More Or Less {American Dream Builders} Finale!

I watched the finale and since I just got back from staying in a beach house with my family, this was the perfect episode. I loved it. It was two hours long this week but it felt like only one. I was so into it and had so much fun seeing all the designers back in action.

I have been secretly rooting for Lukas the whole time so I was happy he won the title of American Dream Builder. I was actually able to see the pictures of the beach houses a couple of weeks ago. Since I left for our first real vacation and was going to be gone for about 10 days, NBC was nice enough to send me the images early. So I knew it was between Jay and Lukas a couple weeks early.

When I saw the images, the black beach house didn’t seem as stark. It must have been the lighting or maybe my computer screen. But I liked it. I feel like I am pretty open minded when it comes to design. Just because I wouldn’t do a certain thing in my own home doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it in other spaces. When I saw it on the TV though, it seemed much darker. But I was still ok with it. But as soon as Monica said it look like charred wood all I could see was a burnt house. What did you think of it? Too much? Or perfectly unique?

Whether the outside color choice was a hit or a miss for you, you have to admit the inside was stunning. My favorite space was the living room. That is the room I chose to find items and “virtually” recreate.

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American Dream Builders winner

Here are the items I found!

more or less

american dream builders finale

American Dream Builders Episode #10


I LOVED the pillows. And while I didn’t find the exact ones from the show, I think the important thing is to find a pillow that has a bold yet simple graphic pattern. These three are great examples. The first one is the most expensive at $195. I know at least some of you just gasped out loud :) But don’t fret. The one in the middle (which is my favorite) is only $25. The last one is in the middle priced at $89.

And if I were doing this room myself in reality I would DIY the pillows with fabric ink and painters tape.

black and cream pillows

(Left: Culow      Middle: AmoreBeaute       Right: Nandina Home)


I think if you have been reading these posts from the beginning that you know I love mid century modern furniture. You also should know by now that it is super pricey. The first option is the closest to the one in the show but is also the most expensive. It is priced at $2,800. The second one pictured is the least expensive but it is also the least like the inspiration piece. It is $290. The sofas pictured on the bottom are in the middle at $1,900 and $999 (in that order).


cream mid century modern couches

(Top Left: Jonathan Adler    Top Right: Ebay    Bottom Left: Houzz     Bottom Right: All Modern)

Diamond Chair

I am going to be honest and say that normally I am not a huge fan of Bertoia Diamond chairs. I think they look like very expensive college dorm chairs or something you would find in a tween room in hot pink. But in the neutral color and put together with the other furnishings I think they totally work. The first one pictured is $1,750 while the second one is only $124. I think if you or someone you know have any sewing skills, you could sew a cover for it. And if you can’t sew but want a similar look, the crescent side chair is in the middle price wise at $246.

diamond chair

(Left:  All Modern    Middle: Office Sight    Right: All Modern)

Crossed Leg Coffee Table

I WANT the coffee table from this room. Scratch that, I NEED it. I may just have to DIY one. Build it, stain it, and paint a wide white strip. I found one that is super close tot he one from the show but it is sold in the UK for £335 . The second one pictured is sold for $469. I think the black one could work since there are other black elements in the space. It sells for $129. And I included some plans for a crossed leg bench that you could modify to be a coffee table if you want to build one yourself to save even more money.

crossed leg coffee tables

(Top Left: Puji    Top Right: One Kings Lane    Bottom Left: Wayfair    Bottom Right: The Design Confidential)

Light Fixture

I did not source the light fixture because Lukas pretty much gave a tutorial on the show and he only spent about $30. I am not going to find something that spectacular and definitely not in that price range. So if you want the light fixture, you are going to have to DIY it :)

Dear Lukas, you are a DIY rockstar.

Natural Fiber Rug

Does anything scream beach house more than a natural fiber rug? Okay, maybe a couple of things…. But I think the choice of rug was great and the best part is, you can find them all over and for good deals.  The first one looks the softest and has a tight weave. It also makes it more expensive. It is $1,250 for an 8×11 rug. The one in the middle is the best price for an 8×10 size at $240. Last one is in the middle selling for $550 for an 8×10. Watch for sales and you can get an even better deal. Rug companies will have semi annual sales with crazy discounts so if you are not in a super big hurry, you can find a great deal.

natural flat weave rug

(Left: Layla Grace    Middle: Pier 1    Right: Burke Decor)

Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst mirrors are everywhere and I have seen them DIYed by a ton of bloggers in a million different ways so I don’t think you will have a hard time locating one if you want to recreate this look. Here are just a few options.

I was able to find the same exact one from the show. It is 3 feet and priced at $306. The one in the middle is hand crafted and sells for $165. The one on the end sells for only $49 but is also smaller at 22″.

wood star burst mirror

Left: Ebay    Middle: Etsy, Rumismuse    Right: Lamps Plus)

White Leather Lounge Chair

The type of chair used in the show is EXPENSIVE. The one pictured in the middle is the one from the show and it is $3,630 for one chair and no ottoman. I found one that was extremely similar that included an ottoman for $749. That is still more than I would be willing to pay for a chair so I found this other style that is not as expensive but is still mid century modern and white leather. That one sells for $392.

retro leather lounge chair

(Left: Ebay  Middle: Room and Board    Right: Zulob)

Tree Stump End Table

I personally love that the tree stump as an end table trend has taken off and stayed for so long. It looks good in any space from rustic to modern. You can buy them from companies like the first one pictured. They are expensive though. This one sells for $400. You can find people who have turned fallen trees into furniture and are selling them on sites like craigs list, ebay, and etsy. This one on the right is $190. Or you can ask around and find someone who had a tree fall or die unexpectedly and make good use of the tree.

tree stump side table

(Left: Crate and Barrel     Right: Etsy, Bessies Creations)

Ornate Chair

If you buy actual antiques, these can get pricey. The first one pictured comes as a set of 6 for over 3 grand. The center two are a pair priced at $75…..for the pair! They are less ornate than the first but a very good deal. The last one pictured also comes as a pair. They are somewhere inbetween priced at $575 for the pair.

ornate chairs

(Left: Chairish    Middle: Ebay    Right: One Kings Lane)

I hope you have enjoyed this series. I realize you may not actually recreate these rooms, but I wanted to do this to give you ideas of how you can get a high end look on a budget. Places to look, what to DIY, and how to pull it together. 

I can’t wait for season 2!!!

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  1. says

    It is indeed a gorgeous room – I need one of those cross bar coffee tables too!
    ( and maybe a couple of cross bar ottomans while I’m at it LOL )

  2. colleen says

    personally I prefered the home that Jay did just more my style and a lot more liveable. the best things about this room I think were the light and the stump table. I agree with Elaine [i know wierd] that Jay was a american builder and that Lukas was phenominal. He truely is a trend setter and should have won ;).But I HATED the black exterior period. A warm grey would have been my pic but I guess I am just not sophistacated . I liked that Lukas used unusal materials for his design, but I would have like to seen a few seashells or beach rocks.

    • Stacy says

      I kind of agreed too. If I had a choice, I would live in Jay’s house. But design wise, Lukas got me more excited. He did things I haven’t seen before and he made me think and question my own design choices. I was more inspired by his house. It was tough because they were so different from each other. It would have been easier if they had both been contemporary or if they had both been traditional.

  3. says

    I love so many things about this room but the pillows and crossed leg coffee table are my favorite. I love the pieces you were able to find!

  4. Bobbi basilone says

    Omg, Lucas is amazing ! I also rooted for him from the beginning. This is the best show like that in a long time. I played Lucas’s room back 4 times.In the Moroccan room I need to try that floaki thing over my coffee table.

  5. LRae says

    I loved your series! You did an awesome job! I think Lukas is indeed a trend setter. Like he said he doesn’t follow trends, he sets them. His designs are beautiful and unexpected. But, I think Jay designs more for real living. I can definitely see why Lukas won with his creative, stunning designs. I hope there will be a 2nd season!!