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You’re Invited….

Back when I signed the contract to write my book the whole “have a launch party” part of the contract kind of got pushed to the back of my mind. It seemed so far away. I had a whole book to write and focus on after all. But now that the book has officially come […]

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Crickets, White Walls, and Dirt

It has been crickets around here lately. I haven’t posted in a week and a half. I wasn’t really planning on taking a break, but when my kids have their last week of school and things got nuts with concerts, class parties, preschool graduation, etc. I just didn’t have a ton of time or energy […]

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Service with Team Depot

This is a sponsored post for The Home Depot Foundation who I love dearly. Every thought, opinion, and experience is all mine. I recently got the opportunity to go to New Orleans with Team Depot (The Home Depot Foundation). This August will be the 10 year anniversary of Katrina and sadly, there are still so many […]

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May Linky Party

I love May! Here in Utah we dry out in the summer but we have two solid good months when everything is green and beautiful…. May & June. May is garden planting time, my wedding anniversary, my kids get out of school, and the snowcone shack opens :) It is also when I seem to get my […]

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It’s been awhile…

I haven’t touched based with you in awhile. Sure I have been sharing projects here and there, but I haven’t just chatted with you in what seems like forever. I am not sure if it is because I’m coming off a winter (and winters are hard for me) or if it is because I got […]

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Zion National Park

I have lived in Utah all my life and have never been hiking in Zion National Park. Shane and I drove through one time when we were first married but that was it. Isn’t it crazy how we sometimes neglect going to the places that are in our own backyard? There are so many places […]

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April Linky Party!

It feels like forever since I was able to browse through your projects! I am excited to see what you have been up to. I have been super busy with deep cleaning, painting, and gearing up for a garage sale. My house is all torn apart. I am starting to wonder if repainting the whole […]

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Room Makeover Giveaway! {$1,750}

Is anyone else going crazy with the spring fever? Anyone else watching the weather to see if it is warm enough to paint things outside? Have you decided that not only every room needs a good spring cleaning but they need to be redecorated too? THAT is where I am at!  I am so excited […]

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March Linky Party

Part of me can’t believe it is March and wants time to slow down a bit. The other part of me wants it to hurry and be spring already. A girl needs to spray paint, am I right? But I did manage to get some things done even though it was cold and wet here […]

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February Linky Party

We haven’t had a linky party since December because of the DIY contest so I am extra excited to see what you have been up to! Here is a quick run down on what I posted since then.   Remember: *Link back to me somehow *Link up your OWN work to the correct category *No […]

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New Series Coming Soon!

I have shocked myself by going and getting all (ok a tiny bit) organized! I actually have a blog calendar for the next 3 months planned out. Now sticking to the plan is a whole other ball game. But for now I will look at my newly filled out calendar and pat myself on the back. […]

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SteamMachine Plus GIVEAWAY!

I love being a HomeRight ambassador! Of all the HomeRight products I have I used the SteamMachine Plus the most, because even I don’t paint everyday ;) I love this thing. My husband loves this thing. And today I get to give one away so one of you can fall in love with this thing. […]


Winner of the Best DIY Project!

I want to give a HUGE thank you to all of you who entered. You are all DIY rockstars in my book. The fact that so many people are killing it by whipping out all these DIY projects is flat out amazing to me. I was so proud of all of you. Another thank you needs to […]