TV clip with MINWAX

I had a great time meeting the spokesman for Minwax, Bruce Johnson. He is so incredibly nice! He travels all over the US visiting TV stations and sharing tips on staining.  He hasn’t ever had another person with him and I have never gone on with another person so I will admit I was a […]

KUTV 2 Fresh Living Clip

KUTV :: News – Fresh Living – Home Improvement – Turning Shabby Into Chic!. Here is my clip from today. I hope it isn’t too obvious that I felt terrible. And totally unrelated, they have the highest tables there. It cuts me off at the boobs (my widest spot) and is totally unflattering. It went […]

TV Clip

I had fun today! The people at KUTV Fresh Living are so laid back and a lot of FUN! I actually ended up with 2 clips. We split it up. I don’t have a clip for the second segment about the pillow but I can share the main clip with you. They have their video […]

Studio 5 Clip

Here is the clip from the show today. I haven’t even watched it myself. I have been crazy busy today running all around. P.S. Did anyone else notice that my hook was upside down? :) The clip disappeared. If you want to watch it you can got the the Studio 5 website HERE.

Studio 5 clip!

I just got home and I haven’t even watched this myself yet, but here you go! I think the segment went pretty well but I embarrassed myself after. I have never had a cell phone before but my husband got a new phone and there is another month left on his old phone si I […]