Dining Room

checkered ceiling 1024x682 Dining RoomI wanted my kitchen and dining are green for 2 reasons. I spend a lot of time there and I wanted it to feeling relaxing and also because when I think of cooking I think of fresh herbs and veggies. I painted a checkered pattern on the ceiling. I love painting ceiling because I think it adds a whole new dimension to the room.

dining room 4 814x1024 Dining Room

dining room 3 1024x880 Dining Room

I built this clock and painted the face.

dining room 2 1024x852 Dining RoomI live with 5 boys so manners is a big deal at dinner time. This gets said A LOT so I thought a visual might be good.

dining room 5 1024x682 Dining RoomI love my polka dot curtains!!! I needed to add more dark brown and the dots were playful. I think they are fun. I originally bought some paisley fabric but it seemed too…..serious, for lack of a better word.

dining room 6 1024x605 Dining RoomThe tall cabinet is the old ironing board cupboard. It is now the broom closet. It will be getting a mini face lift soon. But it works for now:)

dining room 7 1024x684 Dining Room

dining room 1024x623 Dining Room

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