Decorate For Fall: Target Gift Card Giveaway!

****This giveaway is now closed****

The winner is Mindi who said “Love the pallet signs!” I have contacted Mindi and she has responded:)

I was hanging on for dear life to summer for some reason even though I love fall. But it is officially autumn time and I have finally come to terms with it. Now that I am home from New York, I think I am mentally and physically ready to decorate for fall. I have some fall mantel ideas ready to do and I really want to add more décor than usual through out my house. would love to offer one lucky reader a $100 Target gift card!!! recently launched a national ad campaign all about home moments. And for me, preparing for cooler weather, the smells of autumn, baking, and decorating for the holidays are some of my favorite home moments.

target fall

Target is one of my favorite stores and they have some AWESOME items to help your home feel more like the cooler days of fall :)

target Mock proof 2


Let’s make this easy shall we?

All you need to do is visit the decorating section of, browse a bit, and then come back here and comment telling me what your favorite tip or idea you would like to implement in your home.

*Must be 18 years or older and a resident of the USA to enter. Giveaway runs from Monday September 23rd through Sunday September 29th. Winner will be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be chosen.


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  1. monica smith says

    I LOVE the article from about using budget-friendly furniture!!! Spray paint really does make all the difference in the world and you can make any piece all your own!

  2. Tammy Clipps says

    I went to the renters part. I think if i had the money i would change some throw rugs and the light fixtures in my kids rooms. Love the half globe idea alot. rugs would add color to there boring baige.

  3. Stephanie DuCharme says

    I love the coral table with “dipped” legs! Also the polka dot chair. I would haven’t have ever done that myself when planning a chair re-do but now I will!

  4. says

    I love the “how to add pops of color to your rental” article. I don’t rent, but even in a home that you own, these are great tips. I’m trying to go more neutral with my walls and adding in my personality through accessories. ;)

  5. Nicole says

    I love the ways to add a splash of color to a rental. Its hard to create an inspiring room when you can change anything!

  6. Dena B says

    Love, Love, Love the “Maps as Wallpaper” idea! thinking I could even combine the “World Globe Light” as a feature in the same room!

  7. Marci says

    I love their recent post (and a few older ones too) with tips for renters. I often feel so stuck because we can’t paint or put a single nail in the wall. I loved their idea of changing out light fixtures– that is totally something I want to do to help my home feel more up to date.

  8. Wendy N says

    I love bringing elements of nature inside our rental. Would love to do more of that and change it out with the seasons.

  9. Sarah G says

    Since it’s fall now, I like the idea of using things in nature to decorate. Like using acorns in a vase, with a smaller candle in the center. A great project for my girls, too, since they love to gather things outside.

  10. Jelena says

    I read through the outdoor lighting section. I’m always looking for cute ways to light up my yard, but I especially loved the crappy old chandelier they reused for candles!

  11. grammygoodwill says

    I enjoyed reading quite a few of the posts. My favorite has to be the one on furniture that does double duty. Having a couch turn into bunk beds would be amazing. That mirror that became a table was also very original. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. Beth McHale says

    Since I’m totally a budget shopper I love the ideas of reusing furniture you already have by giving it a face lift. And I’ve always been a sucker for the pallet ideas!

  13. Michele says

    I love love love the interactive walls for kids ideas…I really want to incorporate the chalk board and magnetic board together in my kitchen so that all my boys can enjoy it (15, 12 and 6 mo).

  14. Dustine says

    I like all the renter tips! My husband’s job relocates us every 1-2 years so we are always stuck renting. I ALWAYS get charged for excessive holes in the wall because I go crazy putting shelves and whatnot up. I used some cute pottery barn decals in my boys’ room. It seems like all of our rental walls are textured so I put the decals on plexi glass and hung them on the wall with mirror hangers. It looks so cool; it looks like they are floating!

  15. Beth J says

    I rent and honestly the best tip was about switch plates. They use washing tape but I think I will look for some funky ones to replace the existing ones while I live here
    thank you

  16. Debbie Cody says

    Great ideas from I’m always looking to do something different to the inside or outside my home. Looking at curb appeal ideas.

  17. Erica Bera says

    I love the Interactive Kid Wall post! We are working on playroom plans, and I’ve almost talked myself into a Lego wall. I’d considered a chalkboard wall, but I don’t think I would think it would be so dusty! But I haven’t thought of a magnet wall! I love it!

  18. Chrissey says

    I love all the ideas for rental homes! My family rents and I always feel like I’m in a generic box. These ideas will really help personalize our space without compromising our rental agreement!

  19. Jenifer says

    I love customizing the budget furniture idea. There are so many possibilities with color you can add to your furniture!

  20. jackie says

    I liked the How to add a pop of color to a rental. We own our home, but don’t like the commitment or effort in painting. So adding color is always needed!

  21. says

    I work out of my home as an illustrator and am always looking for better, more clever ways to decorate and organize. I love the mason jars art supply station!

  22. Penny Miller says

    Awesome bicycle wheel clock! I just found my dads bicycle when he was a teenager! This will be the perfect addition to our family room!

  23. Afton says

    I really liked the organization tips, especially the article about organizing school supplies at home. Now if I can just keep them out of the reach of my 2 year old… Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Jamie says

    I love your contributor post on the polka dot trend. My husband and I are currently building a home and would love to implement polka dots in my 7 year old daughter’s new room. She would go crazy over purple polka dots on her ceiling!

  25. Jusa says

    I will confess I was distracted by the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Trifle recipe, but, moving on, I like the ideas for fixing up used furniture. I need to tackle a couple of pieces, and I was intrigued by the paint ideas, including the coppery gold paint accents. Lots to explore on that post.

  26. Danita Courtney says

    Going green has been a theme of mine since I’ve moved to Maine and I love reading articles that provide more ideas. In this case REPURPOSING items you already have is a great tip. So is thrift shopping! Just found the mother-lode a few towns away called Trash and Treasures in a huge red barn! I enjoyed the articles for renters too! Great advice to make living fun and enjoyable! Awesome resource for any situation you find yourself in! Thanks AGAIN Stacy!

  27. Kelly V. says

    I love the post on helpful tips for renters! I never thought about changing out out light fixtures but given our length of time in our current place, it may have to happen!

  28. shawn'l says

    I liked the ideas for renters. Unfortunately I am one for the time being so decorating can be discouraging as I can’t paint the white walls. (ugh!) I especially liked the covering white walls ideas in the article.

  29. says

    Adding pops of color throughout the rental is definitely something that I’ve needed to see!! As a renter, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to get creative with color! I’m glad I saw this!

  30. Whitney Hansen says

    The ideas about furniture, specifically refinishing them like the DIY Painted Furniture article helps me since i need to buy used furniture due to budget.

  31. Dessica says

    I am painting the walls in my house neutral grays/whites and I love the pops of bright colors in the Idea Gallery.

  32. Autum says

    I love the “Interactive walls for children” post. I had painted my one of my boys walls with chalk paint for them to have a creative space to draw on but I never thought of a magnetic wall or even (Love) a lego wall. I’m thinking I just might have to try the lego wall out.

  33. Susan says

    I am a renter, so I loved the hints on “5 Decorating Tips for Home Renters.” I ran out of ideas to make the rental look more like me….soon I am off to Lowes and Home Depot in search of new knobs for my living room furniture as well as a new lighting fixture or 2!

  34. LucindaJ says

    We’re renters, so it was great to see the ideas for making a rental space your own. Now I’m on the hunt for an old globe to use as a light fixture, and I’m going to try painting a pattern onto our plain area rug.
    I also liked the article about interactive kids’ walls. I haven’t liked the idea of my kids using dry-erase markers (since they wipe off the dry-erase board and NOTHING else), but now that dry erase crayons (!) are available, I want to get my boys a big whiteboard to draw on.

  35. Nicole Stone says

    Oh my goodness, the post about Interactive Wall Ideas for kids is amazing. We are in the process of redoing my sons room (age 5), and I think I might try and incorporate a chalkboard wall, and also a Lego wall. That would be amazing, and I know he’d just LOVE it!

  36. Khadija says

    I really like the rental decorating tips. I love the bright colored frames. I also love the corn dog in a jar recipe!! How awesome is that?

  37. Ashley C says

    I love the tip for outdoor seating. I’ve been looking for ideas for our porch/outdoor space and these are some unique and creative ideas!


  38. Margot C says

    I love the Love is like apricot chest of drawers and I was thinking maybe I would just do that with an Ikea HEMNES that starts in the white satin then paint the drawers and put some new pulls on it and put it in my kitchen.

    Just a note: I love your blog!

  39. Shaunna says

    I love all of the tips and ideas for decorating with pallets. The fall decorations were fun to look at as well!

    Sure love your blog

  40. Amy Lovin Estes says

    The IKEA Besta Burs console table hack is awesome! I love the metallics that are being used everywhere and what an easy way to add that trend. Plus, when you tire of it or a new trend intrigues you, just repaint. It’s on my to do list right now!

  41. says

    I love the “How to Add Pops of Color to Your Rental.” My husband is in medical school so we probably won’t be buying a place anytime soon. It’s hard to feel like our apartment is ours because we aren’t allowed to paint, the kitchen and carpets are pretty dull, and everything is kind of “blah.” I like the idea of selecting a color palette and then adding pops of color from it to your home. It really could help brighten up our place!

  42. Christy File says

    I loved the article about mixing styles- country, modern, etc. I do that in my home, too, and I didn’t even realize it. I just know what I like when I see it.. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  43. says

    I think that’s the first time I’ve really looked around on! I have been missing out! I love all their tips for decorating a rental home. My hubby and I live in a rental but our landlords are totally cool with us painting, and doing other minor changes that can be fixed easily when we decide to move. My focus right now is our M Bedroom and making it a relaxing happy place, I’m thinking some spray paint and new throw pillows for the bed are in order!

  44. Stephanie House says

    I love the lighting ideas. I was in a rental and we were only able to make minimal changes, but changing the fixtures to more updated looks is fun! Love the world globe one! Clever!

  45. Kimberly P says

    I love so many of the ideas, especially since we’re in a rental, but I think I have to go with the mason jar ideas or the interactive wall for kids (I want to play with them too!).

  46. Angie M says

    Customizing the budget friendly pieces of furniture to make them more you. I don’t usually think about what I can do to a piece and this got me thinking.

  47. Amy R says

    I will use the “how to mix patterns and textiles” to chose fabric for my living room. I just purchased two new chairs in a retro/modern floral patten and am having a difficult time finding curtains, pillows, etc. This will help me tremendously! I thought I would have to buy plain pillows but now I know how to mix and match properly.

  48. Jennifer S says

    I loved the wall treatment post; all the different ways of using the same material, sometimes just with a different finish or patterning, was very inspirational! I think I may try the diagonal wainscoting in my son’s room.

  49. Kathy says

    Wow! Just spent waaay too long on their site. I think I have a weekend project in my future with their customizng budget furniture ideas.

    Thanks for sharing their info!

  50. Amanda says

    I like the post on adding pops of color. I seem to gravitate to the same colors but like this idea to add some variety to a room.
    Pretty sure I could find some fun pieces at Target. I love all of the Threshold brand home items there right now.

  51. Amanda says

    I especially liked the ideas to change your space and make it more of your own space when you’re renting. Everyone always feel stuck with the decorations they have when they are renting, but a space should be your own and decorated to reflect your personality. A quick way to change up the decorations or the feel to your place that you’re renting would be to change up your light fixtures! it may not always be the cheapest route to go but at least when you decide to move on from the home you can take those beautiful light fixtures with you and they always make a room look unique! ←And THAT,was my fave bit of advice!

  52. Stephanie O says

    I like the 5 tips for renters. Change lighting and decorate walls with removable items. Starched fabric walls, I have wanted to try this forever!

  53. Bridget Weed says

    What a neat site filled with tons of ideas! My fav was the budget friendly sofa table that was plain white, assembly required. But it was glammed up with gold metallic paint and now it looks like a designer table from a high end furniture store! This will help me to remember to think outside the box when looking at big box store furniture pieces.

  54. Michelle says

    I have always loved using mirrors in decorating. Now I just have to remember to put fresh flowers in front to reflect them… Having double the effect!

  55. Jen says

    I have rented for the past several years, and have been so excited about fixing up our homes as much as a homeowner. I loved the idea of the removable wall coverings… maps are a new love of mine. thanks for the chance at the give away!

  56. says

    I love the 15 Easy DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas! Would be so fun and easy for parties!
    I would use a string of Christmas lights and colorful little paper cups :)

  57. says

    We’re all on a tight budget these days, aren’t we? I loved the post about Budget Friendly Furniture Ideas! Spray paint really does go a long way :)

  58. Jenna says

    It may be simple, but lighting can make such a difference! Their tip on lighting is exactly what I need to do to add some cozy and iimpactful lighting in our home :)

  59. Jen Y says

    I love the grapevine ball outdoor chandelier in ’15 easy diy outdoor lighting ideas’. I actually pinned that idea a while back to use on my back porch. I’m hoping to make it for the spring!

  60. Leslie W says

    I need to use the cover ugly floors with rugs idea. I need to find a great rug for my living room & cover the ugly floor!

  61. Veronica says

    I like the article about customizing budget furniture, this would be a great way to take basic Ikea furniture and make it unique

  62. says

    I personally love the DIY wall treatment ideas. Wow! They are so amazing. What a great and easy way to add texture and color to your home. These different colors and designs on the wall can add so much life to a room and I need to do them in every room of my home! It really makes for a complete transformation of your home! Can’t wait to implement these ideas in my house!

  63. Chelsea Z says

    I love the idea of using fabric covered foam board to decorate without painting or damaging the walls, great for renters!

  64. Joyce Ostermiller says

    I like all the ideas for decorating when you are renters. We rent, and are having so much fun decorating with things that don’t really change the space, but definitely change the atmosphere.

  65. Kellie says

    I love the polkadots. I especially love the polkadot walls, but also the polkadot curtains and tablecloth. Love your polkadot walls in your home!

  66. says

    I loved the metallic mason jars- those would be divine in a wedding! I actually have mason jars hanging in from a shelf in my garage holding all the loose nuts and bolts.

  67. Felicia says

    As a new renter I am thankful for the tips on decorating for renters especially the trick to cover unsightly flooring with a pretty rug!

  68. Haley Rhoades says

    I love the tip to update the walls with removable decor. My husband and I are still in graduate school and we are renting a townhome. This is a great idea to help decorate it to make it feel more like a real home and they are all cheap options as well, which is good to college student’s budgets :)

  69. Tari Millis says

    I loved the article about double duty furniture. I live in a rather small house and while the kids are grown and out of the house I still find that there just never seems to be enough room to live comfortably. It helps a lot if you can incorporate two or more uses into one space. This frees up more breathing room.

  70. Maureen L says

    How to add pops of color to your space. My house tends to stick on the neutrals side and I am always seeking out how to add color!

  71. Christine says

    I liked the tip about painting your furniture in a rental to bring in pops of color. I painted several pieces of my furniture while renting to bring in color, it’s such a great idea when you cannot paint the walls.

  72. Dorothy says

    I really like all the mason jar ideas. Mason jars are great! From vases, to lamps to a twine holder, who knew?! So versatile. Going to definitely use the twine holder idea.

  73. Leanne N. says

    We are definitely on a strict budget when it comes to home improvement projects, so the post about customizing budget-friendly furniture was a great source for ideas!

  74. says

    We got full custody of my step-daughter last year, so this is our second school year with her with us. I’m sure by the time my 1 and 2 year olds were in school I would have been ready and figured this out, but we’re a little behind with her… I loved all the ideas for organizing kids schoolwork. I will definitely be going out and purchasing file boxes for each kiddo!

  75. Wild Orchid says

    I love this idea that shows the power of paint–

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  76. Val says

    So many great ideas but I LOVE the post on Customizing Budget-Friendly Furniture- specifically the Touch of Coppery Gold and Dipped Svalbo. I may just be jumping on the train but I want to add metallics into our decor pretty bad.

  77. Susan J says

    I love the “Customizing Budget Friendly Furniture”. We moved from a tiny apartment in Boston to a house in Virginia. I have a lot of empty space to fill with a tiny budget.

  78. sharon says

    I’ve somehow never been to that site before – thanks! I enjoyed the article on decorating with white. I am a huge lover of color, but my husband really wanted a white living room. We just remodeled and I painted white and I love it!

  79. Emily says

    I love the idea of using throws, pillows and lamps for an extra punch of color. Great way to change things up for the new season on a budget!!

  80. Desiree H says

    I Love the idea of adding pops of color everywhere! It brightens up the home, but isnt overwhelming since its a small amount of color! Thank you for the giveaway!

  81. ann says

    Love the Mason Jar Ideas. Makes great storage while still looking appealing. Love the idea of making treats and putting them in a mason jar to give as gifts.

  82. Bonita says

    I love the idea of mixing all different styles. . .I am doing that in our new house. I am also starting to add some gold. Something I didn’t think I would do.

  83. Alisha Hodges says

    I would implement the pallet DIY crafts into my home. My husband has access to lots of pallets, so this would be a good craft for me.

  84. Mattie P. says

    Hi! I liked the diy lighting fixtures. I live in a one bedroom and the lighting isn’t the greatest, so this will totally help create a “warmer” atmosphere!

  85. Amy Gonzalez says

    I like the idea of customizing furniture to suite your design taste. All of us want designer furniture but can’t afford it and alittle diy helps you get the look for less.

  86. Bethany K says

    I love the articles focusing on wall treatments. We have two huge walls in our main living space but I’ve already done a gallery wall in our dining room. is a great place for inspiration/advice. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  87. Bethany Moss says

    They have great ideas for upcycling items for budget friendly decorating. I am particularly fond of the etched glass lamp! I am thinking about using that technique to update the light fixtures in my house!

  88. Emily S says

    I enjoyed Stylish Storage Solutions for the Living Room……add coasters to baskets and store under a coffee table for kids toys and books. What a great idea!

  89. jackie says

    love the idea of pops of color. it seems so basic but is the easiest way to transform you rooms with new styles and palettes.

  90. Danielle Ferretti says

    I have a few projects planned to be worked on before the end of this year… spruce up our bathroom (paint, mirror, decor, etc), redecorate our guest room and create a gallery wall in our dining room. I am looking to use fabric as wall decor.

  91. Stephanie Cleveland says

    I love the idea of customizing budget furniture. that way, you get a unique look and don’t end up having the same stuff as everyone else!

  92. Pam says

    Changing out light fixtures does make such a difference and is a great tip. I’ve exchanged two in my house and I love the difference! I’d love to change out more.

  93. Bridget Goldsberry says

    I love the tips for interactive kids walls. I am always looking for something to engage the kids, so this is perfect! :)

  94. Heather says

    I like the article Customizing Budget-Friendly Furniture. i am always looking for new ways to add my own touch to things!

  95. Nicole I. says

    I found the articles about improving your rental space really helpful- I am moving in one week and the rental home has character but it needs some sprucing up definitely. I want it to reflect my personality! There are so many little things that I would have never thought of, especially the many creative and completely un-tacky ways for using temporary wallpaper. I’m going to start searching for the ideal colors now! Even if I don’t win, I’m glad to have found that site, it’s now locked in my favorites!

  96. Ile says

    I enjoyed the Convertible Kids Room Ideas. As our son is growing so fast I am always thinking of ways to make his space one that meets his needs and engages him in learning in fun ways. Bonne chance to all!

  97. says

    I enjoyed reading decorating tips for home renters. We are in a similar situation as renters because we live in a Parsonage that our church owns. I’ve incorporated tips like adding pops of color with pillows and curtains, covered up ugly floors with rugs and brought bits of nature indoors. I enjoy reading the articles at

  98. Mellie Hensley says

    Stumbled onto your page from a link to a great “Office Closet Makeover”, then I got sucked in! Couple hours later, I’m not sure what my favorite is now! But first on my try to DIY list is going to be “Interactive Walls for Kid Spaces”.

  99. Kelsey says

    I have some cute dressers I bought that have been sitting for some time. I would love to dip paint them or paint them ombre colored. Thanks so much!

  100. D SCHMIDT says

    Visited and I like the pantry tips, especially : Clear containers are also great for younger toddlers who aren’t able to identify foods by name or by the packaging. Giving them a choice between two snacks in clear containers may lessen some frustration when it comes to snack time.

  101. says

    I love that they say this: “The key element is to find pieces that have meaning or that you can relate to in some manner. You want your home to tell your story and vintage items can help do that.”

    I decorate my house with one rule: I must love it.

  102. says

    So I meant to say I love the interactive kids lego wall. Unfortunately my fingers didn’t get the memo. So yes, I love interactive kids, and yes I have 2 boys that are interactive. =)

  103. says

    With 3 generations living in the same home, toy clutter is a big one for us. We’re constantly purging the happy meal toys and broken toys. So I always welcome new tips on simplifying. Thanks.

  104. Jeanette W says

    I love changing decor-and the ideas for rentals is great inspiration without the commitment. Some of the specific ideas I love for it are changing the light fixtures out for renters (we’ve painted brass ones with an oil-rubbed bronze spray paint) and using foam core with fabric for pops of color on the wall that won’t damage the walls. I also loved the article on budget friendly furniture.

  105. Elizabeth H says

    Wow, lots of tips and ideas. Love mason jars and adding pops of color. I needs some color in my home! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  106. erin meerzaman says

    love the ikea hack on the desk that Shelly Smith and her husband did for their basement desk behind a couch! Great idea

  107. Molly M says

    I just settled into a new apartment and have been dying to find new ways to decorate for the seasons. the ideas has for rental spaces is so perfect! I even recognized some of the items being from Target, and a couple I already have!