Show Me What Ya Got #151

It is nice to back into a normal routine again now that the holidays and the DIY contest are over. I am excited because I know after a month and a half you probably have a ton of things to share. And I am ready for all the eye candy :)

Real quick, I have a favor to ask. I would love it if you would pop over to the Better Homes And Gardens site and nominate this blog as the best DIY blog. You know my love affair with BHG and DIY so it seems like the perfect match.

Thank you, so much!!!

bhg blogger awards

Alright, here are the posts that I have done recently in case you have missed any of them:

Valentine’s Day Mantel

My NEW Closet ( I built it from scratch and also built the doors)

ALT Summit Conference Highlights (I met the founder of Pinterest!)

Bathroom Shelves ( I build some built-in shelves for the new bathroom *tutorial*)

How to Stain a Basket

My Junk Cabinet Got Organized

“He Said She Said” Video Episodes Debuted! (see all 4 episodes)

Alright, let’s get to the party!


*Link up your own work

*Link back to me somehow

*No Giveaways, things for sale, or etsy shops

*Visit other links and share the love!





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  1. says

    Glad your back because I was missing it. I like this party and always find so many things I want to make and bake. Good luck on you the blog contest.

    Shannon ~

  2. Cath says

    I’m happy to nominate your blog–I love it. The T&C for the contest, as always, are long and complicated. I realized after the fact that there is a FAQ on the submission page. You might want to point that out to your readers. As best I can make out, I can nominate you for DIY and decorating, right? But, only one submission per hour. Weird rule, but I think you fit into both categories. And…can I do this every day? Till when? Too much fine print.