My Favorite Room {Sort of}

I am so excited to share this post today because I love series like this. I love home tours of any kind. And it is fun to participate in them every once in awhile too. So when Lindsay from White Buffalo Styling Co asked me I was totally on board. If you are here visiting from Dwellings By Devore, WELCOME! I am glad you are playing along with the blog hop :)



Now asking me to pick a favorite room is kind of like asking me to pick a favorite child. I can’t. So how did I pick a room for this tour? I picked the one that wasn’t currently under construction. The one that was the least dirty. The one I could tidy the fastest and have it ready for a photoshoot. This time it turned out to be my office.

office collage


My favorite thing about my office are the reclaimed wood shelves I made out of old fence pickets. I have a full tutorial you can read if you want to know more about them. They also open up and are drawers for paper.

reclaimed wood shelves

If you have seen my office before, you know that it use to be all shades of turquoise. I loved it and it was very soothing. But sometimes you gotta shake things up. And sometime when you are working, soothing can be a not so good thing. So I added some bright fun colors to the mix.




And yes, my desk is usually that clean. And no, my floor is not. I like counters and desks to be clutter free but try as I might, I can’t keep the crap off the floors. Maybe it is because the office becomes the room where we stick things that don’t have a home. And maybe it is because I live with 4 little boys who set their shoes next to the shoe bench instead of putting them IN the shoe bench.


I currently don’t have any curtains. I took the mid length sheers down that always secretly annoyed me with the intention of putting up the same IKEA curtains I have in every other room but haven’t quite gotten that far down the priority list.


Since we don’t hang the art on the fridge, we needed a place to display it. The giant magnet board (which is just ply wood with sheet metal and molding) is the perfect spot. And since it hangs above the shoe bench, even the littlest guy can climb up to hang his latest masterpiece.



I have a slight (and by slight I mean big) pillow hoarding problem. The downside is I have nowhere to store the “off season” pillows. The good news is I have OPTIONS. I love the mason jar pillow from Lucy at Craftberry Bush. The yellow striped one I painted, and the blue faux bois one is from Joss and Main.



Usually our coat hooks are more heavily laden. But I just packed away a bunch of coats and things that were not being used. I decided to enforce a strict one backpack and one jacket/coat rule. The rest go in their closet downstairs.



The shelves always stay clean but the top of the white cabinet is usually full of wrappers. I get munchy when I blog :)



If you caught yesterday’s post about my new dining room chairs, you know that they came from Birch Lane and that I mixed them with some others I already had. That left me with two “extra” ones. One is my new computer chair. The fur pillow is from Walmart. I know, right? Walmart. It is from the Better Homes and Gardens collection and was such a good deal.


One of the main reasons I love the office is that it functions as so many things. Coincidentally that is sometimes why I curse it. But most of the time I like it.

We don’t have room for a piano in our tiny house so we have a keyboard for the boys to practice on. I never refinished the floors in here so that it could be a messy creative space. There are paint dribbles all over, scuffs, and even gouges where I have dropped a power tool or two. I have a folding table that we put up when the kids need to make something messy. I simply roll up the rug and let them have at it. Speaking of the rug, I took it outside to shake it out and it got rained on. So that is why it is not pictured.


So I guess if I had to sum up my office in a few words it would be “family friendly”, “colorful”, and “multi-functional”.

Next up on the tour is Design Post Interiors. Hop on over there to see her favorite room.








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  1. says

    Ohhhhh! I LOVE those shelves! Totally brilliant! I have some barn wood that would be perfect for that project. :)

    Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    Happy day friend!

  2. says

    What a bright and cheery office! We just renovated our home to create a little office nook for me and the first thing I did was add shelving. I just love the flexibility and function of great shelves! Great idea using reclaimed wood.

  3. says

    The space looks great !
    Ma Hubby needs to make those shelves for me yesterday…;)
    I can’t thank you enough for the love…thank you so much…xoxo

  4. says

    So. Stinkin. FABULOUS. I love everything about this room, and I especially love that it’s multifunctional. And that your wood floors aren’t perfect. And the lovely painting that complements the light turquoise (aqua??? Mint green???) walls in the room. I just love it all. So glad I found this on Pinterest! (when I should be working….shhh…)

  5. says

    Love your colorful work-space! I’m all about color in my home. We are currently working on the office/craft space/music room. I know how I want it to turn out, but with hubbies 17 guitars and my keyboard, not sure it will be what I envision. Thanks for some inspiration!

  6. Sandra says

    Hi, beautiful and simple office. Love it! I’m curious about your computer cabinet. I love the compactness of it. Did you convert it or was it already a computer cabinet. And who made it, if so.

  7. says

    Your office is so cute! I love those shelves… I’ve been trying to decide if I need wooden shelves for my home or not, yours are gorgeous! Great job, I also love the bit about boys who put their shoes on the floor next to the designated bin (I have a big one of those!)