Agate Candle Holder {Styled X3}

I can’t believe it is already December! Is anyone else panicking? I swear it was just October yesterday… But the good news is that since it is the beginning of a new month means that it’s time for another Styled X3 challenge! Every month I choose two other bloggers to do this challenge with me. I […]


Handmade Gift Ideas

Growing up we used to draw names within our family and then we were responsible for finding gifts for that one person. Every once in awhile my parents would declare a “handmade only” gift exchange. Everything we gave our chosen family member had to be made by us (with help from parents if we were […]

abstract bowl

Heat Gun Projects

When I first heard that HomeRight made heat guns quite a while back, I didn’t really think I would ever use one. But one day I had an idea for a project that would require something hot to melt it. I have to tell you that once I use used it I was hooked! One […]

natural accents party featured image

Book Launch Party

I am finally getting around to posting about my book launch party. There were a lot of thoughts and emotions involved and it too a bit to sort them out enough to write a coherent post. If you read my post about getting ready for the party, then you know that I was a giant […]


Upstairs Renovation Progress

*Sigh* I wish I had some reveals to share with you. I started repainting (and in some cases retexturing) all the rooms in my upstairs a couple of months ago and not one room is 100% done.  But I’ll share a bit about what I have been doing, including an epic fail. There are a […]