Design Challenge: Hiding Electronics!

I love modern technology. I just don’t always like to look at it :) I think we all struggle with keeping things aesthetically pleasing while keeping things functional. And since I live in such a tiny house with 5 other people, function is a MUST.

I am a blogger so having a computer is kind of, well, necessary. But I didn’t want it on display at all times. When I was not working I wanted it out of sight. So I converted an armoire we had previously used for clothes, into a computer hutch!

hiding electronics


When it is opened it is a fully functionally computer desk complete with calendar, cork board, file boxes, printer, and message board. And the drawers below offer storage for paper and other office supplies.

computer hutch


I added a board with drawer slides for the keyboard to go on. And I drilled a hole in the back to run the cords through. You can see the full post here.

hutch to hide computer


The other big “technology” we needed to disguise was the TV. My husband is still trying to convince me we need a bigger one. But I think given the fact that we don’t watch a ton of TV and the fact that our only televioson is in the front room where people first enter our home, 32″ will suffice.

Decorating Challenge  Hiding Electronics

I built a frame to go around the tv. I used the same principals that I used to build the shadow boxes (without the backs of course) but I added a notched out area for the cords to run down through and I cut out some sections along the top for ventilation.

I have added both a foam core poster board ( from the dollar store) that I painted with chalkboard paint, and thin (1/8 inch) plywood that I stained and painted as a way to cover the TV when not in use.

mantel collage

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 But even when the boards are not covering up the TV, the frame and the decor around it camouflage the fact that a big TV is hanging on the wall.

The fireplace that I built has the front part on hinges. I can lift it up (and it stays up) to reveal the DVD player and other electronics. So when we want to pretend it is just a living room and not a media room, the chalkboard goes up and the front panel goes down!

hiding your TV in plain sight_edited-1

What have you done in your home to disguise the electronics? Do you have a charging station? Do you have a hidden TV? Or a neat alarm clock that is aesthetically pleasing? I would love to hear YOUR ideas!


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  1. says

    This is something I’m still struggling to conquer – to disguise electronic cords and integrate all of our electronics with our home decor and make it all look pretty! We desperately need a charging station! Great post and tips!

  2. says

    WOW! You did an awesome job of hiding yours, I am going to have to work on mine a bit more. It’s always such a challenge, but those are all wonderful!

  3. says

    OMG! These ideas are amazing! My husband and I were just talking about our electronics this morning! We have a desk area in our bedroom that pretty much holds electronics and has no usable work space! We were trying to figure out how to make it more usable and I think these ideas you share could be perfect!

  4. says

    Just in time, I am going to need to hide a tv above a fireplace when we move…my husband insists that it’s going about the mantel :)