Fall projects For Kids

FALL!!! I love the cooler temperatures, the harvesting from my garden, sweaters, boots, and comfort food. I have a few fall home decor projects in mind but my bathroom (sheet rocking, painting, tiling, etc.) is taking most of my time lately. So in case I am late getting to those fall projects, here are some of my past ideas in case you missed them. All these ideas I am sharing today have one thing in common aside from fall…. MY KIDS :) ¬†They are all projects I had my kids help me with or were totally just for them. So here are some fun ideas for your children this fall. I am trying something new. I made a slideshow so just click NEXT to see them all :)

 Fall projects For Kids





  1. Jusa says

    So many great ideas! Wish I could turn back the clock and do some of these with my kid. I’ll bet he would have loved the green hair and bug costume; face-covering masks were always a problem at school.
    I like the slideshow way of displaying the posts. (Except, I have cheap internet service, so the pix take a long time to load. I always wonder if differing load times have to do with high res vs low res images, or it’s my local Verizon service messing with the way things feed into my computer, which they do.)

    • Stacy says

      I am experimenting with it. I know some of it is how fast the particular blog loads. I had a computer guy do some things to make my site faster before I tried this out. But I also know it depends on your internet as well. I will try to resize the images if I do this type of post again. Thank you for your input! It helps a lot :)

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