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Show Me WHat Ya Got #174


Hello ladies! I am looking forward to seeing what you have been up to. In case you missed it, I decided spur of the moment to paint my family room. I had already been buying/hording new pillows and a few new accessories so change was coming anyway. I just decided to make it a little bigger of a change. I may even get around to finishing the projects that I have sitting unfinished in my office and outside too. Maybe.... :) Here are my posts in case you missed them. Cha-Cha-Changes! A Glimpse Inside The Home Depot Headquarters   REMEMBER *Link up your own work *Link back to me somehow *Visit other links *Not giveaways or things for sale   HOME … {READ MORE}

A Glimpse Inside Home Depot Headquarters

Home Depot Headquarters

Haven blog conference is held in Atlanta, Georgia. It just so happens that the Home Depot Headquarters is also in Atlanta. So during the conference a few of us slipped away so we could have a sneak peek!   It looked like an ordinary office building from the outside. When we drove onto the lot we noticed a large, fun daycare center for the kids of the employees. It was adorable and I wish I would have rolled down the window and taken pictures. I loved that one of the first things I saw when we entered was a mailbox that said "Letter to Troops" where employees can send off notes to those who serve.  (Bonus points to anyone who can tell me who these guys are in the … {READ MORE}


pinterest white walls

I noticed something the other day. I was looking at my pinterest boards and saw that my Home Decor board had a trend going on. Almost all the rooms I had pinned had white walls. When we were renting I swore once we bought a home I would NEVER have white walls again. And the first thing we did when we moved in was slap a fresh coat of COLORED paint on walls. I always thought that white walls were sterile and boring. They screamed "Help me! I am stuck! I am a rental and can't be changed!" So why were all the rooms I pinned white?   Here's the thing..... I am stubborn. Once I stand on my soap box and declare something, I stick to it even when consciously (or … {READ MORE}

Outdoor Movie Theater Seats

instagram theater seats

Wayfair contacted me about doing a fun summer challenge. Some of us bloggers were suppose to recreate a childhood memory but in an updated way that even adults could enjoy. The very first thing I thought of was watching movies outside! P.S. On Instagram I am giving away a $100 Wayfair gift card! If you don't follow already hurry and follow so you can enter. All you have to do is comment on my picture! EASY :) My handle is @StacyRisenmay As kids we used to run an extension cord outside and take a small TV/VCR combo outside to watch movies in the backyard. I thought now that I am an adult and have a house of my own, that I could do a little better than that. So we got a projector screen … {READ MORE}

{Summer} Boredom Busters!

summer boredom busters

We have zoomed through the first month of summer break. It has gone by so fast! But past experience tells me that the lack of a defined schedule starts to wear on everyone. Kids are used to being stimulated all day at school and can get.....BORED. Gasp! I know. It is a bad word at our house too ;) I have compiled a list of some of the things that we have done at our house. These are tried and true boredom busters! And for even more ideas, follow my KIDS pinterest board! Follow Stacy's board For My Kids on Pinterest.  I have included some inside activities as well because we lived in Las Vegas for 4 years and I know that it is too hot to even think about going outside … {READ MORE}

Stain A Fence Like A Boss {Paint Sprayer Giveaway!}


I am not very patient. I don't like waiting for the things I want. And I wanted my fence to look like old barnwood. We installed it several years ago and I had hoped it would naturally weather on its own by now. I finally got sick of waiting so I put my HomeRight Finish Max to good use again and stained that now two toned eye sore of a fence to a calming grey.  I first fell in love with this sprayer when I painted my brother's basement and it did not disappoint when I pulled it out for my fence.   The fence slats have started to fade but they have not at all started to grey.  This is probably the only time I have wished the aging process would speed up ;) I actually did the … {READ MORE}

10 Minute Decorating

featured image planter

My cute friend Laura, from Finding Home, has a series on her blog that I just love. It is called 10 minute decorating. Sometimes when we think of decorating, we think of big projects and full room makeovers. But we don't always have the time or money to do those type of projects. Sometimes all a space needs is a little freshening up :) She has invited other bloggers to share their 10 minute ideas and I get to kick off this monthly series. My project technically took more than 10 minutes since it takes a little longer than that for paint to dry. But if you count the minutes I spent actually working on it VS how long it took from start to finish, then it was 10 minutes or so. I had a … {READ MORE}

Uncommon Goods {Giveaway}

uncommon designs book ends_edited-1

*THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED* The winner is Miriam Prantner. I love finding out about new companies that have products that fit my style. I love having things in my home that I know not every single person has. So when I was contacted by Uncommon Goods, I was happy to share their stuff with YOU :) I got a little something new from there...... I limit the amount of time my kids watch TV. I grew up playing outside 90% of the time and had the best childhood! If a child is dirty child, it means they had a successful day. I also spent (and still do) a lot of time reading. So I decided that this summer I was going to write quotes about reading on the chalkboard insert that I put over the TV … {READ MORE}

How To Decorate With Plants

featured image plants

I am excited to be a part of a fun decorating series hosted by the fabulous Beth from Home Stories A To Z.  Each of the 25 participating bloggers will tackle a different "How To" aspect of decorating. If you are visiting from Courtney's blog, A Thoughtful Place, WELCOME! I am glad you are following along. I thought of my topic almost instantly. PLANTS :) They breathe life into a room. They add color, depth, and texture. And whether you choose to have a lot, or  just a few, I think everyone should have plants incorporated into their decor. So let's get started! Some of you may be thinking that you have a bad track record with keeping plants alive. Some of you may be full on plant … {READ MORE}


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