Using Your Voice For Good

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I’m putting away the power tools and paint and I’m getting personal on the blog today. Something touched my heart and I wanted to share. Our family lives in a community that glorifies sports. All sports, but baseball in particular. Shane and I like baseball too. We signed our oldest up for little league when he was […]

Midcentury Modern Dog Bed

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Before we start can I just say that I am thoroughly confused as to what the correct way to write midcentury? I see it three ways: Midcentury, Mid Century, and Mid-Century. I see all sorts of sites and brands using it in all different ways. If anyone knows a solid answer I would love to […]

You’re Invited….

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Back when I signed the contract to write my book the whole “have a launch party” part of the contract kind of got pushed to the back of my mind. It seemed so far away. I had a whole book to write and focus on after all. But now that the book has officially come […]

Service with Team Depot

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This is a sponsored post for The Home Depot Foundation who I love dearly. Every thought, opinion, and experience is all mine. I recently got the opportunity to go to New Orleans with Team Depot (The Home Depot Foundation). This August will be the 10 year anniversary of Katrina and sadly, there are still so many […]

He Said She Said – Outdoor Spaces

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It is SPRING! Well, at least for now. Utah has a tendency to change it’s mind. But it has been warm enough to play in the dirt and get a few things done out back. There is one thing we seem to have trouble with (aside from allergies….hello puffy eyes!!!). Watch and find out how […]

Reaching a Goal!

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Before you read Shane’s account of his progress so far I just wanted to brag a bit. He has done really well and has cheated less than I have. In part because he was at work so much and had less access to food, but none the less he has rocked it. It has been […]