{Summer} Boredom Busters!

summer boredom busters

We have zoomed through the first month of summer break. It has gone by so fast! But past experience tells me that the lack of a defined schedule starts to wear on everyone. Kids are used to being stimulated all day at school and can get…..BORED. Gasp! I know. It is a bad word at […]

Raising Backyard Chickens

backyard chickens_edited-3

I have been working outside in the yard the last few weeks doing (not so) glamorous things like weeding and maintenance. One of the things that I put off last year was fixing up the chicken coop area. After 7 years, the chicken coop could use a fresh layer of paint and new shingles. And […]

Fourth Of July Ideas


It is getting close to the Fourth of July so I decided to do a little FLASH BACK FRIDAY and share my  fourth of July posts from the past.

I don’t have a new one this year. I have been busting my (not so little) rear end to get 4 projects done. I am exhausted. I will be lucky to have enough energy to sit on the porch and hold a sparkler when the 4th comes. So maybe I will show my kids these pictures too and be like “See. Remember mom use to do fun things on the holiday.” :)

Click the link to see the full post of each one. Enjoy!


How to make a play tent


I was contacted by 3M awhile back about the possibility of trying Scotch’s new patterned duct tape. I was trying to think of ideas of how to use it when I got the list of all their new patterns. Once I saw the army/camo pattern I knew what I wanted to make. A play tent! […]