Introducing a New Series!!!

Oh my word you guys!!! I am SO excited to finally be able to share something with you that I have been working on since this past summer. I was hoping my new blog design would be done this past fall and I could introduce this new series to you then. But I got busy and dropped the ball on the new design so I waited. The new design will hopefully be ready to roll out by the end of the month but I just couldn’t wait a minute longer.

I am going to be changing things here a bit in the sense that I will be having my husband, Shane, be more a part of this blog. For the first couple of years I was learning about blogging (and myself) and I wasn’t ready to share. Maybe “share” isn’t the right word. But it was kind of “my” thing that I had started from scratch and nurtured into what it is now. He has been so supportive and even likes discussing it with me and the idea to add him has slowly formed over the last year.

I have high hopes that he will guest post occasionally. At first I wanted it to be twice a month. But his new job requires a lot of time plus he has a long commute. So I am not sure how often it will be but he will be mainly discussing architectural related topics and be giving his point of view on other subjects as well.


He is on instagram as well so go follow him at @ShaneRisenmay!

My BIG ANNOUNCEMENT today is that we will be posting a video once a week where we discuss a home decor or DIY topic and both give our two cents. My husband is not super comfortable in front of the camera and so I end up doing a lot of the talking, but I think he has done pretty well :) The series is called “He Said, She Said” (although in some we say “says” instead of “said”). A local music teacher created the jingle in the intro for us. I told her “cheesy retro” and she pretty much nailed it. Think jazz hands :)

he said she said_edited-1

We taped the first 12 episodes during the summer (again, I was hoping to have the new site design done by the fall) and will be continuing to tape more. If there is a topic you want us to tackle, just leave a comment telling us. We are open to (ALMOST) anything!

We don’t plan ahead what we are going to say. I wrote down about 30 topics and we would pick one and just start filming. I think 90% of them were filmed in one take. You can hear kids in the back ground and we sometimes forget for a sec what were were going to say, but I wanted it to be as organic and real as possible.

I chose the one we did on closets because it was one of first ones we did and because I am neck deep in a closet project as we speak so I have closets on the brain.


How do you divide the closet space at your house?  Do you have enough room for all your clothes?   Are you the “clean” one or the “messy” one?

Let us know!




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  1. Shanan says

    We have a walk-in closet and my husband has an antique gentlemen’s armoire. My chest of drawers is in the closet on the left, across the back wall are seasonal tubs for out of season clothing with hanging items above that, on the right is shoe shelving with more hanging space above that. The shelving in the top contains gifts, scrapbooks and comic book collectibles. His armoire contains the majority of his items with a few things hanging in my walk-in. We also have a large dresser in the bedroom for his other folded items. He has more things than I do, he has Fire Department clothing, hunting, scuba and regular clothes. I just have every day stuff. :) I’m looking forward to your series!

  2. says

    You two are adorable!!! We each have a chest of drawers and then we each have half the closet. He has way less clothes than I do so extra towels, sheets and snow gear and stuff ends up on his side but he doesn’t mind at all. I really need to get in there and purge my side! <–added to the never ending to-do list!

  3. says

    You guys are adorable! I love the new series!

    In our house I use the master bedroom closet and my boyfriend uses the closet in one of the guest rooms. I’m super organized – my shirts are all hung the same direction, by sleeve length and my shoes are all in neatly lined boxes. My boyfriend is messy and leaves his clean clothes on top of the dryer or all over the guest bed. Drives me crazy!

  4. says

    You guys are so cute! Very nice idea.

    But yeah… I am a shopaholic and I have tons of shoes, and clothes that doesn’t fit me anymore. Still, the bigger space in the closet is MINE!!! Lol

  5. says

    What a cute idea! Its nice that your husband is willing to be so involved with your blog.

    I’ll say that I definitely take up majority of the closet when it comes to my husband and I. Poor guy usually only gets about 30%, while I take the other 70%, plus every other closet in the house. I’m the clean one and my husband is the messy one!

  6. Danita Courtney says

    That was AWESOME! Both of you did a fantastic job! I will be back for more! Just think if we were exactly alike, what fun would that be? Different can be good and respected!!!

  7. says

    This sounds so SO much fun! I love that you get to team up with your hubby to bring us all such awesome DIY ideas and suggestions! You are guys are awesome! :)

  8. says

    You and your husband are so cute together! What a fun series. I am excited. I’m like you. I don’t have a ton of clothes. I like it simple though. :) Can’t wait to see your new blog design and videos!

  9. Heart and Haven says

    I have a fairly long closet (approx. 12 ft.). Hubby and I probably split it 70/30 (me being the larger portion).
    Hubby just recently started needing the 30% space though!
    When him and I first got married, it took a bit to get him to agree to more than 2 pairs of shoes (Teva’s and Tennis, lol) and he wore mostly promo “geek” logo t-shirts (from work or conferences), and either jeans or shorts. I took him out shopping to get some slacks and polos and a couple button down shirts and a pair of casual-yet-dressier shoes for work. Now if people comment on his clothing, he responds, “Thanks. My wife dresses me funny” LOL. Also, I had to make sure EVERY shirt would coordinate with any jeans/slacks so he wouldn’t have to think about what would “go” together, haha.

  10. Lucy Arnold says

    Love this article! I’m going to print your list and make a real effort to use it! I could certainly use the steam machine, sounds
    like a dream. I enjoy your blog immensely and look forward to your wonderful ideas.

  11. Lisa says

    I enjoyed your article
    We gave up on sharing the closet. Instead I made our smallest bedroom a dressing room. No hassles, all love!

  12. Gwen says

    Hey this is fun! You are the ages of my daughter!! She was messy at home but I think/hope(?) she remembers how she was taught?!!
    Strangely, I’ve gotten messier as I’ve aged. I shared a closet as a kid and my sis hung her clothes facing in from left, mine facing in from right. We color coordinated pour sides and she even got out the ruler!!! So I always always must have every top I wear hung…facing to the right, and straight. I used to put my off season clothes on my bottom rung, and current tops on top rung. Then I take half of our longest rod for pants. However, disabled and not working, I’m not the size of many clothes so my side has gotten bare. All seasons fit in my space. My hubby also hangs clothes out of season clothes in another bedroom. My foot requires a brace now, so all my shoes are but one. That’s easy. For extra storage when I had a 3×3 closet, I’d store off season clothes in a built in hamper we had. Or a friend puts them in a cute large wicker basket lidded. I’ve put them in suitcases but realized that was a pain if I wanted to travel. Happy learning your style! It is a fun way to express yourself and to show yourself that you are important to God–and so do your best to look your best (well I mean its okay to wear cute clothes and stay on budget!!! God knows this). Ummm so back to question, my hubby is neat, neat…I’ve grown messy…we share probably me 60–he 40 but he uses extra closets

  13. says

    You are so cute together! I love it. My hubby and I are the same way. We split the closet half and half, but we have a huge closet and both have our fair share of unused space. My hubby has a better wardrobe then me, except shoes! And, I am totally the messy one!!

  14. Andrea says

    You two are adorable! My hubby has more clothes than I do. His work clothes are polos and khakis, so I can’t really complain. Oh and he has every alumni and local sports team shirt known to man. lol Our closets are very organized – thanks to me. All the shirts, pants, mine and his, everything is hung- all facing the same way and grouped with like items. Any clothing that is worn, the hanger must be removed and put at the end of the line… also facing the same way. Nothing is more exciting than seeing how organized an neat the closet is. It also keeps me motivated to keep laundry going and makes packing for a surprise weekend away really easy. Oddly- this is the one area I am extremely OCD about. But I’ve learned if my laundry gets out of control, everything else spirals downward in like a week and a half and household chaos is imminent in 2 weeks or less. Which makes me grouchy, and not pleasant and I have to spend A TON of time getting it all back in order. :D

  15. Cath T says

    Looks like it should be interesting and fun! As for messy or not, the world is divided into two types of people: those who save things, and those who dispose of things (throw away, give away, sell). I’m the saver; DH is the disposer. We drive each other crazy. Really crazy. Well, I’d say I’m the more guilty party here. Any and all help on organizing stuff is greatly appreciated. As for future topics that an architect could address, how about attics and loads. Pertinent to the aforementioned bad habit of prudently saving items for possible future use, I broke into our attic just before Christmas. I have run out of closet space. Big time. There is a space in the attic, but it was not intended for use. I created an entrance in the top of a closet. I access the attic by crawling up a ladder. I have laid various odd boards and previously saved scraps of wood (I knew I’d find a use for them someday!) across the joists. My intention is that this is where I’ll stash holiday decorations, blankets in the summer, stuff I’m not using very often. Not a place I will pop in and out of frequently.
    My main concerns are with (1) temperature fluctuations. Do I need to install a vent in the roof? What purpose do they serve? (2) Load on the joists. I read that the joists are really not meant to hold weight, but to hold the house together (frame house, stuccoed, built around 1925). I’m wondering just how much I can stash up there. I already have cracks in the second floor ceilings. I don’t care that much; they’ve always been there. This is not a castle, but a modest house. But, I don’t want to cause any major harm to the house. Am I ok using it for a bit of extra storage?
    Looking forward to the series.

  16. Natalie says

    So cute!! I am all for learning more about the bloggers I follow. You two are seriously so cute! We live in a small space too and we know all about making spaces work. My husband graciously gave me the closet in our bedroom and set up a rolling rack for his clothes in the laundry room. I don’t know how I got so lucky! I love the new series and love your blog!!

  17. says

    Woohoo! You finally launched it–I remember when you told me about this at Haven! You guys are too cute. I can’t wait to tune in and watch every “he said she said”! Congrats Friend!