Stain A Fence Like A Boss {Paint Sprayer Giveaway!}

I am not very patient. I don’t like waiting for the things I want. And I wanted my fence to look like old barnwood. We installed it several years ago and I had hoped it would naturally weather on its own by now. I finally got sick of waiting so I put my HomeRight Finish Max to good use again and stained that now two toned eye sore of a fence to a calming grey.  I first fell in love with this sprayer when I painted my brother’s basement and it did not disappoint when I pulled it out for my fence.

how to stain a fence_edited-1


The fence slats have started to fade but they have not at all started to grey.  This is probably the only time I have wished the aging process would speed up ;)

fence before stain

I actually did the same thing for this fence as I did for my Secret Garden fence. I used watered down exterior paint as my “stain”. I only want it to be the painted grey long enough for the actual aged grey to occur. I am hoping by the time the paint fades, that it will have that rustic weathered look.

I filled my sprayer with the watered down paint and got my trusty paper towels. I always have paper towels on hand for DIY projects. I thought I may need them since the paint was so watered sown ( about the consistency of stain) in case I sprayed too close and there were runs.

have paper towels on hand when staining

Now I realize it was probably over kill to wear the safety glasses and mask since it was water based. In fact, when I was done, there wasn’t any of the paint/stain on either of the two.

painting a fence

In this picture you can see that the horizontal boards did weather but the slats didn’t. I tried to match the color as best I could.

grey stain on fence

And what is a project without a before and after picture?

staining fence_edited-1

I am lucky today since I get to give away one of my favorite new tools to one of you!

Enter using the rafflecopter widget below. Be patient since it can sometimes take a second to load.

*Must be 18 years or older and a US resident to enter. The giveaway goes from June 30, 2014 until July 6, 2014. The winner will be chosen by The winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be chosen.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

13651-ART-HR-Brand-AmbassadorI was compensated for this post and the time it took to review this product. But the thoughts and opinions are all mine :)

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  1. Jules K says

    This is awesome! We found out on Friday that an offer we put in on a house was accepted and it’s a total renovation job! We would use this sprayer to paint the comcrete floor in the screened in porch, paint shutters and stain our fence! And probably more!

  2. Melissa says

    Oops! Forgot to say I would paint first. I have a play table built in my basement waiting for paint.

  3. says

    I would paint our bedroom/closet doors or repaint the exterior of our house (how is it time to do that again?!) or paint all the walls in my sister’s new old house.

  4. Sandra VanHoey says

    If I won I’d give to my son who bought a real old home that needs everything painted inside

  5. Jeannie Garcia-Buechele says

    We have 20 plus year old maple kitchen cabinets that are screaming for a makeover :) Thanks

  6. lesley says

    i have some pallets in the garage just begging to be painted for flower beds and other things…..this would be a great help!

  7. says

    I would use it to paint some furniture for our bedroom and nursery! We just moved everything around and I need to get on the ball and get painting!! I love HomeRight products and exclusively use their EZ Paint Stick! It’s awesome!!!

  8. carolynn recksiek says

    What wouldn’t I paint or stain? We bought a 3400 sq foot home that is so run down and are doing everything on our own. I have interior door, furniture, exterior projects (fence, gazebo, porches) you name it and it needs to be done! Pick me! Pick me!!

  9. Jennifer Brees says

    Wow, I love spray paint and this sprayer looks like an awesome tool! I have so many projects!

  10. Amy says

    It just so happens that I also need to paint/stain my fence — the 5 gallon bucket of stain has been sitting in my garage for over a month now just waiting for me to get started. I also need to repaint my garden shed that hasn’t been painted in almost 10 years!

  11. says

    We had a HUGE hail storm a few weeks ago that basically stripped the paint off of our fence so, that would be the project we would tackle should I win the sprayer :-)

  12. beverly e says

    I would definitely start with my privacy fence and move on to my tool shed. Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Regina says

    We are getting ready to do some renovations and paint our drab brown paneling walls! thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Terrie says

    My fence. It is time to stain it again and the thought just seems so overwhelming. I live on the corner of a circle, which means I have a very small front yard and a huge backyard. When it was time to replace the fence, none of my neighbors could afford to help offset the cost so I paid for it all myself. All I asked was to be allowed the stain their side of the fence to help preserve it. So when I re-stain the fence, I usually do both sides. A sprayer would sure make it a lot easier.

  15. Marilyn says

    Totally perfect timing! After spending 6 grueling hours in cold rain pressure washing our fence, this would be an EPIC help to staining it.

    Fingers crossed! Good luck everyone.

  16. Shari says

    We’re in the process of buying a new home, so I can pretty much guarantee I will paint everything in sight! :-D

  17. Charlotte Chaffee says

    I want this so badly!! I redo funeniture and remain my house all the time!! I love to change things up and this would sure make everything easier!!!!

  18. Ashley says

    This is great! My husband & I just finished building our first fence and this would be perfect when we get ready to stain!

  19. Susan M. says

    The railings around the patio are in desperate need of re-staining. Please pick me Mr. RC! Thanks so much for the opportunity — my fingers are crossed!

  20. Christine says

    I’d use one of these on my house siding, and the new fence we installed a few months ago. Great giveaway!

  21. Laura says

    The deck in my backyard is 702 sq ft, and in DESPERATE need of restaining! I really don’t want to do it with rollers or brushes!

  22. Caroline says

    We bought a house with the quintessential white picket fence. But now the white paint is peeling off. So if I won, I would absolutely use this to repaint my white picket fence!

  23. Karen says

    Our privacy fence was painted with a color stain about 6 years ago. It needs to be re-stained and I’d use the sprayer (if I am lucky enough to win) to re-stain it a new color! – Karen

  24. Rebecca Parsons says

    I would stain or table that has had a winter outside. I would also paint the fence, long overdue.

  25. Tracey Wiseman says

    My husband and I just bought our first house together and we can’t wait to redo the kitchen. This would be perfect to help us refurbish our kitchen cabinets. Plus we love to build furniture and frames and any wood project we can think of so it would be perfect for stains, too.

  26. Tinaehb3 says

    A sprayer has been on my list for so long I think my husbands afraid of what he might come home to if I actually had one !

  27. nicole h. says

    I definitely have a fence in need of some color. And some interior cabinets that I think would look lovely in a new color!

  28. Melissa says

    This would be perfect to paint the fence I am currently in the middle of building (I didn’t like the ones at the store so I designed my own… Never again)!

  29. Jennifer S says

    The fence looks great, Stacy! If I won, I would do my porch, my upstairs floors, and my fence. To start …

  30. Cath T says

    Our front porch floor has always been painted. I wonder if it can use this to repaint it? My experience with painting is that no sooner do I walk away from it and pat myself on the back for finishing another project, than it needs painting again. There will always be another project begging for attention.

  31. jerri C. TN says

    We are getting our old tired fence replaced & I need this paint gun to stain it. I love the pretty grey you chose.

  32. Janet Olson says

    The first thing I’d paint is my kitchen. Walls are in serious need of paint. I’d like to paint lower cabinets, too.

  33. Tonia Griswold says

    I want to paint our kitchen island – it’s freestanding. I think the easiest way is to move it outside and spray it, but I haven’t been able to decide on which sprayer would be best. I’ve also got an old fence that needs to be stained.

  34. says

    I would probably paint my house…it is stucco and really hard to paint, so this sprayer would be a huge help!
    Thanks for the good information and for sponsoring a great giveaway!

  35. says

    Our climate pretty much guarantees that everything has to be painted every couple of years, so I would repaint the fence, the shed, the house, outdoor furniture… anything that doesn’t move!

  36. Dameon s says

    I need to stain my backyard wood fence and then when I’m done with that I need to finish painting my front wrought iron fence.

  37. Megan S. says

    We just purchased a house that has each room painted a different vivid color, yellow/orange, bright Shrek green, purples, greens. I would love this to help me get a cohesive color palette!

  38. Jennifer says

    I would use this awesome tool on all my DIY projects!! I have been dying to try this sprayer out especially on my kitchen cabinets and my fence!!!

  39. says

    We are in the beginning stages of fixing up our first home as newlyweds — A paint spray would come in very handy… especially for spraying the fence like you did!

  40. jenny k says

    The sprayer would be awesome to finally get the dining chairs white!! Painting 6 windors with a brush is serious boredom ;)

  41. Nancy K says

    My never ending To Do List includes a massive fence painting project, paint a shed, stain a deck….

  42. David says

    We just bought a new home and are in the middle of a ton of DIY projects. After that, we are going to paint the whole house.

  43. Charlotte says

    I would definitely paint the fence around our back patio. It is so tired and worn – it could really use a lick of paint!

  44. Jenn Bentley says

    I would paint and stain all the furniture I’m starting to build. It would make it soooo much easier.

  45. Elizabeth H says

    I have some wood pieces that would take so long to do by hand and a sprayer would certainly knock that job out in a bit. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  46. Anamaria says

    Oh, I’ve always wanted one, my first project would be a decorative picket fence in a creamy white color.

  47. Laura Chipman says

    This giveaway is perfect timing! Thanks for being awesome! We just bought a corner lot with a huge yard (and long fence). It is half weathered and half not because of our sprinklers. The last owners didn’t treat the wood in any way when they put it up. Needless to say it is the eye sore of the neighborhood. We would love to win! Thank you.