Make your own countertop!

Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time my bathroom faucet broke. We bought a new one. I couldn’t replace it myself because the fittings were all rusted and too tight. Enter my not so handy hubby with big muscles. He had to remove the sink in order to get the faucet […]

Shabby Chic Cream Side Table

 I love things that look old and worn and furniture is no exception. I got this table online for $15.00.  I loved the classic lines. It had some water damage and scratches on the top. This before picture actually makes it look better than it really looked.  The places that had water damaged were raised. […]

Furniture I have built or refinished {part one}

 Scroll down for the linky party :) I have be meaning to do this post since I first started my blog but I never have gotten around to it. I want to show you the things I built/refinished before I ever started my blog. I have been painting furniture since I was 15 years old. […]