My Home Office Reveal!

You have seen snippets here and there but I am so excited to show you the full reveal today! Every time I finish a room I think “This is my favorite room in the house” and this was no exception. It is currently the only room in my house that is 100% done ever since […]


A Home For All The Little Random Things….

There’s something about the beginning of a new year that makes us all want to try and get our stuff together so when the theme for this month’s Better Homes and Garden’s (BHG at Walmart) post was organization, it totally made sense. Our home does not have many closets. Older homes rarely do. It had two […]


Fun Finds {Spice Jars}

Every once in a while I come across something that I fall in love with or I find a really good deal on something and I tell my friends and family about it. I have decided to share them here on the blog as well. At first I was going to post on Fridays to go […]


Gallery Wall

I adore gallery walls! I love grouping my favorite things together to cheer up a blank wall. I finally got around to hanging the rest of the things in my family room and I am so happy with how it turned out. The wall above my couch is large and adding multiple frames and other items is […]


Wire Basket Storage {Styled X3}

It snowed here and has been freezing COLD. It has made it hard to have any motivation at all. I slow down when it is cold and gray. I am choosing to focus on the positive like how it is suppose to be warm(er) and sunny this weekend, it’s almost Thanksgiving, and that it is […]

vintage pencil sharpener - wall mounted

Vintage Pencil Sharpener

Growing up we had a pencil sharpener in my dad’s office where you cranked the handle and it could be mounted to the desk. I loved that thing! We have had a problem in our house for what seems like forever. We are always losing our little pencil sharpeners. I am not sure where they […]

featured image fall mantel_edited-1

Fall Mantel {Styled X3}

I love this series so much! I look forward to it every month. And you are in for a treat because this month I have Kelli from Lolly Jane and Kelly from Live Laugh Rowe! They are amazing. In case you are new, the idea behind Styled X3 is that I buy three of the same […]

ig family room

My New Happy Place

I have regrets. I wish I could go back in time when I uttered the now infamous words “I think I’m going to redo the whole upstairs at the same time.” Even in a perfect world with a steady flow of money, no real life issues that get in the way like a wedding, surgery, […]

invisible bookends featured image

“Invisible” Bookends

When I was younger, my mom and dad installed some bookcases in my dad’s office. A wall and a half of all shelves. Guess who got to transfer the books to their new home and alphabetize them? Yep, me. Fast forward to us finally adding some bookshelves to our house. Visions of alphabetizing hundreds of […]

featured picture

Updated Family Command Center

Man. These past couple of months have kind of kicked my trash. I am sure you can tell from my lack of posts. There were a million things that contributed but some of the big ones were Shane’s sister got married and we hosted the wedding dinner in our yard (which meant lots of yard […]

office shelves styled

Wood Bowl {Styled X3}

I love this series :) I skipped last month and it killed me. I waited too long to ask people to join in and it would have been cutting it close. Just because I wait until the day before to do the photoshoot doesn’t mean I want my blogging friends to HAVE to do the […]