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Parenting and Technology

technology and kids

My kids are growing up in a world so different than from when I was growing up. I remember growing up and listening to my Walkman while mowing the lawn.  While I belted out the lyrics to Randy Travis's Forever And Ever Amen,  I was thinking how cool it was to be able to listen to music while outside. My kids can't believe how clunky those Walkmans were compared to their 1 inch by 1 inch ipods. Technology has come a long way....and I have mixed emotions about that. Before Shane and I even became parents, we made a decision to not have video games in our home. The reason why is not my story to tell but we had a powerful experience with a family member that continues to shape our … {READ MORE}

Wood Slice {Styled X3}


Wahoo! It is time for my favorite series. I purposely have the participating bloggers NOT tell me what they did because I want to be just as surprised as you. The ladies that are helping me this month are SO FANTASTIC and I covet their stylish homes so I know they are going to knock our socks off! KariAnne from Thistlewood Farm and Julie from Julie Blanner. As always, I chose an item and bought three of them. I kept one and sent the other 2 items to blogging friends to style in their home. Altering the item is optional but by no means necessary. The point is to show how one simple item can be interpreted in multiple ways by people with different … {READ MORE}

Topography Inspired Planter

topography inspired planter featured image

Did anyone else have to create a topography map in school growing up? I remember cutting cardboard with an X-acto knife into dozens of oblong shapes and gluing them together. I can't remember what made me think of it the other day, but I started to think about how topography maps are really cool to look at. The thought process progressed and the next thing I know I am gathering plywood scraps and cutting out oblong shapes to glue together.         I think the view from the top is my favorite!   My first idea was to make a vase and I made this before the planter. Since both the planter and the vase are basically made the same way, I have … {READ MORE}

Metal Projects and a GIVEAWAY!


My blogging friend Laura from Finding Home Farms is tall, sassy and one of the kindest people I have ever met. She is also ridiculously talented. Her husband recently quit his corporate job to pursue his passion and they now have a thriving maple syrup business. It is really an inspiring story. You can read about it here. I first met her in NYC at an event and fell in love with her fun loving spirit. She recently came out with a book called DIY Rustic Modern Metal Crafts (affiliate) that is full of metal projects. It is beautiful!     It is filled with 35 tutorials and bright photos.   Some of them are super simple like this fun stand and all the … {READ MORE}

Make Your Own Bird Feeders


Did you know that February is national bird feeding month? Probably not. But I did because I have a bird crazy kid who lives at my house. Remember when we drove up HWY 101 and had to hit all the bird watching spots? Yep. We know all about birds at our house :) For the past couple of years we have talked about making bird feeders but just never got to it. This year we decided to make it a priority. It is really simple to do, so I feel silly we took so long to do it.     I had read on several sites that you should use plain gelatin. I used two of the little packs from the box (I used the Knox brand) and added 1 cup of water. I heated it in the microwave and then added … {READ MORE}

10 At Home Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day


For the majority of our 16 year marriage Shane and I have had stay-at-home date nights almost every weekend. Whether it was because we lacked babysitters, or our budget only allowed for one night out a month, or just out of pure "I don't feel like going out" laziness, over the years we have come to be fans of staying home and being creative. When Wayfair had the idea to partner up to promote at home date night ideas, it was super easy to say yes. In fact, I kind of can't believe I haven't already blogged about it! Here are my top 10 ideas....   #1. Planning a Vacation Shane and I love to talk about and plan dream vacations. We snuggle up with the laptop and research far … {READ MORE}

The Filing Cabinet That Doesn’t Look Like A Filing Cabinet


A couple of months ago I gave these white cabinets a makeover. I built them several years ago and had never really liked them. I had reached the end of my "decorate the office" budget (and my patience if I am being honest) and just kind of threw them together using pieces of plywood and laminated pine I had already on hand. I think I did have to buy a little more to make the tops. I tried to use the router to make the edge of the doors look nicer since they were bowed and a little cracked and I ended up not loving it. The cabinets were not square and I was not proud of the build. I also didn't take pictures along the way so I never posted a tutorial. I also had never shown you how they … {READ MORE}

My Home Office Reveal!


You have seen snippets here and there but I am so excited to show you the full reveal today! Every time I finish a room I think "This is my favorite room in the house" and this was no exception. It is currently the only room in my house that is 100% done ever since I went all crazy and paint the whole upstairs white. The family room still has a few finishing touches. I just got a love seat back from the upholsterer (more on that later). My kitchen still needs new doors for the cabinets along with new hardware and the bathroom is all torn apart. But this room....this room is DONE!     Okay so technically I still need to hang the curtains, but other than that I have … {READ MORE}

PUR Prize Pack Giveaway!


Last week I posted one of my favorite winter weather drinks (which I ended up drinking a lot of when I got sick right after posting) and I promised to giveaway a PUR prize pack this week. Before we get to the giveaway, I wanted to show you how easy it is to install the faucet mount filter. We are talking the 5 minutes kind of easy.     When we lived in Las Vegas our tap water tasted so bad! So bad in fact that I didn't know anyone who actually drank it straight from the tap. Most people had water delivered, a water cooler, bought it at the store, or used a PUR water pitcher like we did. Those pitchers saved us from nasty tasting water. When we moved to Utah I was so … {READ MORE}


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