Mixed Emotions

The FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL was on Monday and as always I had such mixed emotions about it. Part of me felt like this:

(I am jumping. . . I am not freakishly tall :P)

Because I get to go back to my “normal” and structured routine. Oh how I have missed our house running well and being organized. BUT!

I also feel like this. . . .

Because I go through kid withdrawls.  I miss them like crazy after having them all day for 3 months. They are fun and can be such good helpers.

They have mixed emotions too for similar reasons. But I bet after today they will be JUST excited. I bet after seeing their friends again they will be 100% glad to be back to school :)

What about you? Excited for school this year or not????

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  1. says

    That really made me laugh! Thanks for the smile!!! I feel the same way! Of course, my Monkey is 16 so it’s usually more the first picture for me and the second for her! LOL. She loves school, and I love her being at school……most days…..


  2. says

    That first shot is about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! Love it, love it and so true!! Might have to swipe it & feature you today! Thanks for the big smile this morning :)

  3. says

    I understand your mixed emotions totally! Although I am leaning more toward the first picture:-) I love having a routine back in place!!! Your pics are adorable!!!

  4. says

    Oh yeah. Big time mixed emotions. My baby is going to kindergarten this year – now I am officially the mother of school-age kids. I’ve had some minor-to-major emotional “episodes” about it on & off throughout the summer. I just can’t believe those “little” years are over…moving into a new chapter now. I’m excited about this new phase, but so sad too. Ok now I’m having another episode. :/

  5. says

    I have two out of my three in school this year….and Im mixed about it too. SUPER excited for two to be gone, but my last one home is demanding all of my attention now! So, not sure how I feel at this point. :/

  6. says

    I so identify. I’ve been on the mom side of things and the SCHOOL side, too. But, we all make it through. Just think, pretty soon it will be time for Thanksgiving & Christmas vacations! LOL

  7. Lexi says

    I am 11 and today was my first day of 6th grade. It was awesome! I am excited to see my friends but would rather not deal with some people. Oh well i have a really young, nice teacher!

  8. says

    I’m sure I’m the worst mom ever, but it’s just the first photo around here. Love my kids but I love having a clean, quiet home. Of course, that’s still a couple years away because only 2 of my 4 kids are in school all day!

  9. says

    We homeschool now, but I remember feeling the same way when they were in school. I always planned a big project – like redecorating our porch or refinishing the basement when they went back to school!

  10. Melina says

    Totally with you! I have three of my four in school full time this year, and it’s been a little tough. The littlest one misses them, and I do too! Lucky for me my kids like school, and that definitely makes things better. Thanks for the honesty in your posts. It’s refreshing :)

  11. jen campbell says

    I love the pictures, it accuratly catches how I’m sure most stay at home moms feel on the first day of school!

  12. says

    Love the pictures!! I too always have mixed emotions when my son goes back to school. Even more so this year because he is technically a high schooler now. Eeek!

  13. says

    I am SO glad school has started. During the summer my son and husband are both home all day and it’s hard to get things done, although I love having them home. I’m the same way, mixed emotions.

  14. Shannon says

    Just wanted to say this is a great post, awesome
    pictures! Hope those crazies on FB aren’t getting you down.

  15. says

    I have one homeschooler, and two public schoolers, so I completely know what you mean! I look forward to the house being a little more quiet so my hs’er and I can work… but then it’s TOO quiet!!! It really does make me appreciate school holidays & weekends though :) ( Ironic, the contraversy on the unschoolers fb page led me here… and I think I’ll follow you now :)

  16. says

    Hey Dollface!! Your blog is adorable and this post was a total hoot! So sorry about all the weird FB drama, and sorry to see your pic was stolen. People. Can. Be. Crazy! Ha ha!!! Have a good week. (*Cracking open a Diet Coke and toasting you!*)

  17. Coco says

    I am so sorry that you are experiencing this drama. What makes it so much more difficult is that the photo was taken completely out of context. God bless you and your beautiful family. You’re a great mom and any mother could relate to the mixed emotions as well as the children. It’s a tug and pull. Continue to be the great mom; part time nurse; referee; caregiver; counselor etc…that you are. Keep your head up sunshine at all times. God speed.

  18. Rachel says

    Great photos, great blog. I only found it after reading a couple of crazy posts on FB and wanted to find the real story. I think you have summed up the back to school emotions brilliantly. In places where they have just shown the first photo, yes there will be loads of people jumping on a bandwagon, but there will be even more mums, good mums who adore their children, but who have struggled to entertain and amuse children of different ages, struggled with childcare arrangements and who will be just glad to have a picture they can smile with relief at, because they will feel they are not alone.

    I have one child who goes to school and one who is home educated. There is no one right way for all children, just a right way for an individual child.