Kitchen Counters

Project submitted by Marsha Roberts.

This is a before pic of my kitchen.  I went thru a divorce and moved back into my marital home.  I had a very small budget to work with and hired a contractor to do what I could not.  In this pic I had just had the wall taken out between the living room and the kitchen.



This pic shows the countertop in process.  I had a blue laminate countertop.  I peeled the laminate off so it was down to the particle board.  The next pic shows what I covered the counter with!




I bought 2 bundles of raw red oak flooring and a chop saw.  I dry fit the boards and then used construction adhesive to adhere the flooring to the particle board.  I covered the counter with an old sheet and weighted it down with cinder blocks until the adhesive had set.  I sanded it, stained it and protected it with many coats of Waterlox.  I had to have a friend cut the front edge pieces because I didn’t have the right tools.  Next, I will send pic 4 with the nearly finished project.




I am very proud of this stair-stepped corner!



Countertop with one of many coats of waterlox.



This is the finished countertop!