Family Room

I LOVE my family room. It has big windows and is sunny. It has arches, nooks, and coved ceilings. It is filled with things that I have built and things that have meaning. It is cozy and a lot of our time is spent in here playing games, having family night, watching movies, looking out the window for dad to come home, celebrating holidays, and just plain being silly.

americana family room 2 1024x682 Family Room

The nook above the couch began as a design problem. I didn’t know what to do with it so I was thinking about covering it up. My mom asked my husband soon after moving in what his favorite thing about the whole house was. His answer? This nook. Crap. I knew I had to do something with it. I made shutters for it with my jigsaw and painted it to look like an old window. It is now one of my favorite things too :)

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I built this bench when we moved here because I needed additional seating. I had re-upholstered furniture before and built things before but this was the first time I had upholstered something that I had built.

7 Family Room

I found this tin ceiling frame on EBAY. I had envisioned a blue tin ceiling frame going in that spot and it took me months to find one. I can be stubborn like that. I know what I want and I keep searching until I find it.  The topiary is fake. I use to have a real one. I tend to murder house plants so I babied that thing! I took such good care of it and it lasted longer than most of my  victims houseplants. It got spider mites and died. I was too emotionally distraught to get a new real one.

americana family room 682x1024 Family Room

americana family room 3 1024x682 Family Room

Here is my scrap wood lamp that I made.

11 682x1024 Family Room

I love that my 1938 house has so many arches!

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This is the original key to my front door. It still works!!! But I obviously am not going to put it on my key ring, so I framed it instead :)

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americana family room4 1024x682 Family Room

This is a cabinet I made that has all of the movies  and blankets in it. It is one of my favorite things I have built. It is so simple. But I think that is part of why I love it. I built the crate next to it too. It has all the board games inside. It was the very first thing I ever built. I didn’t have power tools back then either. I wanted it to look like an old shipping crate.

house1 Family Room

5 1024x591 Family Room
doorafter edited 1 Family Room

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The clock on my entertainment center is an antique. Like I mentioned yesterday, my mom collects antiques. She has a thing for clocks. When each of us kids got married she let us pick one of her clocks as part of our wedding gift. I chose this one. I grew up with it all my life and I LOVE it.americana family room8 681x1024 Family RoomThis is my Kmart fake wood Entertainment center that I cut in half, painted, and added doors to.

21 Family Room

I love plants. Like REALLY love them. To the point of obsession. I need to take a class on how to keep them alive though. If I could,  I would have my house FULL of them. I want a sunroom one day with tons of them. But for now I am happy with a couple here and there.

terrarium3 682x1024 Family Room