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Reaching a Goal!

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Before you read Shane's account of his progress so far I just wanted to brag a bit. He has done really well and has cheated less than I have. In part because he was at work so much and had less access to food, but none the less he has rocked it. It has been 10+ years since he was at or just below 200 pounds. He is now sitting at 198. His ideal weight is 195-200 pounds. Now that he has hit his goal weight, the challenge becomes to keep it there. He also needs to gain more muscle. Shane works so hard at his job. When deadlines loom (which is most of the time) he works VERY long days, sometimes as long as 18 hours. He has not been able to work out very often lately. That is the next big goal. … {READ MORE}

It’s been awhile…

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I haven't touched based with you in awhile. Sure I have been sharing projects here and there, but I haven't just chatted with you in what seems like forever. I am not sure if it is because I'm coming off a winter (and winters are hard for me) or if it is because I got caught up in the whole "deadline" rat race. When I first started this blog I was much more open to sharing what was going on in my daily life, not just my DIY life. But I got burned a few times and it made me a little weary to share too much. And because of that, I feel like over time I have lost my voice. Or at least part of it. I allowed others to take it. And I'm not sure how to get it back. I used to make crazy stupid music … {READ MORE}

Zion National Park

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I have lived in Utah all my life and have never been hiking in Zion National Park. Shane and I drove through one time when we were first married but that was it. Isn't it crazy how we sometimes neglect going to the places that are in our own backyard? There are so many places in Utah that we have never taken advantage of in the 8 years we have lived here as a family. We were pleasantly surprised that there were so many hiking trails that were kid friendly. We ended up going on all the "easy" trails and a couple of the "moderate" hikes. Our 5 year old was a champ! And for those of you without kids or with older ones, there are plenty of expert trails too. I have never seen so many … {READ MORE}

So far….


You guys, I have never had such a hard time hitting "publish" on a post. I NEVER thought in a million years that I would be posting pictures of me in a sports bra on my blog. GAH! But I want to share my journey so far. All of it. Even the ugly parts and failures. I didn't grow up struggling with my weight. I was always curvy, but never overweight. It was a time when girls with no hips and no boobs were splattered all over the covers of magazines and I thought I wanted a boy figure too. I did the best I could to hide my chest. You can read about why I never danced in my post from a couple years ago and how I got over it. It wasn't until I had my third child that the weight didn't really … {READ MORE}

Styled X3 {Hanging Air Plant}

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I have really enjoyed hosting this new series! I love picking out an item I think the other bloggers would like and then seeing what they do with it in their homes. This month we have Liz from Love Grows Wild and Jen from I Heart Organizing!   This month I picked an air plant in a glass globe. You can either hang it or, since the globe has a flat bottom, place it on a surface. I LOVE a hanging planter so I chose to hang mine! Since my house is currently torn apart due to repainting, I have a bunch of displaced plants who are waiting for their shelves to be hung so they have a home. I put them on my mantel for now. It seemed like a good place to add my air plant as … {READ MORE}

April Linky Party!

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It feels like forever since I was able to browse through your projects! I am excited to see what you have been up to. I have been super busy with deep cleaning, painting, and gearing up for a garage sale. My house is all torn apart. I am starting to wonder if repainting the whole upstairs was a hair on the crazy side. Hopefully I will have a ton to reveal soon. Right now it just feels like I am busy with not much to show for it. Here is what I did manage to blog about this past month :) Now it's your turn to share! Home Decor Food Crafts & Sewing Cleaning & Organization … {READ MORE}

Love Your Home

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My sweet friend Melissa Michaels from The Inspired Room wrote the most amazing book on one of my favorite topics....loving your home.     If you have ever met Melissa then you know how completely genuine and passionate she is about what she does. That shines through in her book :)   In the back of her book she gives you 31 days of challenges to help you love your home. They are super simple. I chose this one for today's post: "Every room will feel so much better with a touch of life - plants or flowers or other organic elements such as fruits, vegetable, or branches. What organic elements do you have in your home? You can cut branches from your yard, … {READ MORE}

Refreshing My Bedroom For Spring!

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I happily teamed up with the National Sleep Foundation to bring you this post.  THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED I let my bedroom go. I let it turn into the dumping ground. I let it get dusty and cluttered. I kept using the excuse "When we finish the basement and can move our bedroom over there, THEN I will redecorate and take care of the mess." But guess what? Two years after deciding to make our master suite in the unfinished part of the basement, we are not any closer to actually doing it. The money just hasn't been there.  And it was high time I stopped waiting. Maybe your excuse is "When we move somewhere bigger." Or maybe it is "When we are no longer renting." Whatever your excuse is, how … {READ MORE}

What I’m Crushing On {Turkish Kilim Rugs}

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I love color. And I love pattern. Those two things got married and had a Turkish Kilim rug baby.  I wish I had several in my house. They are my latest obsession. They can be expensive however. And they are one of those things, like a card catalog, that you have to hunt for and be patient for the perfect one at a good price. And since a lot of them come from over seas, you also have to make sure you are buying from a reputable seller and are aware of possible fees. But man, oh man! They are gorgeous!       This is one I have seriously considered (as in I  put it in my cart twice). (Kilim.com)     One of my favorite things about these rugs … {READ MORE}


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