Making mini bread

I would like to preface this post by saying I did not dress my 3 year old this day. Picking his own outfits out makes him feel proud and independent so we just roll with it. He wouldn’t let me put the collar down either :)
When I was growing up my mom made bread a lot. She had mini bread pans and would give us some of the dough. I remember feeling so excited to have my very own bread that was just my size. I loved it! I make bread too and we made mini bread the other day. For the recipe I use click HERE.
Out of the pan and all buttered on top!
They make CUTE little sandwiches. If you have a picky eater they may eat a sandwich better if they helped make the bread and if it was just their size. I know ours don’t last very long!



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  1. Jamie says

    Those are adorable, I want to learn how to make bread. My 3 year old can wear some pretty crazy outfits, we just roll with it also.

  2. Tanya says

    We also do mini baking together. The boys love it. Me too!

    As for your budding fashionista, I think any mom of a three year old will recognize independent dressing. My three year old's absolute most favourite item is a really crazy looking tri-coloured striped turtleneck. He calls it his rainbow shirt and would wear it every single day if he could.

  3. RACKS and Mooby says

    Looks yummy! And I agree with Tanya – you should see some of the outfits my 3 year old comes up with. Yeah, I've gotten a few smirks from the other moms at daycare when they see my little SweetPea walk in. :)

  4. Sarah Acuna says

    How long do you bake the mini loaf pans? I wanted to give these as gifts. I planned on making 15 mini loaves. I am sure the time wouldn’t be as long.