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Using Your Voice For Good

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I'm putting away the power tools and paint and I'm getting personal on the blog today. Something touched my heart and I wanted to share. Our family lives in a community that glorifies sports. All sports, but baseball in particular. Shane and I like baseball too. We signed our oldest up for little league when he was 6, soon after moving here. A few years into it though and it was clear that he was not loving it. He was the kid chasing butterflies in the outfield hoping the ball would not come to him. The one who had never once swung the bat but would stand there frozen. The kid who only looked forward to the game because of the treat he would get after. I knew I needed to  help him find … {READ MORE}

Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens + Giveaway!


I am working on finishing up my kitchen right now. The main reason I repainted it white was because I was trying hard to think of ways to make it feel bigger. It is so tiny! Taking down some of the upper cabinets, replacing them with open shelving, and painting it a bright white have really helped. But the cold hard truth is that it is SMALL. Storage will always be an issue. So when Kirklands asked me to be apart of their #SmallSpaceDesign campaign, I knew I wanted in :) Keep reading for the GIVEAWAY!   I bought this small 4 drawer dresser and while I am still debating about where it will find it's final resting place (I have narrowed it down to three options), I wanted to … {READ MORE}

Removing Labels From Crates + Giveaway!

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Where we live, we are surrounded by orchards. So much so that it is pretty much a right of passage for the teenagers in our town to work either in the orchards themselves or sorting the bad fruit from the good fruit on conveyor belts. I spent a couple of summers sorting cherries. Because of all the orchards, it is pretty easy to find old wooden crates. I have 8 of them and I am getting ready to put them all to good use as storage in my upstairs. These wooden crates combine my love of crates, with youthful memories of working for the fruit growers.  The problem with them is that they sometimes come with labels on them that are in pretty bad shape. But with a few simple tips, they are easily … {READ MORE}

Book Launch Party

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I am finally getting around to posting about my book launch party. There were a lot of thoughts and emotions involved and it too a bit to sort them out enough to write a coherent post. If you read my post about getting ready for the party, then you know that I was a giant ball of nerves leading up to this. I like PLANNING parties. I do not, however, enjoy HOSTING them. And the fact that I was hosting a party for myself seemed weird and awkward. I want to thank all of you who came. I was so worried no one would show up and Shane and I would be eating all 600 cookies ourselves, but we had a really, really good turn out! I know Saturdays are hard and Saturdays during the summer, forget about … {READ MORE}

Refinished Vintage Desk

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This desk was one of the very first tutorials I ever shared on my blog and since some of you were not around back then, I thought it would be fun to share it again. I found it in my mom's barn. It is actually a skirted vanity. The arms that pull out would have originally been covered in fabric. But having a house full of boys, and not being super girly myself, I decided to forego the fabric.     Here is what it looked like when I hauled it out of the stall in my mom's barn.     And here it is all cleaned up.     It had some damage.      It needed a lot of TLC. It had a minor crack on the … {READ MORE}

The Most UNpinnable Post on the Internet

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Shane is unbelievably supportive. He doesn't bat an eye when he comes home from work and has to step over debris from my latest (sometimes spur of the moment) project. But there are times when I wish he were less supportive. Like when I say "I think I need to repaint, renovate and redecorate the entire upstairs AT THE SAME TIME." That should have been a time when someone told me I was crazy dumb. Someone should have dangled chocolate in front of my face to distract me and then hid all my tools. Someone should have stopped me me because now my house looks like this. I had to empty out my office closet so my electrician friend could help me do some work in the attic. I haven't put it … {READ MORE}

Cloth Napkin Cork Boards {Styled X3}

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Welcome to a new post in my series Styled X3! I look forward to these posts every month because I love to see what the other bloggers do with the items I send them.   I was extra excited for this month's Styled X3 because I knew these ladies would knock it out of the park. I sent Brook from All Things Thrifty and Jen from With Heart, these cloth napkins from Target.   This week has been nuts. I had four big projects all due today to different brands and one just didn't get done. I may have shed a few tears while inhaling a Frosty last night. And then I went to edit the pictures from my Styled X3 project and realized the whole shoot was done with my camera in the … {READ MORE}

Other Uses for Bookcases

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Being a part of the Better Homes and Gardens Live Better team, I get to try out the BHG for Walmart products. This bookcase, has been one of my all time favorites since I saw it debuted last year at their headquarters. It has the look and texture of barnwood without the splinters. I decided to show you some fun ways it can be used. As someone living in a tiny house where storage is lacking I've learned that going vertical is a good way to maximize space. And bookcases are not JUST for books you know...     Pantry or Hutch When Shane and I first got married we lived in a studio apartment. It was the kind that you could pretty much do anything sitting on your bed … {READ MORE}

Milk & Cookie Dessert Table

milk and cookie bar for book launch featured

For those of you who read my previous post about how nervous I was about hosting a book launch party for my new book you will be glad to hear I survived. Not without some major hiccups of which I will tell you in an upcoming post, but I survived nonetheless :) One of the things I did for the party was make a milk and cookie bar for the guests and after having planned and executed it I think I have some useful tips for those of you who might want to do one for your next event.   Have the milk and other beverages on a separate table. I ran out of room so I needed to grab another table anyway, but I was also worried about it spilling. As luck would have it, one of the … {READ MORE}


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