Closet Organization

As you know, I have four little boys. And they all share one room together. The room is about 20 feet by 10 feet so there is plenty of room to play and run around. But the one place that doesn’t have enough room is the closet.  Three of the four boys have to share it so I need to maximize the space. Here is the before…….. ( do you want to see the after????)

The goals for this closet were:

A) Fit as many clothes as humanly possible in this space.

B) Make it as functional as possible.

C) Have everything be wipe-able and washable

I needed this closet to be EASY for my boys to maintain. I didn’t want to have too many things in there for them to upkeep.  If the kids have to sort too many things, lets face it, it won’t happen.

I needed another row of hanging clothes but didn’t want to add another bar all the way across the closet. I toyed around with idea of how to build a half bar contraption but then found this laundry cart at Walmart and it was perfect.  The height is adjustable and there are bars that extend even longer on both sides. It has a shelf on the top and the bottom.It also has wheels which makes it easy to move it out to vacuum.

This is the perfect height for my 5 year old to reach and hang up his own clothes :)

The plastic bins on the bottom (one for each kid) hold socks and underwear. The plastic drawers (that also have wheels) are for PJs, and the bin on top of the drawers are for belts and hats.


On the other side of the closet is mainly for storage. The bunk beds are kind of close so it is not as easy to access. I bought some totes for the out-of-season clothes. I also hang coats and jackets on the rod back there. Right now I have 4 totes but it can easily fit 6.

Here are where I got the items in the closet:

*The baskets I already had. I got them several years ago from Babies R Us on line.

*The laundry cart is from Walmart

*The plastic bins on the bottom of the laundry cart are from IKEA

*The plastic drawers are by Steralite and are from Walmart

*The silver totes are also Steralite and from Walmart


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  1. Jen@ Four Marrs & One Venus says

    Looks Fantastic! Amazing how much you can actually fit in a small closet when it is all organized like that! Great job!!

  2. Sandi says

    Wow! I need something like this for my 11 yr old son’s closet. He has a very small room, so I think an organized closet like this would help out a great deal. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Shirley Lupton says

    This looks great, too bad I didn’t see this when my children were smaller. I sure could have used the idea. Thanks for sharing…

  4. Heart and Haven says

    Yeah for organized closets!

    I only see the bunkbed in the pics of the room…where do the other 2 boys sleep?

    I’m trying to plan how to fit my youngest 3 in their small 10×0 room…it’s quite a challenge! Currently, the newborn is in a bassinet in my room. After my 18 yo graduates this year and goes off to the Air Force, I’m planning on converting his room to the babies nursery. Once I feel comfortable with my 3 and 5 year olds transitioning from their toddler beds to bunkbeds, I’m planning on having all 3 kids in the same room and turn the 3rd bedroom into the kids’ playroom.

  5. Anna says

    The closet looks great! I love that laundry hanging contraption that you used as another clothes bar! I’ll have to look for one of those, it would be perfect in my daughter’s closet.

    Stopping by from Apartment Guide, I’m one of the other bloggers doing an organization project. :)


  6. Tara says

    What was the brand of the laundry cart at Walmart? I looked for it on their website but didnt see anything with a bar like the one you got?
    Awesome ideas