More Or Less {American Dream Builders} Episode #9

Wow. I have to admit that while I liked some of the spaces, this was not my favorite house from the show. I got to see pictures of the backyard area and was totally underwhelmed. Maybe that is why it didn’t make the show. And can we chat About that red room? Oh my. I love red but there is red, and then there is RED. What did you think?


I picked the guest room. It was neutral and soothing and I like the gold mixed with silver.

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It wasn’t over styled. It was perfect. The simplicity also makes it an easy room to recreate.

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Here are the items I found!

more or less

American Dream Builders episode #9

The Pillows

I like the gold pillows on the bed. I like how they matched, but also didn’t. I found several options. The first fabric shown is $49 per yard. The first pillow shown is $25 for the pillow cover. The next pillow is $30 and the last fabric shown is the best deal at $24 per yard. You could get more than one pillow out of that especially if you used a solid (less expensive) fabric on the back. It is also the closest to the pillows in the show.

gold lattice pillows

(Top Left:  Calico Corner     Top Right: Etsy, Asmushomeinteriors      Bottom Left: OverStock     Bottom Right: Loom Show Room)

Side Tables

I couldn’t get a really good look at the tables from the pictures, but I could tell they were black and had an octagon shaped top.  I found a few options. The first two are more than I would ever spend on a side table. But these type of tables are expensive and most were in the thousands. The first one shown is $450 and the second one is $815. (gasp!) The one on the bottom has less detail and is not black, but it is only $49. A little spray paint and you are good to go! And if you go the used route and can only find one, no sweat. I am a fan of having the bedside tables be different from each other. Find another unique table for the other side!

black octagon side tables

(Top Left: Houzz    Top Right: Greige     Bottom: Ebay)

Feature Wall

I think painting a tree on the wall with gold metallic paint would be fairly simple. I say give it a try. It is only paint! And if you are not happy with your artistic skills, then have a friend come and help. It would save a ton of money to do it yourself rather than hire an artist.



I really liked the rug. I loved that it was gray. Since there are gold elements in the room I think a warm gray  would be best. Here are some options. The first one sells for $196 for a 5×7. The second sells for $197 for a 6’7″ x 9′ 6″ size. And the last one sells for $525 for a 5×8 rug.

gray rugs

(Left: OverStock     Middle: Rugs USA     Right: WayFair)

Four Poster Bed

I love a four poster bed! And I was able to find the exact same bed used in the show. It is the one in the middle and is priced at $1,100 ( on sale down from $1,800). The other two are from Ebay and while they are not king sized, the price is much more affordable. The first one is only $100 and the other is $250. They are both local pick up. But it goes to show that is you shop around and are willing to buy gently used, you can get a much better deal.

four post bed(Left: Ebay     Middle: Crate and Barrel      Right:  Ebay)


Again, I will say that I liked the mix of gold and silver. And I like the size and shape of the lamps. I found a couple that were similar in shape and a couple that were more round. The ones pictured with shades are in the $120-$200 range while the one shown without a shade is only $40.

silver table lamps

(Left: OverStock     Second: OverStock    Middle: Home Depot     Right: Bellacor)


Do you know how hard it was to find a simple gold chandelier? When you look for a “gold chandelier” you get millions of ornate light fixtures dripping with crystals and beads. I managed to find a couple that were not. The first one pictured is $458 and the second sells for $1,050. Chandeliers are not cheap! If it were me, I would find one on Craigslist that maybe wasn’t gold and spray paint that puppy with gold paint. I have bought simple chandeliers in the past for $15-$25.

simple gold chandeliers

(Left: Wayfair     Right: Houzz)

Ok, so I am dying to hear what you thought of this week’s house!!! Spill it!

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. colleen says

    hmmmmm the style of the house is not one I care for. But i thought there were many high points, i loved the front garden, the kitchen the formal sitting room and all the bedrooms. As far as the red room I totally hated that room 1st it did not blend with the style and rest of the house and it did not seem comfortable for children. Also I am not a red fan my husband hated it [the man take on it]. But we do not have a sophisticated taste we like rustic casual . I did not think the glass dining room table was practical these people have children. I think these designers are designing for the show and not for the people, I am all about comfort and function. I was surprized Elaine went home altho I totally agree with that decision

  2. Jeanine says

    I have looked forward to Mondays to read these posts! I am going to really miss them when the show is over. so I hope you can keep doing something along these lines. You’ve given me some great ideas!
    I also liked this room the best as it is simple and elegant, and I absolutely love the mix of cream/white, gold, and silver. I especially like the lamp base from Home Depot! And who knew that gold chandeliers would come back in style? It’s a good thing I still have mine – haha! A few years back, I purchased an artificial vine with cream and gold berries on it, which I placed around and inside the “arms” of the chandelier. It was for Christmas, but I kept it there afterwards because I think it looks great!

  3. Jeanine says

    Just a few thoughts on the house itself – loved the outside, especially the front porch, which is a must have to me. Didn’t care for the parlor concept, though I know you’re “supposed” to have one in a Victorian home. I’m sure the designer would have been taken to the cleaners if he had tried to make it anything else. Still, with young children, that square footage would have been much better used as a playroom. It would have been great if they had been able to cut a doorway/entry from that room to the family room. The family room seemed really small, though the red didn’t help. Pops of red would have been fine, but I’d feel claustophobic in that room. Hated the dining room table. Anybody with kids knows that glass is a no no, and who wants to see everyone’s lap when you’re eating? I know that white seating is a big thing, but with 3 kids, leather would be so much more practical and enjoyable. I agree with another commenter that these designers aren’t really thinking about the family involved in a lot of cases. They did do a great job with the bedrooms though.

  4. says

    Great pick Stacey! The room is soft and soothing. I like the delicate tree on the wall, subtle but adds a special detail for sure. Also, I am a total pillow nut, so I really like those as well!! I like how you make the room doable for the average person with all your great tips, sources and ideas!!

  5. says

    Is it horrible that I am THRILLED that Elaine got the axe? I can’t help it! I am also so excited that Jay is still around? Maybe I like him so much since he was the underdog, but it just proves you don’t have to be some highly educated “designer” to create beautiful spaces.

    Anyhow.. I like this guest room, but my favorite was the nursery. I have a soft spot for little girls bedrooms!

    • Kate says

      Kim, I’m right there with ya. I can’t believe that someone can actually be that obnoxious and wonder if that was her attempt to be featured more, talked about more, etc. Sadly, I liked many of her designs (with the exception of the red room where a little goes a LONG way). I was also rooting for Jay. I liked his style and that he, without a degree in design, was able to be a front runner in the competition.