Using Paper to Decorate a Frame

,This is the post I did for Roberts Crafts on their blog. In case you didn’t see it (but really just so I can add it to my archives) here it is!

You will need an unfinished wood frame, spray adhesive, scrapbook paper, foam brush, paint or water-based stain, scissors, and an X-acto knife (razor blade cutting tool).

Position the frame on the paper where you want it and then trace it lightly with a pencil. Trace the outside of the frame and the inside. Then cut it out.
Next, paint or stain the back of the frame, the sides and the inside. Don’t stain the top. I find that the spray adhesive sticks better to the unfinished wood better than when it is painted or stained.
Spray the adhesive on the backside of the scrapbook paper. Get it nice and even but not too thick. I use the regular adhesive. I don’t buy the heavy duty or the fast drying kind because I want to be able to take it off if it is crooked and try again. The regular spray adhesive gives you a little bit of time to get it right before it is permanent.
Place the paper on the top of the frame and when it is straight, rub all over to make sure it sticks well and there are not any bubbles.
Use an X-acto knife or some other kind of razor blade to trim off any excess paper. Make sure the blade is sharp so it doesn’t rip the paper.
I like to antique mine but you can feel free to skip this step. I use either watered down brown paint or water based stain. You can also use distress ink. Make sure there isn’t very much on the brush. Practice on a scrap piece of paper first. Gently brush along the edges on the outside and the inside.
The next step is to seal it. Most people would probably use Mod Podge. It works great. I didn’t have any this day so I used polyurethane. It works really well too. Either way you want to go will work. I use foam brushes because you don’t get lines from bristles.
And there you have it!!! You can pick paper to match any decor and make it custom just for you.
Here are some other frames I have made recently.

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  1. Brandi says

    so very pretty! I bet these would make great gifts. But it would be hard to part with them. You did a great job. love the distressed look!!!

  2. Stefanie says

    So cute! I love using scrap book paper for everything! The distressed look is fabulous! I am in the middle of a scrap book paper distressed project and I ended up using a very fine sand paper to sand my scrap book paper because it looked way too new. Turned out nice. Thanks for sharing the frame tutorial. I'll have to try it with the extra paper I bought.

  3. Beth @ Wiccan Make Some Too says

    These are awesome & so cute! Now I will be buying up frames everywhere I go. When my husband asks what has gotten into me I point this post out in your blog. I'm sure he'll understand then!

  4. Kelly says

    I love this! So customizable, and I love how you made it look "weathered" with the paint. Thanks for sharing. I'm your newest follower!


  5. Catalin says

    Hi! Have you got the paper online or from a store. I just couldn't find it online. Maybe you have a link. :)


    • Kayla says

      I love these!! The ones I’ve made are beautiful, but I like Rebekah have a bad problem with air bubbles.. Any tips would be awesome!