Laundry Room Progress

My laundry room still needs a wall to separate it from the soon-to-be-master-bedroom, it needs tile on the floor, and it needs a ceiling. BUT since I do not know when all that will happen due to time and money flow, I decided to at least make one wall cute for now. And maybe when canning season is over I will have the time and energy to focus on the rest :)

Here is what it looked like after I added the gray stained wood planks:

gray stained planked walls

And here it is with the shelf!

laundry room shelf

If you notice in the first picture you can see the outlets and water lines. I didn’t want to see them but I needed them to be accessible so I came up with a plan. I got a 1×10 board and cut it to the length I needed. I bought a 6 foot board and trimmed it to about 5 feet. Then I added molding to the edges (except the back edge of course). I used what I had on hand which was crown molding but casing or molding that has a flat back would probably have been easier. I wanted the molding to hang down past the board for two reasons. One, was so it looked thicker. And the second reason was to hide the hinge. What hinge you ask???

I added some wood slats to a thin piece of plywood. They were the same tongue and groove boards I used on the walls. Then I took a 4 foot piano hinge and attached it to it. Then I attached the wood slats (that were connected by the plywood) to the bottom of the shelf. So the wood slats hang down from the shelf but can be lifted up (thanks to the long hinge) to expose the electrical outlets and water lines if needed.building shelf

I hung the shelf using 4 metal brackets. They stuck out from the wall 6 inches. So the piano hinge had to be attached 6 inches from the back of the shelf to allow room for the brackets. If you look closely it is obvious that there is a panel of wood slats that sticks out farther than the wall. But it looks much better than seeing large electrical outlets, brackets, and water lines.

I had fun adding decor to the shelf!

laundry room decor

Fresh flowers are a must :)

laundry room antique metal box

This metal box is something my mom found. It currently hold the dryer sheets.

target wood bowl laundry

The wood bowl is from Target. It holds all the “treasures” I find in pockets like change, small toys, rocks, worms….. I am the mom of four little boys you know!

metal laundry basket

This basket from Create-ology is awesome. It came with another one that is slightly smaller too. But this large one is perfect for clean folded laundry ready to be taken care of.

I can’t wait to finish the rest of the space. Right now I am considering this color scheme for the whole room. Gray, white, light green, coral/melon, and maybe a little yellow.

laundry room better homes and gardens

laundry room with BHG laundry carts


laundry room organized with metal bins

laundry room

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  1. Elizabeth H says

    Nothing less than genius. I have a situation very similar and this just might be the solution. You really are amazing!!

  2. CT says

    I love your clever fixes. It looks so nice, doing laundry would almost be a pleasure and not a chore. Love the decorative touches, and, lol, the bowl for treasures.

  3. Micah Thompson says

    Awesome!! I have been wondering how to hide my laundry wires and such. I think your idea is fabulous, but I’m still lost on how exactly you it. Can you send me more pictures if you have them. Is it 2 pieces made into one? Do you have to take off the shelf to expose the wires and water cutoff?

  4. Julie @ Being Home says

    Wow! Stacy, this turned out absolutely wonderful! The plank wall really set the tone and using a piano hinge for that shelf is genius! I am in a similar dilemma with my laundry room in regards to putting a shelf above the washer and dryer. Fantastic makeover and love the colors you plan on adding in.

  5. Kathy says

    Looks Great! Clean and fresh.
    I have an unrelated question. The steps and walkway you painted a couple of years ago…how did the Behr concrete paint hold-up?
    I’m getting ready to do mine.

  6. Nicole Stone says

    Looks great! Can’t wait to see what the rest looks like, you just have an amazing way of pulling everything together so perfectly!

  7. says

    Love your blog, love the laundry room! Wondering where you found the delightful jar you have the clothespins in? It reminds me of a jar my grandmother had.

  8. says

    That clothespin jar gave me a great idea. I’m still trying to “rehome” items since I moved and one of them is a glass jar that looks like it once held penny candy. It’s an ideal solution! Thanks.

  9. says

    This looks awesome and your hinge idea was brilliant! I love how you show your rooms in progress – it makes me feel better knowing other people don’t do whole room makeovers in a weekend either! Still working on our dining room that I started last November! ;)