How It’s Going So Far….


So I am writing a book, and it is nothing like I thought it would be. But then again I am not super close to my deadline. I might be more frantic when it is the 11th hour :) I have tried to be as organized as possible. For someone like me who is not […]

Best of Blogland

best of blog land 2

Last week Rhoda featured me on her blog, Southern Hospitality, as part of a tour of blogland blog hop. I am not sure who started it and how long it will last. But the thought of featuring 3 of my favorite bloggers and sharing some things about me sounded fun so I thought I would […]

NYC or Bust


Last year I told you all about how I was TERRIFIED at the thought of riding in a cab in NYC by myself. I wrote a whole post about being brave when stepping outside of your comfort zone. Well, I survived! And it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined. And guess what? I […]

Why I went to Iowa…..

bumble bee on pink flower_edited-1

I was asked by Better Homes and Gardens if I would like to work with them to help promote their line of products. Ummmm, of course! And then they said that a trip to their headquarters would be part of the deal. Sign me up! I was so excited. So excited that I actually went […]