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Metal Bucket Makeover - gold metal planter featured
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DIY Gift Boxes {$100 Jewelry Giveaway}

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Mother's Day is just around the corner. Whenever I ask my mom what she would like she comes back with an answer like ice cube trays, wooden spoons, or the classic "Nothing. I already have all I need with you sweet kids." Aww precious, right? But not so helpful when you really want to get her something nice as a thank you for all you put her through over the years. This past year was a rough one for her and my side of the family so I really wanted to get her something nice. Something a little better than ice cube trays. So when Blue Nile asked if I wanted to participate in their Mother's Day campaign I was all for it. I was able to pick something beautiful out for my mom. And one of you … {READ MORE}

Show Me What Ya Got #161

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Hey ladies! I am looking forward to seeing your projects this week. I am always amazed at the amount of creativity that gets linked up! This whole month has been crazy but this past week has been even more so. I leave for a blog conference called SNAP this week and getting everything ready before I leave on top of everything else and projects, has been hard to say the least. I will try to pop in today and see your projects though. Here are my posts from the past week in case you missed any of them. More or Less {American Dream Builders} Episode #6 White Distressed Bench {That Started Out A Big Fat Fail} Finish Max Paint Sprayer GIVEAWAY   Alright, here are the … {READ MORE}

More or Less {American Dream Builders} Episode #6

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First of all I want to state right off the bat that the neighborhood council got it wrong this week. I was so sad to see Erinn go. I am still upset. But if I had been a judge, I don't know who I would have sent home out of those three. Gah! It is getting tough each week to see people eliminated. I also want to say that this week was nuts. I didn't even get started on this until Saturday night. I am heading up  a charity event with Habitat For Humanity and Home Depot for a conference this week and I have really been putting most of my energy there. When it came time to chose a room, I knew I needed to pick one that was easy to find items for.  My favorite room of the entire episode was … {READ MORE}

White Distressed Bench {That Started Out a Big Fat Fail}

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I have never loved my little dining room nook. I have tweaked it multiple times and each time I like it a little better but I never have loved it. Not only that but it is by far the hardest room in my house to photograph because of the large window and the small space. I don't have a wide angle lens so it is hard to a straight on shot and the large window always makes the pictures turn out hazy. There are not many angles that get a good shot. But I am determined to get it right this time. I am determined to fall in love..... and get the perfect shot. Our dining room table was given to us when we were in Las Vegas, poor, and in college. I had never seen a table like it and I loved it. … {READ MORE}

{Painting a basement} Finish Max Sprayer Giveaway!

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I recently helped my brother and sister-in-law paint their basement.  They are getting ready to welcome baby #3 and wanted to get as much done as possible before he arrives. My brother started out doing it the old fashioned way with a brush and only got as far as one little under the stairs closet before getting discouraged that it was taking so long. Then they were going to rent a paint sprayer to do the trim, doors and closet shelves and then roll on the paint color for the walls. I suggested that I contact HomeRight and see if they could send a sprayer out. They sent us the Finish Max!   My brother had a contractor friend come and hang the dry wall and trim. And then to … {READ MORE}

Show Me What Ya Got #160

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I have been working on a makeover for my dining room. And I have had some plan Bs and a big fat fail that I am hoping to fix tomorrow. BUT if I can get everything the way I see it in my head, I am going to love it in the end. My email feed has not been working for some reason. I apologize if you have not been receiving my post in your inbox. I am hoping it is fixed now but let me know if you have not been getting them. I can't wait to see what you have been up to. I will pop in here and there tomorrow and see what you all have been working on. In case you missed it, here are my posts from the last little bit: Strawberry Mousse and Almond Joy Mousse More or Less {American Dream … {READ MORE}

More or Less {American Dream Builders} Episode #5

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You guys!!! I LOVED this week's episode. When I got the photos of the homes last week I was drooling and couldn't wait to get started on the post. There was one house out of the four that stood out to me as the BEST. And I had so much fun recreating it on a budget. I know last week's post was for episode #3 and if you are confused as to why this week is #5, that is because they had a bonus episode on Monday last week. And because it takes me 2-3 days to find items that match the room, make the collages in photoshop, link to all the products, and write the post, I chose to only do one of the two episodes last week. Here are the links to the previous posts in case you missed … {READ MORE}

Almond Joy Mousse & Strawberry Mousse

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I first tried coconut milk cream when I was challenged by a friend to eat paleo for a month. It was hard and I missed cheese terribly! But I did like some of the things that went along with the diet. I have tried to limit the amount of animal based fats and to eat more plant based fats. I found out about whipped coconut milk when I was browsing Pinterest and I saw a picture of a can of coconut milk with the caption saying it could be whipped just like half and half to make whipped cream. The image led to a spam site so I googeld it. I found the site Chocolate Covered Katie with  the instructions. I have been making the chocolate version and just eating it as is for a long time now. But … {READ MORE}

Show Me What Ya Got #159

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Spring is here! And so is spring break for my kids. They spent almost the whole day outside and I didn't get out of my PJs. It was glorious. Today however, I need to be more productive. But I promise to pop in and see you projects you have linked up. Here are my posts from the past week in case you missed any of them. Gold Table Makeover The Results From the Survey He Said She Said {Bloopers} More or Less {American Dream Builders} Episode #3 And, here is my post from the Homes.com blog. I would love it if you would check it out too! Curb Appeal Ideas Alright, here we go. Remember: *Link back to me somehow *Link up your own work *No ets shops, things for … {READ MORE}


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