I Love Fall!

There is nothing in the world like the crisp autumn air. I love the cooler weather after a hot summer and the leaves changing color. Because of all the wild fires in Utah this year and the campfire bans, we did not spend as much time up the canyon as we normally do. We are spoiled to be such a short drive away from the mountains.

My son just turned 11 years old. I told him he could pick anything to do as a family. I  gave him all kinds of options. He picked going up the canyon for a hike. I actually tried to talk him out of it at first because the canyon is so close and we can go anytime we want. But in the end I was glad he chose a hike :)

Not too shabby considering I stuck the camera out the window as we were driving, eh?

There is a hiking trail up our canyon that leads to a small waterfall and pool. The water fall is smaller in the fall without all the spring run off but it is still fun to go.

(Trail head)

The hike is not too terrible long and is pretty easy most of the time. It is perfect for a young family. My two year old was able to walk most of it himself and he felt so grown up.

Here is an instagram of my boys playing in the water. The pool is usually deeper and they wore their swimming suits in hopes of swimming like they usually do. But this drought has affected the canyons as well.

After a busy, busy week and after being out of town and away from my family it was so nice to have a day where we could just be together. The beach and the mountains are two very special places for us as a family. There is something so soothing about being out in nature!

Is there a special place you like to go to unwind and regroup?

Now I feel like I am ready to tackle another week of DIY!

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  1. Amy says

    Great post Stacy! I never realized how much I love fall until this year :) Summer was just too hot for too long. I love your photos, even the ones taken while holding the camera out of the window turned out beautiful! Happy Fall to you and your family!

  2. Lisa Conforto says

    Thanks so much for the scenic tour. I miss all that here in the florida everglades, Hiking is def a no no here. Too many obsticles like bears, panthers, and snakes.

  3. Nicole says

    Man, this really makes me wish that California actually had SEASONS! I’m glad I can see the colors changing through others eyes! Thanks for this awesome post!