Bathroom Reveal!!!

I love color. But for some reason I have always wanted a neutral bathroom. Every time I see one in a magazine or on TV I drool at the creams, tans, browns, whites all together to create a warm but bright relaxing space. I wanted my bathroom to feel vintage but not old fashioned. I love mixing new with old. I love adding funky or unexpected decor in with antique pieces.

***My camera lens was damaged and it won’t focus like it should. Some shots are decent but sorry for the graininess of some. Also, it was evening and the sun was going down so the lighting is all over the place!  I am hoping to get some better shots today and add them to the mix***

I am so happy with how it turned out!

This clock may look familliar. It usually hangs in my dining room. I just didn’t have it in me to put the $5 plastic clock back up that was in here before. This one looks so much better. I guess I need to come up with something for the dining room wall!!!

These door knobs are from this house. There were so many doors when we moved in! There was a door to the kitchen, a door to the stairs, a door to the hallway. Pretty much everything had a door! We took a lot of them down so the flow was easier and more open. That left me with extra doors AND extra knobs. Now they are hooks for towels!! Door knob how to’s

This medicine cabinet was my dad’s.  It was already old when he got it. He used it out in our barn. It had all the horse medicine in it :) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE using things that have deep personal meaning when I decorate. This would have been a cool find anyway but it is even more awesome because of the history.

I didn’t do anything to the vanity this time around. I fixed it up a couple of years ago and you can read about how I added molding and new hardware to the original 1938 vanity and how I cut a hole in the floor for a laundry shoot.

The mirror!!! I am so in love with my mirror :) I had a plain Jane, builder’s grade mirror. I did love that it had oodles of storage and that I could fold the side one a little and see the back of my head when curling my hair. So I didn’t want to get rid of it.  I just wanted to dress it up! Check out the full tutorial.

I love the rounded ceiling of the shower/bath tub! It is so fun and unique. But I didn’t love the way my shower curtain was attached to the rod. So I cut off the grommits and sewed (yes, I SEWED) a pocket for the rod. It is basically like a regular window curtain. I just thought it made for a cleaner look. And it is less. . . industrial?

The only thing I am not in live with are the glass shades on the light fixture above the mirror. They are yellowish and come off as dingy. I found some fabulous seeded glass shades online but that will have to wait until I have more money.

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  1. says

    Wow! Your “new” bath is gorgeous! I love, love, love the simple rustic elegance of it all! You have done a wonderful job and should be quite proud of yourself missie :) Thanks so much for giving us a peek!!! Have a wonderful weekend…

  2. Angie says

    Wow! I love the vintage doorknobs for hooks! And the cabinet is beautiful. I love the old hinges and closure on it. I have found many peices like that in our barn and I love the look of it! You did a fabulous job. The wainscotting is beautiful. A perfect modern touch with a vintage feel. They say imatation is the best form of flattery and I may just have to imitate this bathroom! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. says

    The bathroom turned out beautiful! Like everyone else, I love the idea of using the doorknobs for towel hooks. I have to ask again, what color did you use for the walls?

  4. says

    I just love your bathroom!!! The darker chocolate wainscotting is beautiful compared to the typical white. And I love how you changed the medicine cabinet. I think that milkglass shades (is that what you call beaded glass?0 on the lights will be a perfect complement and final touch to the room!!! I will be using some of these ideas when ready to remodel my small narrow bathroom!

  5. Nanalie Knotts says

    Oh Stacy… this is lovely! You have such a knack. I LOVE the little cupboard, and the door knobs. I have a little shelf in my kitchen that was my dads. I feel the same way about it as you do your piece. Doesnt it just make them feel like they are a part of your everyday life?!

  6. Tammy says

    I love it!!!! I love the stained wainscoting with the light walls. What a fabulous idea about the door knobs! I too have extra doors with old knobs….hmmm.:) Thanks for sharing! oh and the clock looks great in there too!

  7. says

    I also love love love that you add such personal and meaningful touches in your home! That medicine cabinet and the door knobs- so cool! I think it’s awesome that the knobs are original to the house. Great job Stacy! It all looks fab!

  8. says

    What a beautiful bathroom and I love how you used the door knobs from your house and the old medicine cabinet. Love things with a history and story to tell.

  9. catnap says

    I admire you so for doing such a great job. Great ideas and great execution. Love the dark beadboard wainscoting and the cheeky doorknobs. Sigh. I have to enjoy vicariously what I’d love to see in my own house. Thanks.

  10. Suzanne says

    Wow such fabulous ideas! Love the door knobs! Could you use the frosted spray paint on your glass shades for a quick makeover( til the seeded ones can be obtained)? I used it on some that were on a ceiling fan that hated. Worked great and was only $5.00.

  11. Kim says

    This is the type of bathroom I want….like the color combo…LOVE the “uniqueness”! (is that a word…oh well, you know what I mean)!

  12. says

    This might sounds silly but I love your floor heating vent grate. You can see it in one of the photos. Those door knobs are gorgeous – but they are even more special since they came from the home. Sorta like your Dad’s medicine cabinet. Truly special.

    New follower!

  13. says

    Making bathrroms pretty is one of the things I struggle with. I’ve put off redoing my bathroom because it is pretty bad. It has those horrible orange cabinets from the 90s, brass fixtures, and a very odd layout and some funky angles. Not a lot I will be able to tackle this time around except paint and accessories, so it will be interesting what I come up with.

    Loving what you did with the medicine cabinet and the door knobs. Makes me think of my 100+ year old childhood home because it had the crystal doorknobs like that in the older part of the house. Makes me wish my family had taken one of them when we moved, especially considering the last time we drove by “the house”, we learned it had been torn down.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Debbie says

    Very beautiful bath!!! Can you please share the paint color and stain you used? Where did you find the paisley eyelet fabric? My fav detail is your Dad’s cabinet…well done!

  15. Karen says

    Wow…. what a beautiful bathroom. I’m so used to seeing beadboard painted white. I love that you stained yours such a beautiful color. I think the door knob towel holders are my favorite element.

  16. says

    Great idea using the mason jar to hold cotton balls. I’ve kept the bag of them under my sink for so long because I hadn’t thought of anything cool to put them in. Grabbing that mason jar from my kitchen now. Thanks for sharing! Your bathroom looks great!

  17. says

    I love everything about your bathroom, but my favorite has got to be the door knob towels hooks! Such a great idea and so cute! I really like what you did with the mirror as well. I’m so using that someday.

  18. says

    I’m telling you, there is nothing like a deadline to make one work a whole lot faster! Tv deadlines are awesome for making one’s husband get THAT project done. You should totally try it out.
    Your mirror is beyond fabulous! LOVE it!!!

  19. says

    Your bathroom is beautiful! I love the old antique doorknobs as towel holders! I am going to have to keep an eye out for those when I go salvaging.

  20. Kate says

    Great bathroom! You did a great job! I can’t wait to hear more about the mirror. We also just remodeled (on the cheap) our large bathroom upstairs. We found great seeded glass light covers at Lowes for very inexpensive. Thanks for sharing!

  21. says

    Wow I love the old cabinet that was your dads! That is so cool & so great that you know where it comes from & part of it’s history, love that!

  22. Robin Bonvino says

    I love everything about your new bathroom from the colors to the door knobs. Would you mind sharing the “how to” for the door knob towel hangers? I love the idea they are mounted to the wall individually instead of a board then hung on the wall. Any advice on how to connect the knob to the knob plate would be appreciated. Thank you, Robin

    • Jennifer says

      Did you get a response on the “how to” for mounting the door knobs to the wall? I would love to know the exact same thing!

  23. says

    Love the use of the old doorknobs. I have collected quite a few of them and I think I will steal your idea and do that in my bathroom. Thanks for a lovely reveal.

  24. Tammy M says

    just stumbled across your blog and saw that you have the same vanity mirror that we have. Mine was also just mounted on the wall, until I got crazy with the sledgehammer. Yep. The sledgehammer. Those vanities are designed to set flush with the drywall. Before removing the mirror, I traced the outline of the cabinet with a pencil. Then I removed the mirror. I used a sledgehammer to break the drywall (actually plaster, because it’s an older house also). After I marked where the electrical line was at that ran to the light above the mirror, I cut out the penciled opening with my jigsaw. I had to use a handsaw to finish cutting through the studs since the jigsaw blade didn’t go that deep. Just the way a window is framed out with studs, I cut 2″ x 4″s to go in between the studs horizontally right below the cut out – like a ledge for the vanity to sit on. I inserted the vanity and anchored it with 2″ wood screws to the studs on the top and the bottom. It made a HUGE difference not sticking out from the wall the way it did before – it really opened up the bathroom! Since you seem to be pretty fearless like I am with powertools – go for it!

  25. shelley says

  26. says

    Hi again,

    I just posted something scheduled for Wednesday morning. I included a photo of your bathroom doorknob towel rack. I also just checked my gmail, and 75 people have already re-pinned it!

    Again, KUDOS!


  27. says

    OK I love the shower curtain. I wish i would have thought of that for my last Bathroom remodel. Anywho I also love the creativity of using the door knobs for towel holders.

  28. Stacy Whipple says

    LOVE the medicine cabinet! How LUCKY are you to have all of those old door knobs in your house already!? Awesome job!

  29. JT says

    Question on the wainscoting – Is that a stain for the color or paint? We are moving into an old farmhouse that has wainscoting (a salmon color), and I love the look of your bathroom (in particular the color of the wainscoting). Just curious what you used for the color.

    Thank you,

  30. Suzi says

    I love your site, everything you’ve done is beautiful! You are so talented. You’ve enspired me to start working on some things I’ve been putting off at my house. Thank your

  31. says

    Hi Stacy! I just found your blog via Home Stories A to Z Link Party. I just love what you’re doing with your home. It’s so beautiful, elegant and simple. Excited to spend more time on here as I find it very inspiring! Thank you for sharing your projects! – Newest follower! :)

  32. Irene says

    I love your Dad’s little cabinet it’s so cute. I makes me wish I had taken my husbands cabinet that was in the milk house at our dairy. Too bad I didn’t read this about 8 years ago when we retired and sold our dairy. I also wish I had taken the doornobs from the dairy they had pretty glass nobs.
    I think it would look really cute to have a small shelf under the beautiful clack with a trailing plant sitting on it and maybe a clear glass or two in interesting shapes to put q-tips in and cotton balls. Just a thought.
    I love what you did to your bathroom. I like what you did with the wood around your mirror very nice. I have and old medicine cabinet in my bathroom and it is ugly. I have thought of framing it somehow. Maybe with decorative molding. Then I would need to buy a miter box. Years ago I had a miter box and one of my sons wanted to use it. He thought there was something wrong with it and tried to fix what he thought was wrong. LOL It went in the trash and I never bought another one. Thank you for sharing your beautifuly decorated bathroom pictures : )

  33. Kheighlah says

    love the doorknobs. i am going to have to remember this for when we move… great idea since my husband CANNOT for the life of him hang his towel neatly. problem solved!

  34. Peggy says

    I too would like to know more about your wainscoating as I have it in my bathroom in a lighter color. I redid our bath last year and one of the things we did was install an antique claw foot tub and the wainscoating has never looked right to me. I wanted to paint it but hubby nixed that idea; however I’m thinking he might go for the darker chocolate brown and I love yours! Is it stain or paint? I’m hoping paint since mine already has a stain on it and I don’t really want to strip it.

  35. Marcia Bunchman says

    I love the door knobs as a towel rack. I am going to copy them to use as a place to hang my dogs’ leashes inside the back door. I think the seeded glass shades will be perfect!

  36. Paige.Rose says

    I love your bathroom! It deff has that cabin warm rustic feel. So creative & different!!!

  37. inaya says

    hey, i don’t know if you have splurged on new light shades yet; but another idea may be to simply color in the silver part with an antique gold color; or a dark brown. If you aren’t sold on the idea, it could be an in-between idea till you save up for the new shades :)

  38. Starrla Opferman says

    Stacy I’m interested in putting some door knobs such as yours in our guest bathroom. What holds the actual knob on the rod? And are the plates behind the knobs screwed on the wall?


  1. […] Charming and functional, these vintage doorknobs are a lovely complementing piece to this dark wainscoted and scallop-mirrored bathroom. The vintage back plates (look at those keyholes! marvelous) paired with each knob add a huge stylistic factor, and they also serve functionally to keep the damp towel off the wall paint. I like how these knobs aren’t identical but are patterned in a way that works with the overall bathroom scheme.{found on notjustahousewife}. […]

  2. […] Do you have spots in your house that just make you tired just looking at them? I do. Master bath is number one on that list. I did what I do when I am stuck. I went to Pinterest, and I went shopping. On my weekend adventure to Canton, we picked up a few things for my bathroom. They are probably not things you would think of as bathroom items, but they are to me. I recently discovered that we do not have a towel bar in our bathroom. How did I miss that? I mean how did I miss that for two months? I was constantly frustrated that towels wer on the floor, but it never hit me that Hubby did not have a place for his towel. I hang my towel across the edge of the tub to dry, but let’s just say not everyone who uses the master bath takes care of their wet towels. I found  two door knob assemblies for $10.00 each and knew immediately that they would become my towel knobs. No pictures yet because I couldn’t dig them out of the truck  They are buried under a headboard and four chairs.  My Pinnspiration  for this project comes from Not Just a Housewife […]