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Good morning! I had a busy weekend. I spoke at the Utah Home and Garden Show and also went to the Vintage Whites Market held at the state fair grounds. Both were fun experiences but it meant not a lot of progress on projects. So this morning I wanted to talk about something else. Videos.

Once upon a time there was a girl who had lots of ideas but she alas, she was not very tech savvy. She somehow had two Google Plus accounts. She decided to delete the one that wasn’t being used. But little did she know that that account was connected to her YouTube account (you know, because Google rules the world…). All her videos that she had created for her blog disappeared. POOF! Gone. The views and subscribers were gone too.

Gah! I had a stomach ache for days. I had the clips I had shot but not the edited videos. Some of those videos I had taken HOURS to edit. I have been slowly re-editing them and adding them. I have a couple more to go.

I have recently started getting on board making more videos. I used to think of them as a chore (because they can be a lot of work) but I think you can convey things in a video that you sometimes can’t in a written post.

I want to make things as easy for you as possible. I know that I am very visual. As a visual learner I need a ton of photos or a video to walk me through the process. And maybe you are the same way. Here is what I need to know:

  • I have almost posted all of our pre-taped episodes of “He Said She Said” videos. Are there any topics you would like us to cover? Maybe even something not DIY related?
  • I also want to start doing more tutorial videos. If there are any tutorials from my blog that you think would be easier to understand in a video format, let me know. Or if there are any tutorials I have yet to do that you would find useful seeing done I want to know that too.

Please leave all your suggestions in the comments below. I truly want to hear them!

And I would love for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel:) It stinks having to rebuild, but I appreciate any support.
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Thanks guys! I promise to have some projects to share soon :) See you tomorrow!


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  1. Danita Courtney says

    One step at a time will get you there! We will ALL support your hard work to make it a joyful and enlightening experience! Kudos, by the way, for your speaking engagements! If I have a “light bulb” moment I will definitely pots it for you! In the mean time KNOW you are getting applause from around the country for being of good courage!!!

  2. Emily clark says

    Oh man I’m so sorry!! All that work! I do tons of editing and even video stuff on my computer and I have had to go back and redo stuff for the same reason. I would love a video or post on how you get your garden so awesome. I have loved all your posts. I also want to learn to make one of those growth charts ( but a cute one that isn’t cheesy) to put in my home for my kids. They are super expensive in stores for the cool ones that just look like a big ruler stick. Anyways just a fun little thing I want to learn to make but don’t have the energy to think up these days. You are great and good luck!

  3. Christine says

    Sorry about your videos! I may be in the minority, but to be completely honest, I prefer blogs in the written form. I most often catch up on reading when I’m at work or on the train to/from work and I don’t have the ability to listen to a video most of the time. I find them sort of inconvenient and it’s rare that I’ll go back to find it when I get home to watch it.

    It has nothing to do with the quality of the content – it’s just the way I tend to ingest the material and I find reading to be my favorite way. Just wanted to give some feedback.

    • Stacy says

      That is awesome feedback! I need to know things like that. I am sure there are many others in your same situation. If I do a video tutorial, I will be sure to include a picture and text version as well. That way if some people need to SEE it done they can watch the video and if others are at work they can read it :)

  4. says

    I agree with Christine, I never watch video posts. I’m a visual learner but I just prefer to read it and see pictures of it. Keeping a text version would be wonderful!

  5. Koren Klein says

    Videos can be fun and needed when say… tiling a bathtub, which I have put off for a year because I’m too scared to do it/too cheap to hire a contractor. I guess, just decide what seems more video necessary and do that. Having the simple things with just pictures is easier for us readers since we can look at the one photo and go “do it, just like that” instead of cueing up a video (that might not run like on my very annoying laptop). But that’s just me.
    Love watching your “He said She said”. Had my hubby watch the 80’s one and he was laughing hysterically!
    (having done the Google+ delete myself, AAARRRGGGG! Lost 10 months of pictures for my pregnancy family blog as well as pictures I had for a separate semi-professional album. The pain, the horror, when I realized it was all gone… Yes, its all on cd and external hard drive, but its never the same!)

    • Stacy says

      Oh man! I am sorry about your photos. Such a pain. And great suggestion on what type of DIY projects to video. I totally agree. No need for a video if it is simple enough of a project.

  6. Gwen says

    I actually subscribe to your blog for the video and pass it on to my daughter. We see ourselves in some of your same dilemmas! You don’t just do videos(right?) but they are a quick watch on wide array of relevent topics. I honestly think that you think better than I think so I think I like what you think up for us to read/watch. Got all that?!!!
    But on a serious note, I totally subscribe to so few blogs Please, I appreciate the work!! And just your costume , the back drop, it works. I’m looking forward to your new posts

  7. says

    I was actually lying in bed, couldn’t sleep thinking I need to delete one of my Google plus accounts. Why I have two, I don’t know. I am not very tech savvy either, Not sure I even understand Google Plus circles system??? Am I the only one??? Sorry about your losing all of the videos and time involved. Just think of it as practice I guess. Your new re-edits will be even better than the first!

    Cindy ;)

  8. says

    Oh wow, what a bummer! But way to go recovering from it. My Hunny says always back up a copy of everything! My whole blog disappeared for a week one time. STRESS!!! Can’t wait to see you at SNAP. I’m making some big changes to the bloggity blog before then. I’m switching my URL to a dot net I think. It’s been just as good as a dot com for you, right? And – did you switch to WordPress? LOVE the new format!! You’re the bees knees!!

    Warmly, Michelle