to give this little guy some gold studs. I grabbed some brads from my desk drawer and started sticking them in. I followed the lines that run down the pumpkin naturally. You can use thumb tacks as well. I had some gold ones in my desk, but I liked how the brads stick out more. Make Your Own Art Another one of my favorite ideas is to frame leaves. It is easy … {READ MORE}


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