“Invisible” Bookends

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When I was younger, my mom and dad installed some bookcases in my dad’s office. A wall and a half of all shelves. Guess who got to transfer the books to their new home and alphabetize them? Yep, me. Fast forward to us finally adding some bookshelves to our house. Visions of alphabetizing hundreds of […]

Personalizing Your Space

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It’s back to school time! I recently updated our command center with new job charts, added an updated version of our family motto, and the homework cubbies are starting to filling up. Since I am done painting my office, I needed to hang up new hooks so the kids had a place to hang their backpacks. […]

Updated Family Command Center

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Man. These past couple of months have kind of kicked my trash. I am sure you can tell from my lack of posts. There were a million things that contributed but some of the big ones were Shane’s sister got married and we hosted the wedding dinner in our yard (which meant lots of yard […]

Wood Bowl {Styled X3}

bowl featured

I love this series :) I skipped last month and it killed me. I waited too long to ask people to join in and it would have been cutting it close. Just because I wait until the day before to do the photoshoot doesn’t mean I want my blogging friends to HAVE to do the […]