My version of a "Thankful Tree"

The idea of a thankful tree is not new and I have seen so many of them around. So I almost didn’t share mine with you. But it is a little different so I will. The main difference is how it is used. I know this will sound incredibly silly, but it has always bugged me that you add leaves everyday instead of taking them off. It is Fall after all. The leaves fall off the tree ( ok, so I might be a little OCD or something. . . ) So at our house we make all our leaves together and write what we are thankful for on them. We put them all on the tree. Every person has their own color. Mine was red! Then at night when we are doing the whole scripture reading, prayer, bedtime thing, we each pick one of ours off and we talk about those things. You could do this at dinner time or when ever it is easiest for your schedule. Then the leaves are “falling” off the tree gradually just like in nature. Okay, here is how I made mine:

I used some plaster of paris that I had hanging around,

a bucket, (and yes, that is a 90% off sticker you see) and a little tree that died in our yard. You could also use a flower pot. Just make sure to cover the hole with tape so the plaster doesn’t come out the bottom.

I picked out some fall paper for the leaves too.

I mixed up the plaster and stuck my tree in it. I let it sit for most of the day to make sure it was hard.

I cut one leaf out and then used it as a pattern. I traced 24 leaves per piece of paper. Then I got craft wire and cut about 2 inch pieces.

Instead of tape, I used my glue gun because I thought it would be more secure.( plus I really like my glue gun!) I want to re-use the leaves for next year.

Because I added the wire to the leaves instead of using say, string, I was able to wrap the wire around the branches and bend them where ever I wanted. I had control over where they faced and everything (I like having control!)
And there you have it! My Thankful Tree!!!

We left some of them blank so we can add things next year. I figure most things we wrote this year we will still be thankful for next year too, like our home, food, family. . etc. It didn’t take a ton of time, but I would like to get at least a couple years out of it!

Oh, and I forgot to add something to the bucket to hide the plaster. I will probably throw some moss in there or something. Maybe. If I get around to it :)



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  1. Lyndee says

    I love this tree. We can't paint our walls (stinking rent thing) so this a perfect project for me. I'm sure I can find a deal tree somewhere.

  2. Jenglamgirl says

    Hi Stacy your post has been up since midnight last night. I emailed you last night and sent you mine, I haven't heard back from you. Love the thankful tree. Jen

  3. Amanda says

    Happy Friday! I love this! I featured you today on my blog I would love for you to stop by and grab a button!


  4. Kelli @ RTSM says

    This is really cute! I love that you used wire so you could face all the leaves the right way! Such a smart idea!

  5. Cassie says

    Hi! Hi!
    I just wanted to let you know that we featured you today at Paper Issues!!!
    Thanks for linking up!
    You rock!!

  6. Creative Ambitions says

    Stacy… great tree… very cute…good idea on using wire. Love the paper you used! And lovin' those frames in your earlier post!


  7. Emily says

    I really really LOVE this! I don't have time this year, but I've bookmarked it for next year! Thanks for sharing.


  8. says

    I LOVE this idea!!! Such a simple, yet beautiful way to show thanks :) I wonder if that could be used as a thank you for your donation tree?

  9. Belinda says

    This is the first time I have seen a thankful tree, gorgeous. Excuse me for being a little slow but do you glue the paper to the back of a piece of fabric?

    • Belinda says

      sorry, I read it again and realised it was printed paper :)
      Leaving now to my local arts store to start my very own Thankful Tree. Thank you

  10. Ashley Pederson says

    I recently read a great book titled, “Little Things Long Remembered: Making Your Children Feel Special Every Day” by Susan Newman, Ph.D that points out the importance of creating traditions/memories with your family in order to better bond with them. I am probably a little late, but do plan to make a thankful tree with them- love your thankful tree- I may have to make a large tree instead of a small one that I had originally planned to make- thanks for sharing!

    • Joni says

      That is so important, Ashley, especially in today’s high-tech driven environment. It seems these devices just take over our lives if we don’t put a leash on them! It’s love-hate thing :-). I will take a look at Susan’s book – sounds perfect for today’s family.