Closet Makeover Part 1: PaintStick Review


I get emails asking me to review products a lot. Most I pass on for various reasons. But I got an email the other day that I decided to look in to a little bit more. I watched the videos on HomeRight’s site for their PaintStick and was actually really excited to try it out, so I said yes. After I said yes (I am going to be honest here folks) I worried it was a case of “infomercial hype”. You know, you are watching TV late and see an infomercial and you HAVE to have the pasta maker, juicer or ab roller thingy? But then when it comes you realize it is not all it was cracked up to be?

So I was a little hesitant to use it. I am an old school person and I don’t usually use “gadgets”.



Upholstered Bench


I built this bench when we first moved in this house which was long before I started blogging. We had poured all our money into buying the home and had very little left over to furnish it. We needed more seating so I used some particle board, a little foam, batting, some 4×4′s, and fabric […]

How To Build A Card Catalog

featured image

I have always wanted a piece of furniture with a bunch of tiny drawers. My mom had a spice cabinet on the wall of our kitchen growing that I would hide all sorts of treasures in. As I grew up I wanted my boys to have something similar. What I really wanted was a card catalog.  I have actively searched for one for one for about three years. And the ones I found were either too big or too expensive. Every once in a while I would find a decently priced one on ebay but then I would notice the shipping. The shipping more often than not was more than the price of the cabinet!

So when I was in the planning stages of my family room renovation, I decided to figure out how to build one and make it look like an antique.

Checking for Lead Paint {3M DIY Safety}


Lets chat about lead paint.  As I am sure most of you know, lead was used in some paints in the US until 1978. It is harmful if the paint chips are eaten or if the dust is inhaled. It is particularly dangerous to young children (they are always putting things in their mouth!) and pregnant women. (for more details about lead paint visit the EPA’s website)

When we moved into our home that was built in 1938 lead paint was a concern for us. We had our home tested by a professional and there was luckily no amount of lead detected. But when you buy old pieces of furniture that you would like to refinish, antique toys to display, or other old items, you don’t want to pay a professional to test them every time.

Trellis {from my Secret Garden}


Remember when I posted my “final” Secret Garden post? But then I remembered I forgot one of the projects? *sigh* That is what I get for writing my posts at night… late at night.

Here is the trellis from my Secret Garden.

garden trellis

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