My Vintage Bathroom gets and UPDATE

I have something fun to share about my bathroom but first a little back story…….

(A little sneak peek! Can you guess what the update is?)

 A long time ago (alright, 2 years ago) my faucet broke in my bathroom. In order to get it off of the sink we had to take the sink out. Once we took the sink out and got the corroded faucet off the sink clips broke. Because they were SO OLD I found out they no longer made those clips. We bought several other kinds of clips and none of them even came close to working. We had no way to put the sink back on the counter. So we now needed a new sink. But because the sink was SO OLD it was an odd shape. No sink on the market would fit the hole. So then we were faced with needing a whole new counter top. But at the time my husband was unemployed. We didn’t really even have money for a faucet or sink let a lone a counter top!

I wrote a post about my DIY counter top. I made it out of MDF, painted it, and sealed. It worked great for a temporary fix but I knew at some point we would need to get a real counter. It would only last so long.

After two years it was showing wear and tear so I reached out to a local granite company and I was able to pick out a remnant piece of granite. Eeeeeek! Tell me I am not the only one to get this excited over cold hard granite…. and no Twilight jokes, mmmmkay?

MGS By Designs was amazing to work with! I went to their shop in Lindon, Ut and looked through all the slabs of different stone they had available. They had a TON of choices. They also had a lot of remnant pieces to choose from. Picking a remnant is a very cost effective way to get a counter top. I was surprised how quickly we picked out our favorite. Once we saw it we just knew it would be perfect with the colors in our bathroom.

My boys collect rocks and were enthralled with all the different types of stone. We even got a full tour!


The machine that cuts the slabs

Once I picked out my granite and chose the edge, a template guy came and measure. Then was install day (or as I like to call it…. early Christmas).

I wasn’t the only one excited! My boys loved watching :)

Isn’t is so pretty!

I chose the ogee bullnose edge and I LOVE it. It makes it look even more high end.

I want to thank MGS By Design for the beautiful counter top. They were amazing to work with and I HIGHLY recommend them if you live in Utah and are considering getting granite. If you have any questions contact Stephanie [email protected] and she will help you out.

You can visit their site to see galleries of their recent jobs and they also have a blog where they share facts about the stone they use, design inspiration, and current specials.

***I was provided the counter top as compensation for writing this post for which I will love MGS By Designs forever and ever. The thoughts and opinions are all mine, as usual :P

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  1. Jill C. says

    Your new bathroom countertop is gorgeous, I know you smile every single time you walk in there and see it! I wonder if I could get my faucet to break and get the ball rolling on something like this at my house?!

  2. says

    I do love it… it looks so pretty!! I also wanted to say I love that you have shared so much on this blog. The fact that you were without work and income and you’ve created such a great blog sharing some of the ways you were still able to do things… I love the positiveness of that. ;) God has blessed you!!

  3. says

    That is exactly like my granite in my bathroom..I love it! I did the opposite of you…I painted and redecroated my bathrooms after I got the granite! I was thinking oh these oak cabinets look great..but a few years later I asked my self..what the heck were you thinking!?? SInce then I have painted them white and put new hardware much nicer!!

  4. says

    So fun! A tour?! Awesome! What a beautiful choice, Stacy! That granite is gorgeous! I love the bull nose edge and thanks for sharing a link to the MGS blog for tips and the design gallery! I love reading personal reviews and experience….so helpful!

  5. Amy says

    So happy for you! If it were me, I would find any excuse to walk by the bathroom slowly (ten times a day), rubbernecking so I could get a happy boost from it’s beautifulness! :) I love the edging and color you picked also, that was so nice of them, congrats again!! :D

  6. says

    Love it! I was just looking t the laminate counter in my guest bath today thinking it needed a facelift. This is fabulous and the edge is awesome!