A Glimpse Inside Home Depot Headquarters

Home Depot Headquarters

Haven blog conference is held in Atlanta, Georgia. It just so happens that the Home Depot Headquarters is also in Atlanta. So during the conference a few of us slipped away so we could have a sneak peek!   It looked like an ordinary office building from the outside. When we drove onto the lot […]

Show Me What Ya Got #169


Sorry about missing last week’s party. I was out for the count with a stomach bug. So I hope you have a ton to share this week! Make sure to check back later this morning for a fabulous giveaway and a fun little project :) You won’t want to miss it! Here are my posts […]

Popping in real quick….


I have been working outside in the yard doing maintenance and freshening things up. I am hoping to get some pictures of it real soon. But for now, speaking of outdoor projects, I wanted to share something fun. My door screen from a few years ago is on the Better Homes and Garden’s website this […]

Driving up the Coast on HWY 101

featured image 101

Like I mentioned on my first vacation post, I will still love you to pieces if you don’t want to hear about our trip. But if you have ever wanted to drive up the 101 along the coast, then you may want to read on to see what I thought was worth the time and […]

I Left My Heart In San Francisco

featured sf image

You know in the old TV shows when a person would pull out their slides of their recent trip and was so excited to show them to their dinner guests? They probably only invited them over for dinner for that reason. And then the camera would pan over the the before mentioned dinner guests and […]

Behind The Scenes At Pinterest

featured pinterest image

Our family was planning a vacation to San Francisco (and then a drive up HWY 101) and since the headquarters of Pinterest is in SF I decided to email Ben himself and see if I could have a tour. You know, just email the founder of Pinterest and ask a huge favor. No biggie :) […]

Every Mother Counts

baby-4 featured image

In honor of Mother’s Day I have a few special things to share. Please read clear to the end. I am writing this because I want to. Because I feel it is important :) The Day I Was “Born” A Mother I remember when I first became a mother. We were young and had only […]