Painting a basement

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I recently helped my brother and sister-in-law paint their basement.  They are getting ready to welcome baby #3 and wanted to get as much done as possible before he arrives. My brother started out doing it the old fashioned way with a brush and only got as far as one little under the stairs closet before getting discouraged that it was taking so long. Then they were going to rent a paint sprayer to do the trim, doors and closet shelves and then roll on the paint color for the walls. I suggested that I contact HomeRight and see if they could send a sprayer out. They sent us the Finish Max!

finish max sprayer


My brother had a contractor friend come and hang the dry wall and trim. And then to save money he decided to paint it himself. This is what we started with.


closet before painting

There is a really big family room, a “man cave”, a bedroom, and a bathroom. And between them all there are five closets, one of which is HUGE with loads of shelves. I didn’t get a picture because of the lack of natural light in there. If we would have painted all those shelves in all those closets with a brush or even a roller we would have been at it for weeks.

closet before

The Finish Max sprayer is mostly used for furniture so it is not meant for walls (HomeRight offers a variety of sprayers for all different purposes). We used the HomeRight Paint Stick for the walls in the rooms but we went ahead and primed and painted the walls inside the closets with the sprayer. The Finish Max can also be used with clear sealer, polyurethane, stain and varnish.

painting closet

I showed up to paint the first day and my brother and I were wearing the same shirt! Out of the 25+ painting shirts I have the the tons of t-shirts he has, what are the odds?

HomeRight Finish Max Review

I LOVED it. You guys I probably embarrassed myself in front of them because I couldn’t stop squealing and professing my undying love for this machine.

Things I loved:

  • The over spray was very minimal.
  • The finish was baby butt smooth. I seriously couldn’t get over it.
  • It was very user friendly. Easy to use and easy to clean up.
  • It didn’t “spit” like other sprayers I have used in the past
  • Because there was very little over spray, the paint went really far. We didn’t use a ton of paint considering that we painted an entire basement.

Things to know:

  • We mixed it with water according to the “enamel” suggestion since it didn’t list “latex” or any other type of paint. It worked just fine.
  • You will need to stop occasionally to clean the nozzle. I just used my finger under my shirt to wipe it clean. you could use a slightly damp rag as well.
  • You may have a strong desire to name it and sleep with it next to your bed. It may become your new BFF.

periodically clean the sprayer

I was super impressed with how the doors at my brother’s house turned out. Flawless.

My doors are in desperate need of a new coat of paint and I bought a new kitchen door this weekend. So guess what I am going to do this week?

painting door with HomeRight Finish Max

And here is their basement now! They still have some touch ups but for the most part they are ready to lay flooring this week.

painted basement

Closet painted with HomeRight Finish Max

I wish the picture of the trim showed more detail. It really doesn’t do this justice at all.

trim painted with HomeRight Finish Max

So do you want one of your very own? Of course you do :)

HomeRight is giving away a Finish Max Sprayer to one lucky reader.

*You must be 18 years or older to enter and a resident of the USA. The giveaway runs from April 16, 2014 until April 22, 2014. The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Winner is chosen randomly by

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And real quick, just a reminder that HomeRight is having a PaintStick challenge this month. There are cash and big prizes! Check it out :)


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  1. Andrea D. says

    All of the doors in my house need to be painted. What was once pure white has now become a dingy yellow. I’d love to make this job much easier with a paint sprayer. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. grammygoodwill says

    I can honestly say I would start at the front door. We are currently getting our house ready for sale. The front door needs some “makeup”. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. Rachel says

    I would paint all the interior doors in my house. They are all dark colored, and it is time to make them bright and white!

  4. says

    After 3 years in this house it is finally time to finish our basement! Hubby has never been home long enough to get a good start on it and since he is retiring it GAME ON! Not to mention we are working on outbuildings for our little spot of the Big Sky, once the snow stops again. ;-)

    Thanks for the opportunity and awesome reviews on your site!

  5. Kristin C. says

    My foyer! It has really thick beams and the sprayer would nip it in the bud in no time! And doors! =)

  6. says

    We will be needing to finish a basement, and it will need to be painted. It looks like your painting went SO much easier with the sprayer!

  7. says

    We have a basement I’m painting sometime in the next few weeks (exposed joists = 3 times the normal surface area to paint). This would be amazing!

  8. Ashley says

    The doors! The house we bought has all off-white trim & doors, looks like ‘smokers yellow’ from the 80s!

  9. Ashley W. says

    My kids’ bedroom door! We replaced it not long after we moved in (18 months ago) and it still hasn’t been painted.

  10. Afton says

    I would paint my kids rooms! We moved into our house 2 years ago and they are still living with the previous owner’s colors. Not fun! Thanks for the giveaway- this sprayer looks amazing!

  11. Joanna says

    Oh I would paint this shelf I’ve had sitting in my garage so it could look as smooth as possible. Would LOVE to have one of these!!!!!

  12. Julie V says

    We’re going to start a major project in painting our kitchen cabinets and I’m hoping this would ease the pain!

  13. Tammy Jennings says

    The first (of many!) thing I would paint is my front door!!! I know what color and even the decor I want to add! I NEED this! LOL

  14. MaryB says

    We need to paint some new interior doors as well as several rooms. We have a big list of painting projects to do this spring.

  15. Lisa Cox says

    The entire house? LOL
    We moved into a fixer upper and all the rooms need repainted, plus they need baseboards and trim in half the rooms.
    I could definitely use this!

  16. Alisha Hodges says

    This couldn’t have come at a better time! We are going to start painting soon, so I’m going to make sure to show my husband your results. It looks great!

    The first thing I want paint is my toddler daughter’s bedroom. I’m trying to make her room have a feminine, whimsical sort of theme, so the current paint cannot stay. That’s just the beginning of a ton of paint projects for the coming months.

  17. MeganM. says

    My sister is going to be moving shortly to their first house, so this would get used a lot! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Andrea Garcia says

    I was just telling my husband that I want a sprayer! I have so many projects that I can use it on. I’m refinishing a bedside table for my sons room and some frames need painting.

  19. Marybel R. says

    Oh my goodness! I have been wanting a paint sprayer for so long now. The house we are in now was previously a rental and the doors are in great need of new paint. What a fun project for the hubby and me. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  20. says

    I promised my son his room would be painted by Halloween…of last year. I’m painting it in two weeks. So I guess the first thing I would paint would be my daughters room. No promises made there yet. I learned the hard way.

  21. Whitney H says

    What wouldn’t I paint? Probably do that second coat of stain/sealer on my deck. It took me 3+ hours by hand, I’m sure the sprayer would be way faster and efficient.

  22. Katie Stovall says

    I’ve been dying to get my hands on a good quality paint sprayer!!!! This one might just do the job.

  23. Ivania says

    I’d love to have one!!!! We’ll be moving in a couple of weeks and the house could use some paint and refreshing.

  24. Tonia Fisher says

    Ahhhh, I soooo need this!!! We are currently repainting our entire house, and have 8 doors to spray (front & back).

  25. tammy Taylor says

    I just refinished my dining room table and now I am getting ready to repaint the dining room so it looks as good as the table does! Having this sprayer would help immensely since I can only stand for so long since I had my knee surgery. Thanks for all your great ideas, processes and motivation.

  26. Mike R says

    Don’t you just love using a paint sprayer? I used my father’s for a glider rocker, but would love to have one of my own.

  27. jerri C. TN says

    Oh, I could use this fabulous contraption right now; we have gutted our master bath & I plan on painting drywall soon.

  28. Ashley Davis says

    I have so many painting projects planned… but I would probably start with a smaller job just to get used to it. I do have a couple lamps that need to be freshened up with some color, so that would probably be the first thing

  29. Michelle says

    The entire interior of my house could use painted, but I’d start with making my ceilings white! The ceilings are the same color as my walls and I think white ceilings would help brighten things up.

    Also I have a question, What is the brand and name of the wall color used? I like it!

  30. Jen says

    All of our doors could use a refresh, and we’re updating our floors so we’ll have a lot of baseboard – would it work for that?? Thanks!

  31. Terrie says

    I desperately want a paint sprayer. I am going to be starting my basement soon and it would so come in handy.

  32. Kay K says

    What a great review. I would first use the Finish Max to help us paint the entry way of our home. It would get the job done easily and look professionally done. First impression of a warm welcome to others who enter into our home is what we want to convey. Thank you for the giveaway!

  33. NaDell says

    My daughter’s bedroom that I (actually mostly my mother in law) painted while I was pregnant seven years ago that I tried to fix dings in with some little acrylic paint that didn’t actually match exactly, so there are dark purple splotches on their walls…

  34. Nancy says

    I’d love to use the sprayer to stain my fence which needs a fresh coat of stain, but my interior doors could you it too. We still just have primer on the basement doors. This would be wonderful to use. Thank you for the opportunity to win it. :)

  35. says

    Our interior doors…awhile ago we decided to paint them glossy black. We’ve got some of them done but still have more to go.

  36. Beth says

    So funny because we were debating renting a sprayer last week when I saw your post on Instagram. Looked it up and it has rave reviews (besides yours!) and is so affordable! Thanks for sharing!

  37. Jennifer S says

    I’m just about to hang sheetrock, trim and board & batten in a room I’m refinishing. Took quite a while to tear down all the plaster & lathe and rewire it, but it’s totally worth it! Anyway, I’d definitely have plenty to use the sprayer on if I were to win! Thanks for the chance.

  38. Justina says

    We recently purchased a new home… Which desperately needs a fresh coat of paint on all the doors and trim!!

  39. Alli B says

    I am planning on painting my entire upstairs. it is the last place I need to paint in our older home. The whole thing is covered in dark brown paneling! I painted over some a few years ago downstairs and it turned out great so next is the upstairs.

  40. Melissa says

    My kitchen cabinets, my bathroom cabinets, all of the interior doors, and if I got brave, I’d build and paint some shelves for my laundry room.

  41. Carissa says

    I would repaint all of my interior doors! They don’t look so good right now.. Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. Stacey says

    I’m redoing my dining room table, chairs, buffet and china hutch that was my grandma’s. No small job at all!!!!!

  43. Fara says

    My daughter’s toddler-bed-in-waiting!

    Then the front door!

    Then…the world! Just kidding. I have so many paint projects right now.

  44. says

    Oooooh, I’d love a paint sprayer! I’m dying to paint all the trim in my house. And the doors. And some closet shelves I built. Perfect!

  45. Carole says

    Yes!!! I am getting ready to do our son’s bedroom and this would be just the ticket! Great idea especially the part about not a lot of over spray! Great job!

  46. says

    I would paint all of the small pieces of furniture I have been collecting! I have a small desk for my daughter, a chair that I picked up at a garage sale with lovely legs, and a bunch of 11×17 picture frames for our family picture wall!

  47. Judy says

    now there is a give-a-way???? I just finished painting my garage… what a pain!

    BUT… there is always the bedrooms, the shed, my Mom’s bedrooms, My Mom’s shed, my Mom’s garage, my friend’s garage, and on and on and on….

  48. Doris Henson says

    I’ve wanted one of these jewels for over 2 years now. I have a home full of furniture that I want to paint so badly and I know this is the only way to do it so all the pieces will look nice once they are finished. Great job on the basement…can’t imagine what it would have been like hand painting all those shelves…glad HomeRight came to your rescue. :)

  49. Sherri Howell says

    Ugh, what DOESN’T need to be painted at my house??? This looks like it would motivate me to get busy!!

  50. Andrea Jorgensen says

    I think that even this pathetic excuse for a crafter could actually find some success with this!! So cool!!

  51. Amanda Mendenhall says

    I’d paint my daughters bed, my sons bed and a nightstand that has been in my garage for over a year!!

  52. says

    I have so many things on my to paint list. I would start with the doors in my bathroom and the cabinets and then slowly make my way around the rest of the house. ;-)

  53. Koren Klein says

    paint first: actually since you said it was for furniture, there’s an bed side table that itching to get done! I’m thinking crisp white or a spring green. Which ever the hubby decides isn’t too weird looking :)

  54. Susan Francis says

    I am getting ready to repaint the interior of my house and refinish my furniture in a complete home redo. I would love this sprayer!

  55. Terry Maigi says

    Our Boxer has stripped all the paint from our doors by jumping and scratching on them! They desperately need a good paint job!

  56. Vicki B says

    Oh, this would be so wonderful for the doors I need to paint, and the ceilings after I scrape all the dreadful popcorn off this summer!

  57. Tiffany Sechan says

    I would love to paint my doors and shutters, I hate the look of brush strokes, so the sprayer would be awesome.

  58. Cindy Johns says

    I would paint whatever got in my way first. Doors, dresser, walls………..I believe I could do some “damage” with that thing

  59. Lena says

    I would paint the built-ins that I finished about a year agofor my daughters toys that is still un painted.

  60. Rhonda says

    I would use this to paint my doors and redo some furniture…would love it for the smooth finish and the ease of painting!

  61. Jennifer Jennett says

    I have a beautiful kitchen but ugly cabinets, I’ve definitely been wanting to paint those more than anything else around here! I guess I should practice on one of the other hundreds of paint projects around here though.

  62. Cath T says

    I was just thinking this morning that I have an old video cabinet with hinged doors that I’d love to use as a craft supply cabinet, but it would need to be painted first. Yeah, right. Automatically put it on the “someday” list of jobs. This would be perfect for it! And then, there’s my mother’s house which really needs updating. I would so love a super fast way to get all the things on my To Do list done.

  63. Laurali Manieri says

    I would litteraly paint every surface inside and out all the while looking for side projects to work on.

  64. Cynthia says

    We’ve lived in our house long enough that it’s time to paint or move! My doors are the most desperate.