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Fall Mantel {Styled X3}

I love this series so much! I look forward to it every month. And you are in for a treat because this month I have Kelli from Lolly Jane and Kelly from Live Laugh Rowe! They are amazing. In case you are new, the idea behind Styled X3 is that I buy three of the same […]

homeright spray tent

Spray Shelter Giveaway!

How many times have you gone to paint something, big or small, and the forecast said 10% chance of rain? Do you chance it? Do you hope it doesn’t really sprinkle? Or what about when it is windy? Painting something and then having the wind pick up is the worst! You get pieces of grass, […]

card catalog painted cobalt blue

Finish Max Sprayer GIVEAWAY!

My family room is almost done! I’ve dipped my hand into too many other projects so it has crept slowly along. But finally having it all painted makes me want to speed it up! This little guy is my painting BFF. He is my right hand man whenever I have doors, molding, baseboards, or furniture to paint. […]

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Painter’s Prize Pack Giveaway!

Do you have a painting project you want to tackle now that spring is on the horizon? If you are itching to paint something, or even if you are dreading it, I’m about to make your painting experience BETTER by giving away my two favorite painting tools! Because I am an ambassador for HomeRight, I […]

bath demo1

So this just happened….

Once upon a time I wrote a book and it was an all encompassing, crazy, amazing ride that packed a year’s worth of projects into a few months. My house was full of extra furniture from photo shoots and tools were strewn everywhere like chachkies. After I made my deadline (two days early!) I thought […]

pinterest white walls


I noticed something the other day. I was looking at my pinterest boards and saw that my Home Decor board had a trend going on. Almost all the rooms I had pinned had white walls. When we were renting I swore once we bought a home I would NEVER have white walls again. And the […]