Ideas for Outdoor Decorating

Since I have not been able to share my side yard yet, I thought I would dig into my archives and share some of my past outdoor projects.

My  old door privacy screen  is one of my favorite outdoor projects I have done. I recently helped out at a wedding that used this idea to make back drops.

Mason jar hanging vases is a fun way to make a clothesline look pretty and for me, since I already had the jars, it was free! You don’t even have to have a clothes line. String some rope somewhere to create the same effect.

 Planter boxes on the fence turn a long boring fence into a feature wall! I am getting ready to re-stain my fence so I have not put mine back up this year but I can’t wait to see them up again :)

My ladder turned plant stand may or may not make an appearance in my side yard…… I lOVE it :)

Paint is one of the fastest and most inexpensive ways to transform something. Just like these painted chairs. I think 2 were $5 and one was free.  A little spray paint and some outdoor sealer and I had one cute seating area :)


Everyone could use more storage and storage can be attractive. I love my hanging crates .

I think it is fun to add something to your yard that is unique to you. Find a way to personalize it! My boys want to live on a farm SO BADLY. We have a garden and chickens and that is probably as close as we will get. But they sure do love this sign :)

Last year we had an outdoor spaces link up. Is that something you would like to do again? I think it would be fun to see how your spaces have evolved and to see new spaces from you who did not link up before. What do you think???

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  1. says

    I do love the mason jar thingy-bobbers!
    We just finished our fence. Fortunately we have the horizontal boards on the outside, so we don’t see them, but I have a few plans still. I would love an outdoor space link-up =)

  2. says

    Oh my! Lots of eye candy in your patio, I have to steal a couple of ideas. Those planters look so fab on your fence. I may start with that one…