Funky Frame Tutorial

I love power tools and one of my favorites is my jig saw. I used it the other day to make this super funky frame! (other things I made using a jig saw are: planter box, circle lamp, bathroom mirror, pencil bedposts in kid’s room)


Supply List:

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*Wood or MDF

*Paper template


*Flat wood picture frame


*Jig Saw



I had some scrap pieces of MDF left over from a counter top I made so I thought why not cut out a frame? I made a template out of paper.

I bought a dollar store frame to use as the back so I needed to trace the opening.

Then I traced the template on the MDF board. You could use any scrap of wood you have. If you don’t have a scrap piece you can buy small boards at any home improvement store.

It is easier if you cut out the center first. I drill a hole in one of the corners so the blade of the jigsaw has a starting point.


After the center is cut go ahead and cut the shape of the frame out.

It will not be perfect but that is when the sandpaper comes into play. Sand down the edges to smooth everything out. This pictures is before I sanded. I forgot to take one of after.

I painted it a bright white. I always ALWAYS use foam brushes. You get a much smoother finish than with a bristle brush. Mulitple thin coats are better than a couple thick coats. You can spray paint it as well.


I currently don’t have a router or else I could have routed out a groove on the back for the glass and picture to set in. But a $1.00 frame from the craft store work great too. I just glued it onto the back.

In hind sight, I probably should have glued it before I painted. The gap would have been less noticeable. But I just painted along the seam and it was fine.

And there you go! I apologize for all the shadows. I was working with zero natural light here. But you get the idea :)

Don’t you want to go out and buy a jig saw???

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  1. laxsupermom says

    That turned out great! You have mad jigsaw skills, girl! Everytime I try to use our jigsaw, I need to do way more in the way of sanding than I'd prefer. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Catalin says

    Only 1$ for the photo frame? Pfuuu … That's a good price. I wish I could find something like this in Germany too.

    Can you tell what size is the photo frame (the one that you bought for 1$)?


  3. Brandy and Fam says

    I love your blog and am your newest follower. These frames are beautiful!! Thanks for the inspiration and fun blog.

  4. Stacy @ She's {kinda} Crafty says

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! We have a jigsaw but I am always scared to use it, maybe I should give it a whirl!! and just for the record, I LOVE this :)

  5. Lolly Jane says

    That is DARLING!!!! How creative to use a cheap frame for it?! Love! Come link up w/ us this weekend!! :)

  6. Kristi says

    So cute!! I'd love to do a collection of these to hang over my daughter's bed. I've been wanting to get out in the garage and lean how to use some of tools (we do have a jigsaw). This would be a great project to practice with. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Carrie @ Dittle Dattle says

    What a fun and easy intro-level wood project! I will be featuring you today. thank you for linking up to "Amaze Me Monday".

  8. Michelle @ Loving Every Second says

    That is freaking adorable!!! I need to get my husband a jigsaw so he can make me lots and lots of these . . . ha!


  9. liz @ bon temps beignet says

    Seriously LOVE this… especially against the striped blue wall. Now I just need to buy a jigsaw!

    -your newest follower!

  10. Camille says

    What brand of jigsaw is it and is it cordless and do you know how many amps it is?? Sorry for all the questions lol, LOVE the frame!!!

  11. says

    I found you by Googling how to make a frame similar to the Organic Bloom frames…INGENIOUS IDEA! And no, I don’t own a jigsaw, but had no idea how inexpensive they are so I’ll definitely be grabbing one up soon.

    Thanks so much for offering a tutorial on how to make these frames. Much, much more reasonable than the $50+ for a 4×6 frames that you can only purchase through photographers. THANK YOU!

  12. vanessa says

    I love the shape but how do I get it? is there a name for it or a link to print it out or maybe you can post it. that would be great because I have looking everywhere for this shape. thank you love this!

  13. Jenny says

    I also love this frame! Thanks for the tutorial…you make it look so easy. Like the comment above, I wanted to ask about your template. Did you just freehand draw it? It looks so perfect. It would be great if there was a way to share this shape! Thanks.

    • Stacy says

      I did free handed it. But it was pretty easy. I folded the paper in half and drew a design on half of it. I used a ruler to make sure the points were the same and for the rounded “corners” I traced a cup.Then cut it out while it was folded so it would be symmetrical.
      I hope that helped. If there was a way to share the template I would I think I still have it somewhere. I just don’t know hoe to go about doing it.

  14. says

    When i get around to it i am so doing the same. I love the sweet water frames but they cost way toooo much. Us DIY’ers and crafters can make our own. GOOD FOR YOU. winks-jen

  15. says

    That is so cool. O.k., I officially need a jigsaw. I kinda needed one before this, but you sealed the deal. Thanks for sharing.

  16. says

    Yes, a jigsaw is definitely necessary now. Stacy these frames are fabulous and have made it to the top of my must make list! Thank you for sharing.

  17. says

    How cool is that? I’ve seen these frames too around but none of them were DIY like yours! Thanks for your tutorial and I’ve got this linked to my picture frames post today, for inspiration!

  18. Lola says

    GREAT tutorial!! Was wondering, where did you find the template to trace on the paper?

  19. Keri says

    How did u make the shape template so perfectly? Just an artist? lol or how can I do that???


  1. […] The idea is simple. Print a template out of paper, trace it on MDF and cut it. Besides you need to cut an opening using some cheap picture frame as a template. After these things are done you can sand and paint the frame to make it more cool. For more details visit Not Just a Housewife. […]