More or Less {American Dream Builders} Episode #6

First of all I want to state right off the bat that the neighborhood council got it wrong this week. I was so sad to see Erinn go. I am still upset. But if I had been a judge, I don’t know who I would have sent home out of those three. Gah! It is getting tough each week to see people eliminated.

I also want to say that this week was nuts. I didn’t even get started on this until Saturday night. I am heading up  a charity event with Habitat For Humanity and Home Depot for a conference this week and I have really been putting most of my energy there. When it came time to chose a room, I knew I needed to pick one that was easy to find items for. 

My favorite room of the entire episode was Dan’s bathroom. But most of the things I loved about it were the architectural elements that were original to the home. Those are not things you can source. I loved that he didn’t gut it. He enhanced something that was already beautiful. It really was a “wow” for me. I also adored the kitchen but since I had just done a kitchen last week, and I was limited on time, I chose the boy’s bedroom.

Boy's room episode #6 American Dream Builders

Now I know that this is essentially the room that got Erinn sent home, but I liked it. Could it have used more color? Yes. Especially if you are asking me who is color obsessed. But I thought is was cute. And yes the room is a bit mature, but it wasn’t like the boy was a toddler.

Here are the items that I found that could recreate the look on a budget.

more or less

Episode #6 of American Dream Builders


I quite liked the faceted lamp on the side table. I think the one on the right is the closest to the one from the show but it is the priciest one set at $149. But the color lovin’ spirit in me really loves this turquoise one. And the turquoise one is also the least expensive priced at only $39.99. The white one is fun as well and is priced at $119.

faceted lamps

(Left: Gilt      Middle: Bed Bath And Beyond     Right: High Street Market)

Bedding Fabric

I was able to find the same fabric as the bedding in the show. It is $50 per yard. The one in the middle is $24 per yard and the last one show is only $14 per yard.

Gray ikat chevron fabric

(Left: Calico Corners    Middle: Loom Decor     Right: Etsy, Engleside Manor)

Bedside Table

I wasn’t able to find the exact same side table but this cute one picture first is pretty close. It costs about $150 and is from Wayfair. The one in the middle on the top $70 and is from IKEA. The one on the top on the end is $49 and the bottom right table is $89. Three of these options do not have baskets, but you can find wire baskets for not very much money. This one here is part of the Better Homes and Gardens line at Walmart. It is less than $7.

side table with basket storage

(Top Right: Wayfair    Top Middle:  IKEA      Top Left: Wayfair     Bottom Left: Gallery Direct    Bottom Right: Walmart)

Headboard Fabric

I was able to find the same fabric as the custom headboard from the show. It is from Calico Corner and costs $50 per yard. It is pictured on the right. The one in the middle is from Ebay and is selling for $30 per yard. And the last option is $20 a yard.

headboard fabric

(Left: Buy Fabric      Middle: Ebay     Right: Calico Corners)

Stuffed Monkey

I love monkeys! I call my kids my monkeys and we have several stuffed animal monkeys at our house. I loved the one on the bed. I found a few that were similar. The first sells for $24 and is my personal favorite.  The one is the best price selling for $20 each. And the last option, also adorable, is $30.

stuffed animal monkey

(Left: Nordstrom     Middle: Toys R Us        Right: Rakuten)

Drapery Fabric

I was also able to find the same fabric used for the curtains. It sells for about $56 per yard. Since you would need quite a bit for the curtains, that is a bit much. The middle fabric shown is less than $8 per yard and the last one is $12.95.

drapery fabric

(Left: Calico Corners       Middle: Online Fabric Store       Right: Online Fabric Store)

Desk Chair

Luckily wood school house chairs are pretty easy to come across. The one from the show looks like the seat was hand painted. You can find vintage chairs for a good price and then tape it off and paint it. It would be a pretty simple DIY project. There are a ton of these chairs being sold on ebay. The first pair are being sold for $35. The new chair in the center is $58. The one on the end is $19.99.

school house chair

(Left: Ebay     Middle: School Outfitters      Right: Ebay)

Houndstooth Rug

I love houndstooth! And due to its popularity it is pretty easy to find a rug with this pattern. The first one pictured is a nice wool rug and for a $249 for a 5’x8′. The center rug is an indoor /outdoor rug. For about the same size it is only $65. The other rug is another wool rug selling for $241.

houndstooth rugs

(Left: Home Decorators Collection      Middle: Overstock     Right: Wayfair)


When I was choosing a room that I thought would be easy to source, I thought for sure finding a turquoise desk would be a piece of cake. Turns out it was harder than I thought. The ones I could find were selling on etsy and were not only the wrong style, they were distressed and had that shabby chic look to them. But this is nothing a little elbow grease can’t fix. Find a desk with the same lines, and then paint it!

desk options

(Top Left: Target     Top Right: IKEA     Bottom Left: Target      Bottom Right: IKEA )

Alarm Clock

I found two options that are very similar and are close in price. You can find many in the $10-$20 range.

gold alarm clocks

(Left: 4 Alarm Clocks     Right: E.B. Roberts)

So what did you think of this week’s episode? I would love to hear your thoughts. Did you think the right team won? What was your favorite room?

Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. says

    I think if they had used your turquoise faceted lamp plus a turquoise version of even one of the fabrics, their house would have won. I don’t remember seeing that cute desk & chair on air but it did make the room more youthful in my mind.

    And as someone who has wallpapered a ceiling before, I loved that the neighbors loved the ceiling while the judges did not. HA!

  2. Susan M. says

    I too think the Council sent the wrong team home but then I guess there are as many opinions and tastes as there are folks in a neighborhood council! While Erinn’s BR didn’t over-the-top wow me, I guess I’m one of the few that liked it and thought she gave him a great space to personalize. I loved how the kitchen turned out and repurposing the built-in cabinets into the desk was brilliant. And that bathroom? Dan is the man! I’d be more than happy to plant my feet in this house!

  3. says

    I agree. They got it all wrong. I think Elaine should have gone home. But since I know first hand about behind the scenes at HHGTV shows, I know she was kept around for the drama. That said. I thought the boy’s room was the perfect base. I do not think the room should have been a completed design. Of course, the mom and little boy would want to add some of theor own personality and accessories. The neutral base gave them just that opportunity. I also loved Dan’s bathroom, and especially that marble background behind the sink. Love your recourses. Good job.

    • Susan M. says

      You said exactly what I was thinking! Though apparently she has tempered her attitude, I didn’t like Elaine’s LR at all even though the Neighborhood Council appeared to embrace it… maybe looks better “in person” than what we see on the TV? As a non-professional, I like to think that I’m relatively adept at decorating/accessorizing and even I could have come up with something better for the master bedroom. Think this is one time that it’s unfortunate that the decision wasn’t left up to the Panel.

  4. says

    I LOVE how it came together, and especially those less expensive options (that by the way I love more when paying less), that turquoise lamp will look a lot better.

    For your night stand table, if you want to create a similar one buy the Wayfair table and 2 wire baskets like the BHG from Walmart, then got to a place like Lowe’s or Home Depot and buy a handle for the drawer that match the one used and the riels for the baskets, they may even sell them with the baskets which will save you a trip to Walmart. That will be a DIY projects but I love them. I’ll actually buy everything for the table & desk and put it together by myselfwhich wil be a lot stronger than the one bought at the store and Lowe’s & Home depot sell the pieces already cut or the can cut them to your size. Good luck.~ Yezenya

  5. colleen says

    well i thought the worst room was the living area with the tv in the china cabinet. this room was great at 10 boys don’t want to be treated like babies. Also i didnt care for Elaines livingroom. Both homes really benefited from the exterior transformations. I loved the kitchens, this is my prefered style. so it was nice to see updated versions of craftsman

  6. says

    We don’t have this tv show in Australia but I am enjoying what you are doing and appreciate that you always show several options. Thx…


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