How to Paint A Harlequin Pattern {My Front Porch}

My home is a 1938 cottage style home so it already has a ton of charm all by itself. But I wanted to add a little something more. I am so happy with how my front porch turned out. If you know me at all, then you know I love painted ceilings! I think this is such a whimsical and unexpected design element for my porch. I have a tutorial for you today on how I was able to paint this fun pattern using
Scotch Blue Painters Tape With Edge Lock Technology.  And later this week I will share my side porch. It was in SAD shape and needed to function better. But for now, here is my front porch!!!!


I added some boxwoods on either side of my door as well. I LOVE boxwoods.

I have shown my porch before back when I painted the stairs and my mail box. But I have never posted pictures of my whole house.

I also got a new light!


I partnered up with Scotch Blue to create this project. They sent me their new painters tape with Edge Lock technology. It was perfect for this project. Here is a video tutorial on how I was able to paint the diamond pattern.


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  1. Felicia Mathis says

    The front of your home is so beautiful. You can really see the love you have for it and how much work you must put in it to keep it so nice. Great job I love the ceiling!

  2. says

    I’m currently in love with your front door. I have an unrepentent love of rounded top front doors. I want one sooooo bad! Can I come live on your front porch? or would that be weird?

  3. Gena says

    wow. this is beautiful.. I wish I had the (just picture it) type of personality so that I could imagine and follow through with the right ideas.

  4. says

    STAAAAACY! This is SO stinkin’ adorable! And girl, I hope you had a nice trip for a shoulder massage waiting for you. We need to call you Stacy-Angelo now.

  5. says

    Cute Video! Oh my goodness, that looks like a lot of taping! Is that what you did in your kitchen as well? No wonder both ceilings look so great. Beautiful job, it looks fantastic, as a graphic designer I know how challenging harlequin patterns can be and you nailed it!!!

  6. Marie says

    I love your house. My dream is to find an old cottage or bungalow and make it my own. I also love the harlequin pattern, so obviously, I love your porch! It’s such a welcoming and fun touch of whimsy.

  7. Jusa says

    Love, love, love that ceiling! Love the whole front porch–the boxwoods are perfect. Love the way you painted the trim. Love the color palette. Whole thing looks great.

  8. April says

    Love your front porch! What a great first impression! Would you mind sharing where you got your monogrammed stencil for the front door? Thank you!