Garden Signs

I have a big garden and I love it. But I am a bit of a control freak and I have a hard time letting my kids “help” in the garden. If you remember my post about the rainbow garden you know that this year I decided to give them their own section.  We planted things that grow a color that is not traditional, like blue potatoes. We also planted rainbow mix carrots, rainbow lettuce, purple and yellow string beans, and yellow and purple tomatoes. I was going to plant black radishes but when the seeds came that I ordered they were red. But that is okay :)

I have fun garden markers in my garden (which I will show you later…) and the kids wanted to make signs for their garden. I cut some pieces of wood with my miter saw. Then the kids sanded them smooth.

We sat outside in the shade and they painted them. I had drawn on the basic shape for my 4 year old and he did pretty good at filling it in.

Here they are drying :)

I used my Silhouette to cut some vinyl lettering out but you could always write on them with marker.

Then I cut a dowel to size. I made them each 12 inches. I got a drill bit that was about the same size as the dowel and drilled a hole in the bottom of the sign.

I squirted some wood glue in there and then pushed the dowel in the hole. After it had dried I sealed it.

And here they are in our little rainbow garden! The kids are so proud of how they turned out.

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  1. Jessica says

    Those are adorable–I love projects that kids can do that also look just right :) Almost makes me want to plant a garden in my non-existent-topsoil, ant-ridden Texas soil :) (Though we do have container garden tomatoes :) Nice job.

  2. says

    Those are adorable! I will have to remember this for next year…this would be helpful if we managed to plant more than tomatoes and strawberries:)

  3. says

    LOVE this! Can’t wait to use this great idea for our garden…probably next year! I’m your newest follower! LOVE your blog! Come visit me at mine!

  4. says

    LOVE these! They are perfect. Very talented kiddos! I also love the idea of a rainbow garden. I think that this is definitely going on the to-do list for next year. You are awesome!

  5. Jackie says

    How cute. I had planned to plant a rainbow garden but I’m such an avid gardner that . . I forgot HA! We did plant a few things . .. hopefully next year, I can plan ahead better and we can plant some fun things AND make fun signs!