Show Me What Ya Got #169

Sorry about missing last week’s party. I was out for the count with a stomach bug. So I hope you have a ton to share this week!

Make sure to check back later this morning for a fabulous giveaway and a fun little project :) You won’t want to miss it!

Here are my posts from the last little bit in case you missed them.

Decorating with Plants

How To Stain Large Areas FAST! (and a GIVEAWAY)

Raising Backyard Chickens


Alright, let’s party!


*Link back to me somehow (I will get a new button made soon but for now a text link is great too)

*Visit other links and share the love

*Link up your OWN work

*No giveaways, etsy shops, or things for sale

*Link up to the correct category






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  1. says

    Glad your feeling better Stacy – it’s the worst thing to be sick in the summer!
    Thanks so much for the party !

  2. says

    So excited to have found this party! Thanks a bunch for hosting and for all the great inspiration. Also glad to hear you are feeling better – being sick in the summer is the worst! Jane

  3. says

    Thank you for hosting!! What a great way to connect. I love how you divide it into sections (even though I didn’t get it right). Next time I will. Have a beautiful week!