More Or Less {American Dream Builders} Episode #8

I have a secret desire to turn an old building into a home. I want to live in an old church, silo, barn, or an industrial loft. There use to be a show on HGTV that featured people who did just that and I was obsessed with watching. And maybe one day I will. But, until then, I will live vicariously through others that do.

I loved both spaces this week. There were things that bugged me about each loft, but overall I really could have chosen any space to recreate on a budget because they were all pretty fabulous.

I chose to recreate the den/sitting area that Nina designed. I could curl up here and read a book any day!

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American Dream Builders Episode #8

Black Leather Mid Century Modern Chair

I loved the chairs in this space. I particularly loved the back worn paint on the wood. If you remember from past posts, mid century modern furniture is expensive and your best bet is to find something on ebay, Craig’s List, estate sales etc. The first chair pictured is from JoyBird and you can chose your color of leather and even the wood finish. But the customization comes at a price, as it sells for $1499.00. The next one is being sold at a Texas thrift type store and I swear it showed the price when I first pinned it last week. I am not sure if the page isn’t loading all the way today or what, but I remember it was a good deal. The next chair is on Etsy and is $199 which is a great price. But there is only one available. The last one is my favorite one even though the tufting makes it a bit different than the one on the show. It is priced at $379.00.

mid century modern black leather chairs

(Top Left: JoyBird      Top Right: Cool Stuff Houston      Bottom Left: Etsy, Antique Addictions      Bottom Right: Vive Decor)


I love bookcases with X sides! And even though the one on the show also had an X across the back, I think these two are great options for a decent price. The first one is from Home Depot and is unfinished. And for $129, a little black paint and you are good to go! The second one sells for $250 and is bigger with 2 more shelves.

bookcase X sides

(Left: Home Depot     Right: World Market)

Tripod Lamp

I love a good tripod lamp! And the one from the show was fabulous! Unfortunately this type is also super pricey. One I found was almost $1,000 and the other was over $700. The DIYer in me would totally figure out how to make one. You can buy an inexpensive desk lamp and attach it to an antique wooden tripod, or build your own tripod base. This tripod shown here is only $49 and I have found others in the $50-$60 range on ebay. Or, if you are okay with the top of the lamp being slightly different, these other lamps shown sell for $190 and $101, in that order.

tripod lamps

(Top Left: Hayneedle    Top Second: Bonanza     Top Third: Zaffero     Top Right: Houzz     Bottom Left: Target    Bottom Right: Ebay)

Black Round Coffee Table

I really liked the glossy black table in the show. But I also think you could get away with having a more matte finish. I think the important thing is that it is the right scale, shape, and color. The first one has the tapered shape like the one in the show and is also glossy (it is hard to tell in this picture) but it is the most expensive at $640. The next two are from the American Eagle collection. The first one sells for $250 and the second one with the shelf sells for $360. The next two are the better deals. The first one sells for $130 and the second for $118.

round black coffee tables

(Top Left: 2Modern     Top Middle: Sister Furniture      Top Right: Post Furniture    Bottom Left: Wayfair     Bottom Right: Shop Wise)

Art Work

I am not a huge fan of geometric abstract art but it does work within the industrial space well. Art can obviously be expensive depending on a lot of factors. If you are on a tight budget the best thing to do is look for prints. You can also find good deals on etsy.

brown abstract art

(Left: Framed Art      Middle: Etsy, Eloise Renouf    Right: Zinc Decor)


I can’t tell for sure but I think the rug is a chenille rug. It looks soft and I love that since it is a loft with a lot of rough textures. Here are a couple of chenille rug options. The first is a 5×8 which sells for $95 and the second one sells for $296.

rug options

(Left: Home Decorators Collection     Right: Wayfair)

Industrial Side Table

Since I live in a cottage style home, I have never looked for or priced an industrial side table. I had no idea they could be so much  money! The first one looks the most like the one in the show but is the most expensive one at $650. The next one is only $89 from World Market and the round one is only $69 from ebay.  Honestly, if I were serious about recreating this look, I would find a scrap metal shop and salvage something or use plumbing pipe to create something of my own.

industrial side table

(Top left: Urban Remains    Top Middle: World Market   Top Right: Ebay )

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you think the right person went home? DO you love the loft look as much as I do?

Sound off in the comments below :)

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  1. Joanna says

    Thanks for your cute website. I LOVE it! I am just wondering when you’re going to choose the winner of the paint sprayer. I’m DYING to know who won. ;D Thanks!

  2. says

    I want to find an old church to renovate, too! One with old wood floors and high ceilings. There is actually a school for sale about 45 minutes from our house but it’s 11,000 square feet. A bit too big for us! Love your recreation today!

    • Stacy says

      A church is the #1 building of choice for us too. I would LOVE it. Unfortunately here in Utah there are not many old churches that are not currently in use. But a girl can dream :)

  3. Colleen says

    I think the right person went home actually my thoughts are he should have left last week! I think you can do comfortable spaces in the loft/ industrial look, Elaine missed the mark with her furniture .i made a tripod lamp from a tripod I got at a thrift store for $8.00 I think shades are the hardest to find they are pricy. I am also not a huge fan of the art work I would probably DIY with book pages , monograms ect or a great poster maybe a big bulliton board . The Side table was my favorite piece and I would also build my own ( my secret weapon is my blacksmith/welder husband). But what a cosey space well done Nina ;). I did not like the drippy art work on the other team. The rope bed was a miss for me I did like the closet tho and the barn doors would have been better done the way jay wanted. This is fun thanks for doing this

    • Stacy says

      I have some vintage architectural magazines and I have framed some of the blue prints. That would be a good idea for this space! And I agree that Jay should have stuck up for the one big door idea.

  4. Heart and Haven says

    Ah, don’t forget about that gorgeous exposed brick wall though! Do you know of a good way to duplicate that look?
    I’ve never looked into whether you can do a “brick veneer” to a wall.

    I know there are thin cut stone veneers for fireplace surrounds, etc. When we re-did our fireplace surround, I selected flagstone from our local stone yard and had our masonry guy custom cut and build a stacked stone surround to go over our “builder’s basic” concrete fireplace surround. I love that I have the “real stone surround” without the demo/damage of taking out the existing surround.

  5. Heart and Haven says

    Also, I was actually bummed about Darren having to go home this week. Although I agree that the last 2 episodes I wasn’t impressed with what he delivered, I had bigger hopes for his “eco friendly” designs and concepts and had really hoped to see more of that. With my family striving to incorporate more “green options” in our house, I was really looking forward to seeing more revolutionary concepts in building/design that he could show rather than just purely aesthetic that the other designers focus on.

    • Stacy says

      I wish he would have been more consistent throughout the competition. I felt at time he didn’t take is seriously. And yes, since I am a “use what you have” kinda gal, I would love to see more eco friendly designs on the show.

  6. Carrie says

    Great recap as usual! I loved either space!

    I could have sworn that reading nook was done by Jay though, not Nina?

  7. says

    I really love this room! The exposed brick wall is my favorite. When we lived in Utah we had a neighbor across the street that had some damage to a back wall in her house. She called me over one day to look at it and we discovered she had brick under it. I think I was as excited as her. Anyway, her son ended up taking the wall down to expose the brick and it was gorgeous. It was such an incredible surprise and she loves it. I love that World Market bookcase too. I might need that.