1982 Never Looked So Good

I love my sisters! I especially love when they go along with harebrained ideas of mine. A friend on facebook posted a link to a website where people had recreated an old photo. I about fell off my chair laughing! I did a little more searching and apparently it is a thing. I must be living under a rock because I did not know about this. And there were a TON of examples!

I find it hilarious and I was happy that one of my sisters was game. And bless my other sister’s (introverted) heart because this was WAY outside of her comfort zone. And she was the one in the ridiculous dance outfit! HA!

So here we are in 1982 and then again in 2013……


My sister that was all for it was so excited she shopped for 11 hours straight at thrift stores the Saturday before to find outfits. I think she did a fabulous job! Even if my older sis had to wear red underwear over tights with a tee shirt tucked in. We realized after that her sash was on the wrong side, but I think we did pretty good! My mom helped pin and sew and tuck. She was also the photographer. My mom loved it so much she has several more she wants us to do. The next one will have my brother in it. We may have to pay him. And he may come kicking and screaming. But he will be in it :)


Here are some of my favorites from a site called Awkward Family Photos.



Do you think this is something you would ever do?


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  1. says

    Haha! That’s awesome! Your sister is such a good sport because that outfit MAKES the photo! What a great idea – and those examples are hilarious!

  2. says

    Omg, I SOOO want to do this. I have been bugging my sister and cousins for forever, but they’re just not game. How lucky that your sisters were game! Totally awesome picture. :) By the way, your “example” photos are hilarious!

  3. says

    I just realized it was a thing a couple of weeks ago, yet sadly my sibling think I’m crazy. Your photo’s are perfection. I love that they helped you out with it.

  4. Delina says

    I LOVE IT!! That is just so fun! What a great memory to look at both and see that you are still those little girls :)

  5. says

    This is just hilarious!!! I have not seen or heard of this until now either. I have to look out an old picture and see if I can convince my sister to do it as a fun present for my mom’s 70th birthday in February.

  6. says

    Oh dearest Stacy – this is too funny! I’m not sure where it started, and like you, didn’t realize it was “a thing.” But there was something about this on the first or second season of Modern Family so I’m not sure if they started it or just went with the trend. I’m rolling. As soon as my hair grows long enough to recreate my most fabulous 80’s hair… I’m so doing this!!! Hugs, Holly

  7. says

    Omg these are hilarious I love them!! I’ve been wanting to recreate a couple (me acting like a reporter, by brother a ninja) but haven’t gotten around to it

  8. Nicole S. says

    I’ve seen these before, but seeing you put it into action gave me a great idea…recreating one for my parents for Christmas! I think they’d find it hysterical :)

  9. beverly e says

    I really LOVE these! Some of them are sooo funny. You did a great job and it’s even better that your mom got in on it, too!

  10. says

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