More or Less {American Dream Builders} Episode #3

I loved this week’s episode!!! LOVED. And I have to say that the Red team totally deserved the win. That exterior? I mean, come on! The gate and the landscaping were TO DIE FOR. I would buy that house just for the exterior. They really pulled together as a team.

It was also about dang time Elaine got put in her place. I hope she is watching the show and gaining some personal insight and will come out of this a better person. Nate is right, it is hard to watch at times because of her. What did you think?

Okay, so when I get sneak peeks of the rooms, I do not know who designed them or what the reaction was to the room. I pick the room that I like and that would be a good room to replicate. It was fun watching the show and finding out that the room I picked was Nate’s favorite of the whole show so far. In case you need a reminder, here is the guest room designed by Nina and below are items I found.

more or less   Nate Berkus American Dream Builders Episode #3   american dream builders episode #3


You guys. Horn veneer trays are EXPENSIVE. Horn veneer anything is expensive. So I was able to find the same tray( top left) from the episode, but guess what the price is? Oh you know, only $447.50. Sheesh! I found a cherry bark tray that has a subtle lighter pattern that I really like for $55 and a tray with gold detail from Nate’s collection at Target for only $34.99. Or you can build one yourself like I did!

Nate Berkus serving trays

(Top Left: Arcadia Home            Top Right: Pfeifer Studio            Bottom: Target )

Curtain Fabric

I really liked the curtains in this room so I was bummed I couldn’t find the exact same ones. But here are some other options. The first one pictures is a totally different pattern but the colors are the same. They are also ready made draperies for $85. The middle one may be a little too light but the price is right at $14 a yard. The last is my favorite but it comes at $45 per yard.


orange and brown curtain fabric

(Left:Drapery Loft               Middle: Online Fabric             Right: Interiors Nouveau)


The headboard was fabulous. I am not sure how I feel about having cowhide in my own home but I have been admiring it when I see it in other spaces. I didn’t realize how much they can run though. I couldn’t find a ready made headboard but I found many rugs and hides that you could DIY into a one pretty easily. Use the same instructions as you would an upholstered one. Some plywood, batting, and a staple gun and BOOM! A headboard. They can be well over $1,000. The first one pictured here is listed for only $100. It is smaller and if you wanted to use this for a bigger bed you would have to frame it with wood and just have the center be cowhide. The second one pictured run $780. The herringbone patterned rug can be bought at a custom size and is priced by the square foot. This company has a ton of different colors and patterns. This one for a 4’x6′ rug runs about $415. The last one pictured is $241 for about the same size.

cow hide options

(Top Left: Etsy, Classy Bag       Top Right: Lifestyle By Cara      Bottom Left: Sunland      Bottom Right: Cowhide Creations )


I am fairly certain that the first fabric shown is the same as the show. If not, it is reaaaaaalllly close. It is $46 per yard. The second is an orange ticking priced at $8 a yard. I am not a huge orage fan but I actually loved the color scheme of this room and I thought these pillows worked so well.

orange striped pillow fabric

(Left: Calico Corners                    Right: )

I have been considering getting some faux fur pillows for my family room so I had already had my eye out for good deals. Pottery Barn has 2 pillows for $40 and this etsy shop sells covers for $19.99.

white fur pillow

(Left: Pottery Barn  Right: Etsy, VF Illustration )


Holy expensive lamp batman! The baroque lamp (top left) that is on the desk is $800-$1,000 depending on what store you buy it from. I found a gold lamp with similar texture and shape for $55 and the one on the end is priced at $110.

The lamp on the bedside table I couldn’t see well enough to know exactly what it looks like but I know it is gold, a cylinder shape, and has some delicate detail at the top. The lamp I found that came close to that is $722.50! The other options are not as detailed but the price is much better. The middle one is $85 and the one on the end is $99.

gold lamp options

(Top Left: Clayton Gray       Top Middle:  World Market       Top Right: Euro Style Lighting       Center Left: Houzz       Center Middle: 1-800 Lighting      Center Right: Lamps Plus       Bottom Left: Ebay      Bottom Right: Land of Nod )

Book Ends

I was able to track down the same book ends used in the room. They are from Dwell Studio and are $175. But I also found a TON of gold gazelle book ends on ebay and etsy. Who knew there were so many? So I don’t think you would have a hard time locating a pair. The cute couple on the top right are $125 and the pair on the bottom left are $60. I know the last one is wood, but for $17 I would be willing to spray them with gold paint and call it a day.

gold antelope book ends

(Top Left: Dwell Studio      Top Right: Etsy, Design Soldier      Bottom Left: Etsy, Amelia Jane Vintage     Bottom Right: Etsy, Oh That Old Thing )


I try to use real plants whenever possible in my decorating and the two types of plants are on the “hard to kill” list. You can buy succulants from Home Depot or your local nursery for about $2 a plant. But if you are worried about killing them or you don’t want to reach up on the top shelves to water them, these faux succulants from etsy are a good deal at $34 for a set of six.

ZZ plants are so awesome! And I see them all the time at My Home Depot and IKEA. But if you have a hard time spotting them locally, this place sells them online for $15 for a 6″ pot.

plants on shelves

(Left: Etsy, Cottage and Sprout          Right: Hirts)


I was able to find an art piece that was very similar. It was pricey however selling at $558.00! I know this also functions as an office space, but it is also a guest room. I would have put a mirror above the desk so it could double as a vanity. You can even chose one that has metal details like the original art piece. This one pictured is $178 at Linen and Things.

round metal artwork

(Left: Houzz                  Right: Linens N Things)


Oh. My. Word. Those shelves were incredible! I would DIY them start to finish if it were me, but if you don’t want to build them from scratch, you could buy bookshelves and then create a front for them out of plywood or MDF. Trace a pattern you like on the board and use a jigsaw to cut it out.


nate berkus ADB episode #3 shelves


Real coral is super expensive and even faux coral can exceed my budget. The first example is priced at $303.60. The second option is from Pottery Barn for $69 and the third one (also from Pottery Barn) is sold for $49 and is closer to the type of coral in the room. DIY a little stand, glue them together and voila! I know this might sound crazy but in the past when I needed a piece of coral I bought a plastic piece from the pet store (in the fish tank isle) for less than $10 and then spray painted it white. It totally worked!

coral art options

(Top Left: Carolina Rustica     Top Right: Pottery Barn       Bottom: Pottery Barn)


I have a slight addiction to baskets. And dark ones are my absolute weakness. I prefer the more natural looking ones but they are a tiny bit more at $48 for the 3 pack while the other  is only $28 for a 3 pack.

dark storage baskets

(Left: Target             Right: Target)

Other Accessories

I was only able to find 2 of the 3 statues that were on the shelves. I probably could have found the third if I had looked harder but even with typing in “statue” it was making nervous having to type in words like “men”, “nude”, “muscles”, etc to find these and I didn’t want to press my luck. Lucky only statues popped up on screen! These guys are a pretty good deal priced at $32 and $29.

That bowl will be mine. I am seriously going to buy it. GORGEOUS! While I don’t think it is the same as on the show, it is very similar and only costs $29.



(Top Left: All Sculptures      Top Right: All Sculptures      Bottom:  Target)

So what do you think? What was your favorite room from the show? Do you think the right person wet home? I would love to hear. Spill it!!!

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  1. Dot says

    Nice effort, room wasn’t one if my faves. However, great to see Elaine under attack, and hope it either makes a difference (as if,) or she goes home soon.

  2. says

    I thought the room was gorgeous and very well done, I love the grasscloth wallpaper! I also found similar fuzzy pillows at Pier One recently too! I am really loving this series and love, love, love the show!! (Hoping Elaine goes home soon though, she’s not so fun to watch with her attitude!)

  3. says

    Love this! And I’m so glad I finally watched the show. I’m definitely ready for Elaine goes home, although I think at this point they probably keep her on to make things “dramatic.”

  4. says

    Hi Stacy – I’m all scroll…scroll…scroll… and then I get to the orange ticking stripes. Our living room is very traditional Americana blue and how much fun would these orange ticking stripe pillows be to add on the couch! Hello Etsy! Hugs, Holly

  5. says

    I love Nate’s line for Target. We have the arrowhead rug in our basement in the green and if it came in a bigger version the cream and black one would be upstairs too.

    Those orange lampshades are so sweet. Colour is really growing on me this season and that says a lot given that all my walls are painted white.

  6. Colleen says

    Ok watched the show omg the white kitchen (red team ) was great, I did like Eliane’s room but she is sooooo arrogant I would never hire her, I like team players I thought it was sad that the person cut from the team was the blonde on the blue team, her room was bland but she was trying not to get into a cat fight with Elaine . I don’t think they will send Elaine home which is wrong it makes the show hard to watch. The drama crap is why I didn’t care for design star. I did love the exterior transformations.

  7. Susan M. says

    Do you think Elaine truly doesn’t realize how condescending and vicious she is to her cast mates? Honest to goodness, I find myself saying not so nice things to her while I’m watching. Was glad to see her put in her place a bit – just hope this doesn’t turn into The Elaine Show. She’s such a distraction from all the great designs that are put in place. Loved the outdoor spaces and I’d take either house in a heartbeat!

    • Stacy says

      I think she is insecure. And I think she thinks that by acting that way she is showing that she is powerful and confident. I don’t think she really realizes just how awful it looks. I hope by seeing herself how the rest of us are seeing her changes her perspective a bit. Do I think she will all of a sudden become nice? No. But it takes something like this to re-evaluate who you are. Maybe she will become a little more respectful as a result. You can be a powerful woman without acting like a *@#% and you can have confidence in yourself and your decisions without stepping on those around you. It is sad that our society as a whole gives these people so much attention. I bet everyone after only one episode knows her name and very few people know the other designer’s names.

      • Susan M. says

        Boy oh boy, I’d love to be the spider in the corner when she watches the show! Setting the Drama Mama aside, I have to say that this was my favorite episode – kudos to both teams!

  8. Colleen says

    I can not justify her behavior due to insecurity I think she is clueless as to how she treats people. Also in the end who suffers the clients that got a bland kitchen !!!!!!!

  9. says

    I love your finds. That bowl is incredible and I think I need it! I have those baskets on the left and love them. And I’ve wanted a faux fur pillow forever. I think it’s about time I bought one!

  10. says

    I loved this room too. I am curious about how the show works.. since it is clear there is a TON of product placement, but the idea of spending nearly $1000 on an accessory tray used to stage the room seems crazy. I would love to understand the budget etc.. since they had an argument at lowes about firewood and plants and being ‘over budget’ but if they used a different tray or sculpture it would be a non-issue.

    Just got me wondering…