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Staghorn Fern Wall Art


Did you see my gallery wall yesterday? One of my favorite things on the wall is this staghorn fern. I had never had a staghorn fern before but after seeing them all over the internet lately I decided I wanted to try one out. I have had this little guy for a few months now and I have to say that I am a huge fan. Since staghorn ferns originally grow in places like  Australia,  New Guinea, and Madagascar which are all places with plenty of humidity, I was worried about bringing one into my dry Utah home. But like I said, I have had it for three months and in that time it has grown a new section and gotten a little taller. So I hope he will be happy here long term. In the wild they don't … {READ MORE}

Favorite Things 2015 Edition

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Every year for the past several years I have shared my favorite things that I discovered throughout the year. Other bloggers do this as well and I always look forward to reading all of their posts. This is not a sponsored post. I just want to share my favorite finds from this year but I did add some affiliate links in the post.  I love to read. I read a lot of book every month. I like to read a variety of books on just about every topic but really if I am being honest, my favorite kind are good clean romances. At the end of a long day I like to sit down to a good story and not have to think too hard. I like to forget about bills and work, and cleaning. These two books have been my favorite … {READ MORE}

Gallery Wall


I adore gallery walls! I love grouping my favorite things together to cheer up a blank wall. I finally got around to hanging the rest of the things in my family room and I am so happy with how it turned out. The wall above my couch is large and adding multiple frames and other items is the perfect way to cover the space.     A picture of my boys (including our sweet pup), a plant, a door knob from our 1938 house, my blog logo, the temple where we were married, and my favorite quote are what I decided to include this time around. I also added my favorite lamp ever from IKEA. That side of the couch is my spot and it is in the perfect place for when I … {READ MORE}

That one time we had to kick down the door… {Giveaway}


A year or so ago Shane came with me to the Haven blog conference in Atlanta. My mom stayed with the kids. One night I got a call from my mom saying that they had locked themselves out and could not get in the house. It was past my kids' bedtime and it was pouring rain. They had tried to go through a window but they were all locked and since it was so wet the kids were slipping (our windows are high off the ground).  The kids had used the spare key earlier that week and forgot to put it back in our secret hiding place. We live in a small town and it was after hours so who knows if a locksmith could have been found and if he would have come. They had run out of options, were soaking wet and … {READ MORE}

Wire Basket Storage {Styled X3}


It snowed here and has been freezing COLD. It has made it hard to have any motivation at all. I slow down when it is cold and gray. I am choosing to focus on the positive like how it is suppose to be warm(er) and sunny this weekend, it's almost Thanksgiving, and that it is time for another Styled X3!!!     This month we have the very talented Heather from Whipperberry, and the ridiculously handy Amy from Her tool Belt. The item I chose for this month was a wire basket. This one is considered their small one measuring at 14 x 9 x 8. They have other sizes and finishes too. This one was only $6.30! A total steal. Remember, the point of this challenge is to see how three … {READ MORE}

Homemade Graham Crackers for S’mores {Giveaway}

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The theme for my Better Homes and Gardens post this month was Holiday Entertainment. Having a small house means that any "entertaining" we do is usually outside. BBQ's, outdoor movies, and roasting marshmallows are the usual. This past weekend we had some of our family over for dinner and s'mores. We will be spending Thanksgiving with the other side of our family this year so this was kind of like an early celebration. Is there anything better than sitting around a fire with your family?       Several years ago my SIL requested a camping type cake for her my niece and we came up with a giant s'more cake. I came up with a recipe for homemade graham … {READ MORE}

My Inspired Room

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My good friend Melissa from The Inspired Room has just released a new book! It is stunning. In celebration of that, she asked a few of her blogging friends to share our own inspired rooms in our own homes. I feel the same about all the rooms in my home since we worked together as a family to create them and spend time in all of them together, but I chose my dining room to talk about today. If you want to get all technical, it is not really a dining room at all. We have an eat in kitchen so at best it is a dining nook. But we love it. All 6 of us squeeze in here for all our meals. I know that things may change as my kids get older and get jobs, are involved in more extra curricular … {READ MORE}

Painting Upholstery


I bought this chair off the online classifieds for my area. It was brand new. The owner got it home and realized it didn't fit their space like they had hoped. I got it for around $50. I bought it thinking it was white but when Shane brought it home I realized it was in fact tan. Tan was not going to work. I play around with the idea of upholstering it in a white fabric but after thinking on it for a month or so finally came to the realization it needed to be a COLOR. Keep reading for a fun giveaway!     After thinking on it for another month or so I knew that the perfect color was navy! The master plan is to get this thing upholstered in navy velvet. I have seen so … {READ MORE}

Wooden Cheese Crate {tutorial}

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After playing around with different ways of styling these corner shelves in my dining room and kitchen area I have finally found a way that I LOVE! Triangle shaped shelves can be tricky to style I have found. I really wanted a vintage wooden crate somewhere in my kitchen so I decided to make a triangle shaped one. It turned out better than I had hoped and was easier than I thought.   Since the crate was going to be up on a shelf and you wouldn't see the joints, I decided to go the easy route and only cut two ends at a 45 degree angle. If this were a piece of furniture or something you would see the corners on, I would have figured out the angles and done mitered cuts on all … {READ MORE}


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