pinterest white walls

I noticed something the other day. I was looking at my pinterest boards and saw that my Home Decor board had a trend going on. Almost all the rooms I had pinned had white walls. When we were renting I swore once we bought a home I would NEVER have white walls again. And the […]

Raising Backyard Chickens

backyard chickens_edited-3

I have been working outside in the yard the last few weeks doing (not so) glamorous things like weeding and maintenance. One of the things that I put off last year was fixing up the chicken coop area. After 7 years, the chicken coop could use a fresh layer of paint and new shingles. And […]

Tips For Painting Concrete

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When we moved here to this house the foundation was painted a grayish blue color as was the trim. Most of the paint had chipped and peeled off at that point so it needed to be repainted. Since we bought the house (here in Utah) when we still lived in Vegas we were going to […]