Show Me What Ya Got #20

I can’t believe we have already done this for 20 weeks!!! How exciting :) I love looking through your projects. I hope we (RFE Hosting and I) have been able to work out most of the kinks with the switch to Word Press. I bought my domain name from and they are not easy […]

Get real!

So awhile back I did a post about my messy office, among other things, called “The Dark Side Of Blogging”.  I got a huge response. Not just in comments but in emails as well. It was brought up more than once that we should have a linky party where we link up posts where we […]

Show Me What Ya Got #19

I am desperately trying to get things back to normal after being gone for 4 days but it is challenging to say the least. It is spring break for the kids and I kind of just wanted to play with them. I have no idea when I will be whipping out a new project but […]

Show Me What Ya Got #18

It is Tuesday! I feel like making up a song for Tuesday since it is so cool. “Today is Tuesday, Tuesday, it comes after Monday, Monday …. Just kidding :) I will be going out of town this week so I won’t be here to do features. I think I will plan on doing what […]

Features x 2

As promised, I am featuring projects from last weeks party as well as this weeks party.  There were some amazing things linked up. This was the hardest week for me to pick things. A Very Dandoislion Life linked up this drawer turned tray! How unbelievably clever! Now I just need to find an old drawer…. […]