Deep Cleaning Tips & Giveaway!

I am not sure about you but while I am putting away my Christmas decor in early January I have the urge to go even further and deep clean the whole house. I get that urge again in the spring and fall. And while it can be overwhelming to think about, it doesn’t have to be a difficult chore.

I have partnered with HomeRight to giveaway one of my favorite cleaning tools ever, the STEAM MACHINE. But before we get to the giveaway, I wanted to share some tips and a check list for deep cleaning your home.


*Just like the analogy about eating the elephant (eww, who came up with that anyway?), don’t look at your home and think it all has to be done all at once. I always take one room at a time.

*I try to start at the top and work my way down. And yes, I scrub my ceilings. Luckily for me we have 8 foot ceilings in the whole house. We get fly specks and spider webs on them and in the kitchen it can even be a little greasy.

*Enlist some help! Sometimes I prefer to clean alone but now that my kids are getting older I have them do quite a bit. Figure out what jobs are appropriate for the age of each child and give them assignments. Ideally at our house we deep clean on a Saturday morning. One child is in charge of keeping my 3 year old happy, one child is with me in one room and the other child is with my husband in another room. Two rooms get done at once and the youngest is happy. We rotate kids on half hour basis.

*And I ALWAYS play music. I have found I get my kids to work longer if I have fun music playing. And let’s be honest, I work longer too :)

Here are the cleaners I use at my house:

cleaning supplies

Vinegar, Goo Gone, Basic H,  Thieves oil (mixed with water in a spray bottle), Magic Eraser, Baking Soda, Clorox wipes, Dawn, Lemons or lemon juice, Fish Foam, and Bleach

Now let me tell you a little story about myself…. I use to use bleach on everything. EVERYTHING. I was a bleach-aholic due to the fact that I was a HUGE germaphobe. Before I started blogging I spent a good chunk of everyday (the time I now use building my business) on cleaning. In my mind, unless I used bleach, the germs didn’t die.

I have come along way. I credit having this blog as a big reason I have calmed the heck down. I have something else to focus my time on. I have also been introduced to other ways of cleaning that are better. Now bleach is still pictured because I still do use it on occasion. I use it with laundry, I put it down smelly drains, and a few other things. But I don’t go through jugs the way I use to.

Alright, let’s go room to room shall we?

All of the House:

These are things all if not most of your rooms will have in common.

*Air vents. Our air returns get marbles, Legos, crackers, and other small objects in them as well as dust. I remove the covers, take out the bigger stuff, then vacuum out the dust. Sometimes I even wipe them out. The heat vents also get vacuumed out. I stick the shop vac hose down as far as it will go.

*I wash the walls with either cleaning wipes or sudsy wet rag. I am always amazed at how much dust can accumulate on the walls. And if you have kids, smudges, food, and other…um…things can be there.

* Windows…. Confession: I have never washed the outside of my windows aside from hosing them off. But we do wash them on the inside. My boys fight over who gets to wash them because they all love using Fish Foam. If you have kids, you know how quickly windows get fingerprints and smudges. Don’t forget the window sills and window tracks. The steam machine works great in the tracks. It is great for any crevice actually.

* Curtains, draperies, and blinds will need to be taken down and washed (or dry cleaned). I take my blinds down and either soak them in the tub or spray them off in the shower. Then I let them air dry before hanging them back up. I have the cheap plastic ones and when they start to yellow a little I add bleach to the water  as they soak and it makes them white again.

* Don’t forget your ceiling fans and light fixtures! I ache for those of you who have super high ceilings. Make sure and be careful if you use a ladder to reach them. Sometimes if you have really high ceiling you may need to hire it out.

* Back in the day when I was a major germaphobe I would religiously disinfect the remotes, door knobs, light switches, and phones daily. I usually only remember once a week now. But I know a lot of people forget them so I am throwing it out there. They are some of the most touched things in our home.

*I actually have “cleaning baseboards” on my little boy’s chore chart. He is suppose to do it every day upstairs. So our baseboards are not super bad. But they do get scuffs that I clean using the magic eraser. And after weeks and weeks of my little guy wiping the dust, it builds in the corners. Do you know what I mean? Whenever there is a ledge that you wipe, where ever the ledge meets a corner, the dust gets stuck. I have recently found that the best way to get it clean is my steam machine.

steam machine

The Kitchen:

If I said that I would rather poke my eye out rather than deep clean my kitchen would that be a touch too dramatic? Because it sure feels that way. And growing up my mom always told me to start with the job you hate the most, first. So the first room we will discuss is the kitchen.

*Clean under the fridge and oven/stove. Yep. That means you have to move them. Sometimes the kids and I guess what will be under there before I pull it out. There is almost always marbles, hot wheel cars, rubber bands, pencils, cereal, and crackers. Oh, and of course…dust bunnies!

*Clean the coils behind the fridge. I just use a vacuum attachment to suck off the dust.

*The kitchen cabinets need to be emptied and washed out. I like to use a damp rag and Dawn dish soap. Sometimes the insides of the cabinets can be a little greasy. Wipe the outsides as well. Mine are painted but if you don’t have painted cabinets I recommend Minwax’s Wood Cabinet Cleaner. It is fabulous! Replace worn shelf paper/liners. And clean the tops as well. I use contact paper on the tops of my cabinets so all I have to do is pull off the old paper and replace it. Works great!

*Wash down small appliances. Make sure they are unplugged and use a damp washcloth. Again, I use dish soap. The base of our blender usually wins for dirties small appliance but they all need a scrub.

*Clean inside the fridge. If there are lingering odors, use lemon juice and baking soda. I actually leave some baking soda in my fridge at all times to absorb any smells. Also check the expiration dates on everything especially condiments.

*Clean out your oven. You can see how I cleaned my oven door with the steam machine.

*Clean your microwave inside and out. I stick a wet rag in there and microwave it for one minute. I let it sit there a few more minutes and then wipe it out. The steam from the rag will soften dried food. If odor is a problem add lemon juice to the wet rag.

*If you have a garbage disposal, pour bleach or lemon peels down it to get rid of odor. Clean your sink really well. In most homes it is dirtier than the toilet.

*Clean your dishwasher. Mine sometimes gets stagnate water on the bottom and turns orange-ish. Jilee from One Good Thing has a good tutorial.


Kitchen and bathrooms are kind of a toss up for grossest room in my opinion. The steam machine is my favorite bathroom cleaning tool. I also use vinegar(for the shower), fish foam (for the mirrors), and cleaning wipes.

*Soak your shower head in vinegar if the holes get clogged with mineral deposits. If yours is not the kind that detaches, then fill a baggie with vinegar and use a rubber band to keep it in place around the head. Soak overnight and simply turn on the rise away the vinegar.

*Use a steam machine with a brush attachment to scrub soap scum off shower stall doors. Also if your shower floor (or tub) has a textured surface, the steam machine with brush attachment will clean it well.

*The steam machine also does tile grout well. I use to use an old tooth brush.

*You need to clean the bathroom fan. Take off the cover and scrub it in the sink. Use a rag or duster to clean the inside and then replace the cover.

*The counters and cabinets get wiped with cleaning wipes at our house. Sometimes I spray thieves. I believe in the cleaning power of the thieves oil, I just have not gotten use to the smell. It is a personal preference thing. I know most people love it.

*The toilet….. The crappiest thing in the house to clean (pun intended). I really need to take a pumice stone to mine. I have heard that if you dump a 2 liter bottle of Coke in there it will eat away and stains or mineral build up. If any of you have tried it please let me know in the comments. The area where the seat attaches to the toilet bowl has always been a tricky spot for me. When it comes to cleaning I pretty much hate any crack or crevice. A friend told me she uses her steam machine on hers. So I tried it and was happy :) Not only does all sorts of stuff come out that has been hiding, but the steam sanitizes it too. I use wipes on the outside of the toilet.

Family Room:

* Move the couch and other furniture and clean under them.

* Take the time to condition any leather furniture and to clean any upholstery. The steam machine has an attachment for upholstery!

* Vacuum in between cushions and save any money found to go in your chocolate fund.

* Clean TV remotes and electronics. I usually use cleaning wipes.


* Clean your computer and don’t forget your keyboard, and mouse. For a good explanation  on how to get your keyboard clean, read this article from PC world.

* Organize your desk top and drawers.

* Get your filing cabinet in order. I usually have a tote full of things that need to be filed that I have collected over the past months. I sort it on the family room floor while watching a movie after my kids go to bed. Any job I can do while watching Downton Abbey is A-OK with me :)

Laundry Room & Utility Room:

* Clean your washing machine. I wipe the outside really well. I also wipe down the inside of the lid and where you pour the bleach. It gets super dirty (which seems weird since it is a machine that gets things clean) Jilee has another good post about how to clean both front loading and top loading machines.

* Clean behind and under the washer and dryer.

* While you are back there, vacuum out the dryer hose. It can be a fire hazard if lint gets built up.

* Clean the residue off of the lint trap with a tooth brush and soapy water.

* Clean or replace the furnace filters.


* Clean under the bed. I usually take the mattress and box spring off so I don’t have to try and move the whole thing. Our room is so tiny there is not enough room to really move it. I prop the mattress and box springs up against the wall and vacuum my little heart out.

* Flip your mattress if needed. Ours is a pillow top so we don’t flip it but we rotate it.

* Wash pillows and other bedding. I wash my pillows and bed spread almost as often as I wash my sheets.

* Organize your closets and donate clothing you no longer need.

* Move any other furniture and clean well under and behind.

Here is list to remind you of all the places to clean. You can pin it for reference later or print it and hang inside your cleaning supply closet.

deep cleaning list

Now for the giveaway!

If you read through my post you probably noticed that I use the steam machine a lot. I am always finding new uses for it too. It is a healthy way to sanitize and clean. And I get to give one away!

SteamMachine included in box

Please let me know of there are any issues with the Rafflecopter widget.

*You must be 18 years or older and a US resident to enter. The giveaway starts January 6th and runs until January 12th. The winner will be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be chosen. The winner is picked randomly through the Rafflecopter widget.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. says

    Ohh inspiration for cleaning. As I sit here with my coffee and the last day of the holiday vacation…. I’d clean the baseboards to prep for painting them. And the tile in the bathroom…. Fingers crossed

  2. Carole H says

    I absolutely loved your article, it actually made me want to clean. I have never owned a steam cleaner but it sounds wonderful. What a time saver! I would really like to get in the sliding glass door track and windows too! thanks

  3. Marci says

    My bathroom needs all sorts of help, I’d probably start in the shower… I was a custodian one year at college cleaning the dorms, and we used a steam machine ALL the time! I forgot how much I loved it until I read your post!

  4. dani e says

    Its perfect you posted this subject today. One of my resolutions this year is organizing my household chores. Thanks for the tip on the steam cleaning. have one for my floors but will definitely be adding this one to my wishlist.

    -dani e

  5. Tami B says

    First thing? My whole house! Besides the sanitizing aspect, the pictures you posted of the baseboard before & after is quite convincing that everyone needs one of these machines.

  6. jessica says

    by far, the bathroom is my least favorite place to clean. and the worst is when you finish cleaning, it’s all sparkly, and then one of the kids come in a “dirty” it again. ugh! I need this steam machine for my bathroom :)

  7. Jennifer S says

    What an excellent walk-through of how to deep clean your house. I know it may sound silly, but having it broken down like that is really helpful to me. Thanks!

  8. says

    Hmmmm…I would clean my walls and baseboards first. I have an English Mastiff and lets say the droll ends up there! I’m cleaning the lower walls on a daily basis!

  9. Cath T says

    I think you’re right–the kitchen is in desperate need of a deep clean, and I dread it. Lots of nooks and crannies.

  10. says

    I would clean my kitchen floors. I’m starting to wonder if the tile was not sealed properly when they laid the floor… anyways the grout is terrible and never seems to come clean.

  11. Linda Stegall says

    I’ve heard good things about steam cleaners and would love to win one! I’d start with the kitchen, but I think every room could use some cleaning with it!

  12. Erin says

    I have always wanted a steam machine. We rent an older ’70’s” home and there is no venting in the bathrooms. I keep thinking a steam machine would get the tiles clean.

  13. says

    I would definitely clean under the trash can in my kitchen. It’s by my cat’s water dish and there is some sort of funky water/mildew issue happening there that I haven’t been able to get clean! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  14. Erin says

    Round two of trying to post. lol! I think this would be great to use in my rented “70’s” home. There is no venting in our bathroom and the tiles get a lot of mildew. This would be great to clean it.

  15. Leslie Kiley says

    I would love it for my baseboards and then on from there! I can think of so many things that need that extra touch!

  16. Elah says

    These are great tips! I’ll be saving them to work on over the next month or so. I can’t believe the difference the steam cleaner makes in your photos! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Heart and Haven says

    I like to deep clean the house after I take down Christmas decorations too! Perhaps that is one reason all our Christmas décor is still up, lol ;-). (Although we were gone from the 25th through the 1st, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to enjoy the décor for a couple more days.)

  18. Alison says

    I would clean my toilets- really well, with the steamer. I used to have a mop-type steamer but I think I ruined it by putting cleaning solution in it. A big No No

  19. Candy C says

    I would use it on the corners of the baseboards. Looks like it does a great job there; and that space really bugs me!

  20. Becky Neal says

    I would love this machine so I could clean my NASTY WHITE BASEBOARDS!!!!!! and from there the list goes one!

  21. Michele says

    My shower would be first, followed quickly by the bathroom floors. Then on to the rest of the tile in the house, which is most of the floors in my house.

  22. Nicole W says

    The baseboards in my bathroom! Well, actually my whole bathroom. But not having to use a sponge and toothbrush to get them clean would be fabulous!

  23. Melissa says

    My floors! I have nasty laminate floors that are “wanna be hardwood ” complete with fake wood grain! It’s impossible to clean! Fingers crossed!

  24. Kristin Macfarlane says

    My house was born in 1978! Needless to say the base boards and all of its nooks and crannies (Charm) is filthy! I would love to steam clean the crud out of it to make it feel new and fresh!

  25. Nanci says

    I would use the steam cleaner in all the rooms of my house, but the first place would be grout on the shower walls.

  26. Jennifer Kennedy says

    I would clean the bathroom first. We are a family if six, three males, three females. The younger males miss a lot and create a big mess. Ugh

  27. grammygoodwill says

    Oh, wow. If I were lucky enough to win, I’d probably start with the kitchen floor because it’s the dirtiest. Then I’d move on to the baseboards. I’m amazed that you can clean them with that. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy new year, too.

  28. liu says

    It’s funny I just got back from winter vacation and was deep cleaning the whole house and putting away the holiday decorations yesterday. Got a lot done, still needs some more work though. I’m afraid to see what’s under the fridge since grape juice was spilled under there last year…

    Thanks for the tips, will definitely use the microwave one!

  29. Stacy says

    I would clean our doors and baseboards! I did not know you could even use a steam machine on them, thank you for mentioning it! WOW, great post and giveaway, please enter me into a chance to win one :)

  30. Stephanie says

    Oops, forgot to mention what I will clean first – probably the bathroom… it’s little, there’s only one (so all 4 of us use it all the time) and it seems to have the corner of the market on dust bunnies!!!

  31. Kate Beckett says

    The crevices around the toilet. The lip of the kitchen sink where it meets the counter and probably door knobs.

  32. Alayna says

    I would clean the seam between the bathroom floor and the tub. Then the kick plates under my lower kitchen cabinets.

  33. Colebern says

    Wow! I do need to get on my new year cleaning. I would attack the bathrooms first and then the baby’s room. It is the space that is the hardest to clean because she needs to be entertained elsewhere while I vacuum and dust.

  34. Kathryn says

    OMG! I just did a deep-clean after putting my Christmas decorations as well! If I won the steam cleaner, the first thing I would clean would be the bathroom, then the inside of the oven door. And when it gets warmer, I’ll see what I can clean outside! Love your site!

  35. Catherine A says

    What a difference! I am SO happy I found your blog. I’ve learned so much. I would go on a steam cleaning frenzy throughout the house. ;D

  36. Danita Courtney says

    OMG. Where to start? I think my most used bathroom could benefit the MOST from the steam cleaning machine! Yeay!

  37. Cactus says

    I am remodeling my whole house (firring out block walls so we can install central air), which means I will have a whole new house when we are done. I would love a steam cleaner to help keep everything “new”!!! I’m getting rid of all our carpeting and having wood and tile floors only.

  38. rayraycartucci says

    My whole house is a disaster area because I have three dogs and a kid so every room is gross but I think the living room is in the worst shape.

  39. says

    I used to have a steam machine and loved it!! The first thing I would clean would be the shower and then onto the baseboards! I can never seem to get either of those very clean no matter what cleaning tools and products I use.

  40. Cas says

    I’d use it in our kitchen, I’d give anything to have a lovely clean kitchen all the time, but I hate cleaning in there!

  41. Nikki C says

    Well I wouldn’t, but I’d be giving this to my 26 y/o daughter, along with your blog post about how to clean and disinfect a home, so that she might actually learn something. Scrubbing a baseboard, mopping a floor, or sanitizing a remote control would simply never occur to her, she would likely be appalled that anyone would consider such a thing. If nothing else, I’m printing the article and hanging it on her fridge.

  42. Cindy A. says

    I would LOVE to win this! The bathroom would definitely be first on my list. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway.

  43. says

    I would love to win one of these, with three kids under seven and a dog our vinyl floors and bathrooms could use a deep clean!!

    xo, Tanya

  44. Janice says

    I would clean our kitchen cabinets! I have tried many things but whatever I do just doesn’t cut through the years of grease and grime that a 40 year old kitchen builds up! This would help in the mean time while we save up for a new kitchen!

  45. Alisha Hodges says

    I would clean our kitchen first. The baseboards are dirty and the walls and cabinets get splattered in certain spots because my husband juices and it sprays a little sometimes. I can’t seem to keep it clean in there.

  46. beverly e says

    I’d head straight for my oven… ugh! My least favorite cleaning chore. Then outside to my gunky grill.

  47. brenda says

    hi kitchen first but the whole house needs it. My hsb has been helpful following some spontaneous fractures but they just do not really get into the whole cleaning thing do they ??

  48. Stephanie Gossett says

    I would clean my tile! Thank you so much for this chance! This would be a dream come true!

    ninigossett at gmail dot com

  49. Nancy says

    I used to clean the kitchen every night as a kid, and you could eat off the floor.That was my job. As an adult I was very good cleaning my apartments until I moved to FL.. However, reading your blog has taught me a lot and inspired me to be more my new apartment. I’ve just moved, the apartment gets very dusty, very quickly, and it’s been difficult to keep on top of the whole place.. Reading your blog has made me want to get going immediately. A chance to win a steamer would surely help. Love your blog!!

  50. Nancy says

    Just wrote the comment above about moving to FL into the dusty apartment. Just wanted to correct the error in my email address. Please note the change. This second post is the correct email address. The garbled letters are deliberate. Take care!! Thank you.

  51. Marie Russell says

    Would really like to steam clean inside windows of our house and cars, if I were to win the steam cleaner. I wanted a steam cleaner since I first saw it in your blog this past year! Thank you for sharing info and pictures about what the steam cleaner can do.

  52. says

    I have 19 year old and 22 year old sons living at my house and I haven’t gone in their rooms to clean in ages! You have inspired me to put on the armor and get in there! I also like the tip about using the steamer in the window tracks. That is a tough place to clean.

  53. says

    We just bought/moved into an older home that has tons of little nooks and crannies, so probably the entire house could use a really good deep clean ;)

  54. says

    We enter our house via the front door or garage door, which are very close to each other. That makes my entry (and the front office) dusty and always in need of cleaning. The grout and sealers are always dirty.

  55. Elizabeth H says

    My kitchen would be first and then bathrooms! Thanks for the deep cleaning list. I am going to put it to work!

  56. Rebekah says

    Definitely the best and safest way to clean if anyone in the household is chronically ill…not to mention great for the environment! I would not only use it to clean, but to also sanitize anything and everything from germs floating around…

  57. Rebekah says

    Definitely the best and safest way to clean if anyone in the household is chronically ill…I would use it not only to clean, but to also sanitize areas that might have germs lurking even if it is already clean!

  58. Nicole I says

    This is awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to win! I can’t believe the number it did on your floors in the corners- I was actually staring at mine a couple of days ago thinking about how to effectively tackle them, it has been driving me nuts. Then I saw yours and OH! So yeah, that is the first thing I’d be doing with it, but definitely not the last.

  59. Kaci says

    I would clean my shower floor. My husband has a dirty job and we can’t find anything to get all of the gunk off!

  60. Ilene says

    I’d clean my kitchen counter tops first. I have a steam mop that is great for the floors and have always wanted one portable enough to get those counters totally clean. Thanks for the giveaway!


  61. Jennifer H. says

    I would clean my floors. I, too, am a germaphobe. I wish I could say I was already recovering, but I’m in the middle of battling it with my two small children. ;) Thank you for the opportunity!

  62. Doris Henson says

    My bathroom would be the first room to come under fire with this baby!!! Thanks for the chance to win this!

  63. Karen says

    If that thing does floors and carpets, that’s where I’d start! I HATE cleaning floors. I wish that they’d magically clean themselves, especially in the winter with all that salt getting tracked in. I’d hate to think about how much dirt it would pull up, but then I know we’d be breathing easier too, so I guess it’s worth the work!

  64. Jill thomas says

    I was just asking my husband if he had ever come across an steamer/power washer for bathroom tiles. The first place I would use it is in our boys (three boys) bathroom. It never seems clean enough.

  65. Jennifer says

    What a great product! We were about to get rid of our couch, but it sounds like a good steam cleaning would do the trick!

  66. says

    I would clean the chairs and sofas that have been dirtied during our recent renovation. I would love to have a steam cleaner for the whole house. And, BTW, I left a similar comment on the wrong post so just ignore that. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  67. Mary Jenkins says

    Love your deep cleaning list. I needed cleaning inspiration today! I would start with the kitchen floor and do the whole apartment. Our security deposit was $1000 so I need to be thorough in cleaning if I want to get that back when we move!

  68. Irma c says

    My bathroom! I guess you always think you’ve cleaned it enough until you find out you can completely disinfect!

  69. Lucy Arnold says

    Oops! I just posted my comment on the wrong post so I will post again. lol Thank you for this post – I am going to print it and make a determined effort to use it. The steam machine sounds like a dream come true! Who wouldn’t love it? I love your blog and look forward to what you will share in the coming year.

  70. Heather says

    I would clean my toilets first! We live in a rental and even though its not that old… Who knows what is all over it! I would love to Deep clean all the cracks! Thank you!

  71. Janet says

    The kitchen. I have a very limited time I can work, especially if it involves standing. I’m only good for about 10 minutes on my feet. So no deep cleaning really gets done. Think that would do the trick.


  72. Vicki Rice says

    The baseboards! I hate cleaning them and they need it. But I have a whole list of other things to clean now that I read your list and ideas.

  73. Sandy says

    I just ordered one from Amazon! Can’t wait to try it and use it throughout the whole house! The baseboards and the nooks and crannies are cupboards doors will be the first on my list. Thank you for all of the suggestions. Wondering how they will work on levelor (sp) doors? I hope great – mine are nasty and I have then everywhere in my house where there is a closet!
    Thanks againg!

  74. Renee says

    I love your idea to use the steamer on baseboards, mine never seem to be clean enough to me and stuff always gets stuck in the corners.
    I also love the shop vac down the ducts. I am obsessed with cleaning dust off the actual vents but never thought to take them off and shop vac down there!

  75. Sarah K says

    With 4 kids, a mechanic husband, a dog, and a cat in our smallish ranch house, that machine would really get a workout. I would love to have one!

  76. says

    The first thing I’d tackle with that steam machine would be my baseboards. I love a clutter free-clean house…sounds like I need to get you on board to help me. ;)

  77. Jennifer says

  78. Adrienne says

    I have a had steamer that I got with my floor one, I will have to give this a try. But the one you are giving away looks like it would work better. The doors and baseboards are my first start! Thanks for the information!

  79. Rebecca Parsons says

    I would clean my entryway first. With this terrible snow and crude brought in it needs a deep cleaning.

  80. Nicole robert says

    So it’s time to clean the basement long time past from last time I clean it
    this machine will be a big help to me to clean it so deep

  81. Shannon says

    The couch. I’ve had a steam cleaner before but it did not have an upholstery attachment. That would be wonderful!

  82. Jackie says

    After you’ve cleaned baseboards and they’re dry, simply rub a fabric softener sheet on them to prevent dust from accumulating on them.

  83. Taunya says

    The first thing I would clean with the steam machine would definitely be the baseboards in my house. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  84. Emily says

    I would use it to clean tile grout and other cracks and crevices. Also I’m very curious about trying it on upholstery!

  85. Shannon Wilson says

    I tend to deep clean everytime I clean and I never get as much accomplished as I wish! The steam cleaner would be amazing to have!