Laundry Room Update

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The winner is Brei Hauser!

Have you picked your jaw up off the floor yet? Yes, you read that right. $500 Home Depot gift card, baby! I am super excited to have partnered up with Maytag, P&G, And Home Depot to offer this fun giveaway :) But first, let’s chat about laundry rooms. More specifically, mine.

I hate doing laundry. And I think at least a little bit of it has to do with the hole in the wall I call my laundry room. Take a gander at what I had to work with people. It ain’t pretty.


Since this is in the basement, the walls are cement. And then there is a thin layer of plaster over the cement. The layer of plaster is cracked in some places and was falling off around the window.

This picture was taken right before I ripped the ceiling down. I needed the lathe and plaster ceiling off so I could tuck all the wires and duct work in the ceiling. Plus we had some plumbing issues and it was easier to address them with the ceiling off.

Now we are in the process of putting it back together. Do you want to see my first project in the laundry room???

Gray Wood Planked Walls


I added wood planks to the walls and then stained them gray!!! I also framed the window.  I have been planning on doing this FOREVER. I asked Minwax for some gray stain I think 6-9 months ago. I am lame and I am just now getting to it. Our basement already has wood planked walls in some areas that are original to the house. So it seemed a natural choice to choose the wood planks in here. instead of painting them white (that is so popular right now) I chose to stain them gray. A) Because I adore gray stain and B) my washer and dryer are white and I thought gray would look better :)

Here is how I did it:

gray stained planked wall

*First you need to fur out the wall. You add 2x4s or 2x3s to the wall. This is so that the pipes and wires will have a place to fit and hide, and also so you have something to nail the boards into. If you are doing this in a room that is not a basement you can obviously skip this step.

*I went with tongue and groove boards instead of cutting plywood into strips (which can be cheaper) because I was not nailing the boards directly to the wall. For this 7 1/2 by 7 1/2 wall it was less than $60. And it saved me a ton of time. Nail it up, putty, sand, wipe clean, and you are ready to stain!

*I was trying to decide between Weathered Oak and Classic Gray Stain by Minwax. I ended up with Classic Gray. I posted about it on instagram ( I always give my instagram follower sneak peeks!) and many of you wanted to know where to buy it. It is relatively new but most Home Depots should carry it. Each store chooses which colors they carry though so some may not have it. Walmart carries the Weathered Oak, and you can get both on Amazon as well. If you have Menards stores in your area, they carry a large selection of Minwax stains.

*The next step would be to seal it. I was planning on it. It is, after all, what you are SUPPOSE to do. But I really love the matte look. So I am not sure now.

I used 1×4 and 1×6 on the inside of the window, plus window casing (molding) around the outside so it would have a finished look.


I will be building a custom sized tall crate to go next to the dryer. It will catch all the clothes coming down the laundry chute. HA! Remember when I decided to cut a hole in the floor one day? Probably not. It was in my very early blogging days. But let’s just say that my hubby came home to a giant pile of debris on the porch. The laundry chute is the metal box jutting out of the ceiling. It will be trimmed down and made flush with the new ceiling.  laundry-chute

 And here is the ‘ole side by side comparison!


I am far from finished but I love how it looks! I am going for a glamorous vintage industrial look. I can’t wait to have storage and have it function well. Here is a mood board to show you what I am thinking….

 laundry-mood-board1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Before we get to the $500 gift card giveaway I wanted to let you know about a Sweepstakes where you could win a $5,000 laundry room redesign!!!  It ends soon so hurry and enter. Click here to enter.


Part of the prize pack includes an e-design from Jenny from The Little Green Notebook . She has some tips for overhauling and organizing your laundry room:

Tip #1:

Dealing with a dark, cave-like laundry room is a chore in and of itself! By taking off the doors on a few of your upper cabinets, you’ll open up the space and create a place to store baskets. In this laundry room, we assigned baskets for every member of the house, which makes sorting a breeze!

Tip #2:

Why not decoupage or paint insides of cabinets for a fun pop of color? It’s a guaranteed smile each and every time you reach for your detergent.

Tip #3:

Don’t like the cabinets, floors and countertops in your laundry room? Every surface can be painted or resurfaced! For less than $30 in materials, the outdated linoleum, brick pavers and old, dark cabinets were updated in this laundry room with paint and with a concrete overlay product.

Tip #4

A rolling laundry butler can be your best friend, doing triple duty with a hanging bar, a rolling basket and a drying rack. It’s the perfect choice for a laundry room with limited space that hasn’t been updated in a few decades.

Tip #5:

Don’t neglect your laundry room walls! Hanging interesting art and mirrors will elevate your room and make it feel less utilitarian and more “homey”. Suddenly those 400 loads of laundry most of us will do this year might actually be enjoyable!

Alright, ready for the giveaway??? #BrilliantHEClean Prize Pack:

***Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents. You must be 18 years or older to enter. The giveaway starts August 9th and goes until August 16th. The winner will be announced Monday August 19th on my blog. The winner will be chosen by The winner will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.***


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*This post was sponsored by P&G. I was compensated for my time on this project with a gift card for materials. BUT as always, the thoughts and opinions are allllllllll MINE :)

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  1. Teri G. says

    My laundry room looks like yours did! Seriously, who does that to us?? I would love to put in tin ceiling tiles…I think that might look really cool! ♫♫♫♫

  2. Huntet says

    To make my laundry room more functional, I would definitely need a new storage system. I call it the black hole. It is a mess in there!

  3. says

    I would LOVE a nice laundry-doing space in this little house – although the dark and dingy basement where our washer and dryer live does give me a great excuse to not do any :p

  4. Kathryn B says

    I would love to redo my laundry area, it still has all the builder grade finishes like cheap shelves that are coming apart, boo.

  5. says

    I would like to put a counter top over my washer and dry. It would keep things from falling behind and would also serve as folding table. Next I would need cute storage boxes for the shelves and while I’m dreaming a iron and ironing board hanger.

  6. says

    Stacy, you are amazing. That looks fabulous!!! My laundry room is actually pretty nice, but it could use a fresh coat of fun paint and a little better organization system.

  7. says

    Thanks for the giveaway. Laundry Rooms should be just as beautiful and homey as the rest of the house! Hugs, Holly @ coconutheadsurvivalguide

  8. Jennifer S says

    This looks great! Can’t wait to see the final result. What I would need to finish my laundry room is trim, moulding, and flooring.

  9. Lauren says

    I need lots of wood for my laundry room. My laundry is small and is also my mud room….so I need storage…I have big plans for my husband to build a bench and storage cubes above and cabinets above my laundry tub so everything is off the floor.

  10. patty says

    To make my laundry room more functional I would like to move the wire wall mounted shelving and replace it with cabinets so I have a folding surface. I also need to replace the floor. There are a lot of missing VCT tiles due to water damage from the previous owners. $500 would go a long ways to making the room beautiful and more functional.

  11. allison says

    Your laundry room looks great so far! Where do I begin with what I need for my laundry room? Everything.

  12. Tara says

    Love those planked walls! I like to tell myself that if I just had more room in my laundry room that I would be better about actually folding the laundry when it is done…

  13. Lindsey says

    I’m buying a house that has the laundry “closet” in the middle of the kitchen… I’d really love to use the gift card to MOVE the laundry room to a better place :)

  14. Stacey I says

    I would get a new washer and dryer and then take down the terrible wallpaper the previous owners put up…man my laundry room is neglected.

  15. says

    OMG! We moved into a super old house earlier this year and have spent so much time, energy, and money trying to get it in shape. There are so many ways we could spend that gift card, I wouldn’t even know where to start! We actually have a teeny tiny laundry room/mud room that needs some MAJOR work and that gift card would be a great way to get started with some paint, storage, and shelving!

  16. Sandi Allen says

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    My laundry room isin the garage.
    There is no ceiling just the floor joists from the upper floor with exposed pipes and heat ducts.
    I could use a ceiling and some paint.
    Maybe a cupboard for storage and some shelving.

  17. Linda S. says

    It’s such a tiny space between the kitchen and garage, but it sure could use some new flooring and something from which to hang clothes.

  18. Beth J says

    Where to start? I need shelving, a dryer would be helpful but not a must as I live in the very dry AZ desert. Paint or stain maybe some flooring.
    Thank you

  19. Charisse Medico says

    I love Love LOVE your planked walls!! The grey looks amazing! I would love to paint and add some shelving and a fun light in my laundry room to make it not such a drag to do laundry! After seeing your walls, I am so in love, I want to something like that now too!

  20. kckarla says

    I live in a house that was built in 1907…you have no idea how creepy my basement is and that is where I have my laundry I don’t know where to begin!

  21. says

    I would definitely need some drywall and everything that entails, a long with some bright paint and materials to make a shelving unit. A pretty rug would be fantastic as well! We also have our laundry room in an unfinished basement and it’s so dreary and a little scary!!

  22. Jennifer H. says

    My laundry room needs fresh paint on the cabinets and walls, plus trim. I would also like to add shelf liners and some bins to organize the pantry and the cabinets above the washer/dryer! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  23. Emily says

    Our ‘laundry room’ is outside on our closed in deck. And it shares it’s space with all of our hardware and tools. I would definitely like some shelving space, new paint color, better lighting and a sturdier deck to walk on.

  24. Piper says

    This would really help us because re-doing our laundry area is on the top of our lost! Thanks for offering this wonderful gift.

  25. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    I’d Need A Some Rolling Laundry Baskets, Shelf’s To Keep More Organized, And Some Fresh Paint.

  26. Beth says

    I would love to have cabinets above my washer and dryer to store all my supplies and make the room look neater.

  27. says

    My husband and I just bought our fixer-upper house a year ago. We LOVE it, but are dirt poor with grad school and a 15-month-old baby. We want to make our house our own, but don’t have the money to do it yet. Winning something like this would be AMAZING! I hope we can get it! Thanks so much for doing this giveaway, Stacy!

  28. says

    I would love to get some better shelving for my laundry room. Right now we have really old cabinets that hardly fit anything in them! I would also like something to hold my wet clothes that need to be hung dry. Right now we have to put them on our shower curtain rod and that falls a lot

  29. Nicole Stone says

    My laundry room is so boring…I would need paint, new shelving, new flooring, and some cute baskets! I’d love to redo my laundry room if I won this money, maybe it would actually make me want to be in there, hahaha!

  30. Barbara Brannon says

  31. Misty says

    My laundry room is just an unfinished room in the basement – it would be so nice to have a little extra to make it an enjoyable place to be in.

  32. says

    What WOULDN’T we need! Our laundry room is in a sad state, sitting in our unfinished basement since we have not had the time or money to get to it since moving in two years ago. I would LOVE to do something like your planked wall. For starters we need to put up walls and deal with the pipes and cords in the ceiling. Crossing my fingers. Thanks for the chance!

  33. CT says

    First of all, I’m blown away by your mad skills. Your laundry room looks fabulous. I love the gray-stained walls and the new window. I would have thought you’d go the drywall route, but I like the wood better. It has character. I’m so impressed that you tackle these big jobs, and you even put a laundry chute in. Wow. What an inspiration you are. Some day I want to cut a hole into the attic to make use of that space for storage. I haven’t had the courage, but your example pushes me a little closer to trying. I hope you do a post on the details of how you did this job, explain the point of sanding (is that just for the wood putty filler?) and what the pros and cons are of sealing it, and how to put the casement around the window. I like your mood board very much, playful and practical. Not sure about the light fixture, but that’s me.
    My basement windows could stand to be replaced. The walls are ok (thanks to a plasterer who used to live in our house), but they could use some paint. The floor tiles are coming loose (thanks to water seeping in, another big job to tackle), I need to replace the light fixtures desperately. What I really, really need is some nice looking storage instead of the pile of old cardboard boxes piled on top of each other haphazardly. Thanks so much for the giveaway, but more importantly, for the inspiration.

  34. Meggan says

    My laundry room is simply boring, like the rest of my house actually. Most things are fairly functional but once things are in working order I can never afford to do anything decorative. I could use things from Home Depot like some fun paint, cool shelves, and new cabinets.

  35. Hydrangeas and Harmony says

    My laundry room is in pretty good shape EXCEPT… I don’t have ‘real’ counter top on my base cabinets. We’ve been making do with a scrap of old laminate from a demo that doesn’t fit and a terrible piece of plywood that inflicts huge splinters on anyone who dares to get too close. I’d love to get real counter tops (that fit) and a utility sink. Great giveaway—thanks for hosting!

  36. Ashley W. says

    New paint (since the previous owners didn’t cover the walls very well and it is splotchy), definitely new flooring (the vinyl is peeling up) and some cabinets or shelves.

  37. Jenn McClearn says

    we need a better sub floor or bases for our washer dryer as the floor is a bit uneven, could also use better shelving for above the washer/dryer and some racks for the laundry room closet

  38. says

    What a transformation! We’re moving to a new house Monday and I haven’t even seen the laundry room yet but I do know it’s on the main floor (and at our current house it’s in the creepy basement!). I love a bright color paint in a laundry room!

  39. says

    Thank you! I love your laundry room transformation! You’ve given me inspiration and ideas for my own laundry room make over, which is long over due.

  40. Caitlin Sexton says

    Would definitely want new flooring that can withstand dogs coming in from the indoors! And shelves for storage.

  41. Tara M. says

    I love the planking in your laundry room! While I don’t have a laundry “room” per say, I do hope to update our laundry space :)

  42. Carolanne says

    I would need LOTS of materials since my “laundry room” is actually just my whole, unfinished basement!! :)

  43. Jackie says

    I need a laundry room period! The washer and dryer are in the moldy, spider infested basement. There is rotted shelving and I think the washer is creating holes in our clothes. The laundry room needs some serious help.

  44. Cassie says

    I would need a lot of materials because I would have to expand the room! Right now I don’t have a laundry room, I have a laundry closet pretty much! I would need shelving for sure as well and a table or counter to fold clothes on.

  45. says

    My laundry room is a NIGHTMARE. Not unlike how yours started. :) I’d need a whole lotta Home Depot love to get it whipped into shape. Paint at the END of the list!

  46. Val says

    I already have leftover tile from another project so I can rid myself of the carpet (yucky) but I would LOVE to paint the walls a warm and fun blue or even green! A new track light or chandelier would go a long way as well. The room has potential and because it also serves as our entrance from the garage and is just off of our kitchen it deserve attention. This would be a blessing!

  47. Shannon says

    Love the grey plank walls. We’re getting ready to redo our laundry/back porch. It’s a hot mess. Hoping it turns out beautiful. New ceiling, new floor, new walls and new back door. Lots of tools and supplies needed for this, but I’m so excited to get out of that dark cave and enjoy some light and bright!!

  48. Megan Warren says

    My laundry room is in the basement and needs a lot of TLC! I would need paint, shelving, cabinets, etc. I love the planks you did on your walls, I may need to copy that ;)

  49. Carla says

    Just moved into a new home and the laundry area is definitely in need of a makeover:shelves/cabinets and new flooring.

  50. Jonathan Baker says

    I’d really like some materials to build shelves – seems like there’s a lot of wasted space in our laundry room.

  51. says

    I don’t really have a laundry room. My washer and dryer are in the breezeway between our house and the garage. I’d love new flooring, a decent wall behind the appliances and shelving. I have room for a place to fold laundry (which I hate more than anything else), but it’s currently storage. I could have a LOT of fun with a $500 Home Depot card. :)

  52. Michelle says

    Our laundry room is also our mudroom and with 5 boys I could absolutely use some help from Home Depot…cabinetry, built in lockers/cubbies, bins, tile and more. Your laundry room is shaping up beautifully!!!!!

  53. Jennifer Norrell says

    Absolutely love the look of the plank wall & you mood board! I need to give my laundry closet some attention!

  54. Meghan says

    I would use this card to buy the materials to knock down the wall on my basement so we can start our renovations.

  55. Bridget Goldsberry says

    My laundry room is tiny, with a huge window that takes up most of the wall behind the washer and dryer, so I need an expansion! :)

  56. Andrea Edwards says

    My washer and dryer are just in the garage so i have no actual laundry room, cabinets or counters to work with or in. I also live in Texas so the temp in my garage can get up to 130 degrees. I would love to enclose the area where my washer and dryer are, run ac vents and make a laundry room that is actually part of the house. I would also put in some storage, counter space and a rug. I have the dream just need the funds ;)

  57. Megan says

    We are about to purchase our first home, and my ONLY deal breaker requirement is a laundry room… I have always had to go to the garage (without direct access, which means walking outside) and all I have ever wanted was my own laundry space. I would do anything possible – cabinets, shelves, drying racks.. so many possibilities.

  58. says

    We need walls! Our laundry room is unfinished. We could use drywall, and paint! Also some type of flooring, all that we have now is a thin rug down on the concrete.

  59. Natasha says

    I would purchase paint to add some color as well as some shelving or storage units. Id also buy some cute decorative items! Yours looks amazing!!

  60. Becky says

    I was so excited when you announced this on Facebook last night I could barely sleep! Ok so that’s a little exaggerated but I am totally stoked!

  61. Sheridan says

    First, I am in desparate need of a new washer and dryer! Then, walls would be nice since its an unfinished room. Then, the all important STORAGE by way of some shelving and cabinets. A girl can dream, cant she?

  62. Cathy M. says

    I would use the gift card for some shelving and organizational products for the space above my washer/dryer as well as some paint to do a new wall color.

    Love, love, love the gray wall. :-)

  63. says

    My laundry room still needs some type of wainscoting or wall treatment, a new utility sink, new counter, a different light fixture, and a drying rack. But it has good bones! Haha! Yours looks fantastic! I LOVE the idea to use planks and stain them gray! Everyone is dong white, so I love that you are blazing your own trail! Hey, just a thought…maybe you could just use a little wax on the wood to seal it. It doesn’t look too shiny, and it protects the wood! :-)


  64. Kelie says

    Paint, for sure, and possible a sorter/hanging system so that things can be folded/hung as they come out of the dryer.

  65. says

    Stacy, I love the planked wall and LOVE that you chose gray instead of white. I imagine some corrugated metal on a different wall (of course that is in my imagination and not sure how that would work with your other walls). I really want to use corrugated metal somewhere in my house and since my husband doesn’t want it in the kitchen, a vintage industrial looking laundry room would be a great second choice. =) Anyway, I can’t wait to see your laundry room when you are all done!

  66. Monique Fournier says

    So many things I could do with a $500 gift card to Home Depot!! Would love to win!! I love all your wonderful ideas!! Thanks!!

  67. Trina says

    Cabinets is what I need. But one thing I am planning on is the chandelier. I just adore small chandeliers in laundry rooms.

  68. says

    Absolutely everything, we’re in the planning stages of a much needed overhaul {foundation crumbling under part of our house} that will give us a dedicated laundry space.

  69. Christina G says

    I have a can of coral paint ready to go for my laundry room but really want new shelves and cabinets in there to replace my old wire ones. That $500 would definitely get that going for me. Then maybe I could finally finish pulling up the carpet and staining the floors in the rest of the house that I started and stalled on.

  70. Samantha says

    I would need inventive shelving. The apartment I live in was not very well thought out. We have a small closet that was meant to house an apartment washer/dryer. For some reason they put a shelf in 4 ft up from the floor so we have a washer there and a dryer in out kitchen. There is room around the closet that some inventive thinking, and self made storage would make functional. As is it’s not functional at all. I would need wood, hinges, laundry bins, and pretty pretty paint.

  71. Nataly Carbonell says

    I’d need new paint (an aqua color), something to get rid of mold(yuk, i know), shelves, new floor

  72. Robin says

    My laundry room consists of concrete walls and bare-rafters/exposed wires and ugly venting. We’ve lived here for 5 years, and doing something with that room continues to be on my “to do” list. Your post has inspired me!

  73. Rachel says

    Where would I begin…. I am facing the same unfinished cement basement as yours. It is dingy, dark and dirty (since it hasn’t been sealed) I would love to have an actual laundry ROOM…. not just a corner in my basement. I would need wood, nails, drywall… (although I LOVE your grey stained wood planks, I know my hubby would too!) Mud, tape, paint… floor sealant, stuff to reroute plumbing to actually be able to have a washer and dryer sit side by side. (That’s right… they aren’t even close to each other!) And storage…. lots of storage!!

    Love your blog… and inspiration!

  74. NaDell says

    I want to try out that floor stuff that makes your floor level to put on top of the asbestos tile we currently have (old, old house). Shelves, paint, and curtains would be fun too. And my laundry room also has the attic access, so I’d love a ladder instead of just a hole so maybe we can put things up there…

  75. says

    I would really love to have a stackable washer and dryer to save space in my laundry. Or to change out my top loading washer to front loading so I can add a countertop workspace. My laundry is a pass through to the garage, and it gets so cluttered with laundry on the floor!

  76. Marin D says

    My laundry room needs more shelving. I have one long shelf when there could easily be two or three more on the wall. I’d really love cabinets but I think shelves would be easier to do.

  77. says

    Oh gosh, I’d need just about everything. Mine’s against the wall in the basement with some old cabinets between. I do have an apparently nice soapstone utility sink that I could make all pretty again.

  78. Cristin Vosburgh says

    I would definitely need some paint….and some wood to make a few shelves for above the W/D….Also to make a large stand/shelf for the w & d to sit on and store laundry baskets below. :)

  79. Katie R. says

    Love your remodel! My laundry space is super small so I’d love to get some shelving or some kind of organization system in there to make things run a bit more smoothly. I’d love to paint and give it a little pop of color too. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. Cassie S says

    I need shelves and organizational containers in my apartment laundry room. A rug would be nice as well as a better light.

  81. hausfrauChelsea says

    I’d love to change my lighting to recessed lighting. The ceiling is low and it has one measly light and it’s depressing! recessed lighting in the laundry room and adjoining kitchen would be life changing!

  82. Danita Courtney says

    My laundry “room” is a down stairs 1/2 bath and cat litter room! Boy does it smell great doing MY laundry! ;-)
    I have been asking my wonderful husband to DO something about IT, but we are not quite sure HOW to fix the problem. Is it storage? The cat box? The toilet? Or the fact that it is sooooo dull? Hmmm? Yes that must be it. Let me re-read your suggestions for quick fixes and start DOING something about what I can! Thanks Stacy! You really are my inspiration! :-)

  83. Danita Courtney says

    I know! Paint, and shelves above my waher and dryer would make a huge difference when I walked in the room! Now for the smell!!! Hmmm? Maybe some good old fashioned candels or air freshener sprays??? I do believe Home Depot have those in stock! Yeah! :-)

  84. Whitney Streets says

    Oh, I hope I win! The in-laws are coming to visit in Oct. & I have some project-plans!!!! Mama needs to paint her kitchen cabinets!!!!

  85. says

    Oh I could use this so bad! Just purchased a new house after starting over from a divorce and I would love to be able to fix up the yard and get a few needed items. :-)

  86. Tammy says

    This would be awesome to win, so would the Home Depot giveaway! We moved into a 1924 home and built a fun addition onto it! The old house has been completely redone, but the laundry room was neglected in this rennovation. I got a closet size area on the main floor, cabinets that were pulled out of the dumpster at my husbands work, and used washer and dryer from! All this for doing laundry for a family of 9, at one time…..they leave the nest quickly! Thanks!

  87. Holly says

    Beautiful! I love it! If I were to redo my laundry room I would need more shelves, shelves, shelves/folding area. I hate bringing my fresh laundry to the living room to fold, and then to our bedroom where it sits on the bed, then when we want to go to bed it ends up on the floor. It would be nice to just get the folding done in the laundry room.

  88. Brittany W says

    Oh my gosh!! I love what you’ve done!! I would totally use the heck out of that gift card. We are getting ready to sell our home and that would make it so much easier to make the changes that we need to sell it faster!! Thanks for all of your awesome tutorials and reveals!!

  89. Anjie Behunin says

    I would need some drywall, a little more insulation, some paint, some cabinets or shelves, a little wiring and a lot pf paint. My laundry room is small and a real mess.

    I LOVE the gray stain- we have wood (?) planked walls (1/2 way up) in our office and the gray would be SO much better than the brown they are now!

  90. Mia says

    Oh the possibilities would be endless, I think that I would just go to the store with all my pictures and ask for help right away

  91. says

    I recently re-did my laundry room. It’s now a bright happy blue with artwork and makes me feel good when I do laundry. The room is only 5′ x 6′, so at least it’s pretty and functional. I would use the Home Depot gift card on tile for the laundry room floor and to work on my master bathroom, that’s where I really need the help!

  92. Alina says

    Definitely paint, wood slats, shelving, nails, hooks…you name it! All I have in there are the washer and dryer.

  93. says

    I’m in need of washer/dryer pedestals, countertop, cabinetry, and more to get my laundry room organized. Also I’d love to have a special place to put the dog bowls in the laundry room. This budget is more than enough and I could finally have the laundry room I WANT! So hope I win.

  94. Sean C says

    Paint, Paint, Paint ;-) I’d also love a large wood piece to go above the washer/dryer so that I can finally fold clothes in that room and not everywhere else in the house.

  95. Pat says

    I would use it to give the area closed storage. You have windows over your laundry area?! Cool! I have the concrete to look at! It can always be worse and it can always be better! :)

  96. says

    My laundry is in the basement also, and i have nothing but my 10year old machines. I really need some counter space, or storage shelves, or everything that people need for a functional laundry space.

  97. Stella Watson says

    With 7 of us and the laundry room is combined with the bathroom this giveaway could certainly help with storage issues! Love the gray stained walls. Gorgeous!

  98. says

    I could use the rolling laundry baskets that would be awesome and some paint our laundry room is covered in hand prints and is still builder beige. Love the tin storage baskets our shelf doesn’t have enough space and that would be a great way to hide all the junk I have on the shelf.

  99. kate says

    i need non-basement-cement-walls- whether that means boards (which i love yours by the way!), or drywall. I want some better lighting, a shelf above the washer-dryer for soap and such to keep them off the appliances.
    a table to do some folding, a rug to make it feel less basement, and some COLOR on the wall/stairs.
    it’s a tough space because we heat with a wood stove so it get so dry down there in the winter months but is moist during the summer months.

    I don’t mind doing laundry but I want a space that i’m not afraid to let an item fall to the floor and feel like i have to re-wash it :)

  100. Amanda Roche says

    Storage storage and more storage. And tons of paint and such for other projects. Can’t do too much because we live on post :/

  101. says

    Dear Stacy, I found your blog through pinterest. I love you design ideas and I love the saying on the side about making a home your own. …Those words couldn’t be more true. I love finding old ‘treasures’ and making them my own. I would love to enter your giveaway. Blessings, Catherine

  102. Tabathia B says

    storage baskets for clean laundry, hampers for dirty clothing, racks for drying storage shelves for laundry detergent

  103. Heart and Haven says

    My laundry room isn’t quite as bad as your “before” (mine’s in the garage)….but it’s a close 2nd!
    I tried painting the walls with some left-over paint I had, but I don’t like the color. And I would like cabinets for storage, and a laminate counter for the lower for sorting laundry. I’ve been trying to think of a way to camoflauge the water heater & furnace. I’ve been planning ideas for this space for months, but have been trying to save up money for the re-do.

  104. Happy Mom says

    Storage, Storage, Storage! Mudroom, cleaning supplies, laundry baskets, craft supplies. It’s all in there in a very disorganized fashion!

  105. Kelly D says

    I would like to purchase some wire shelving and fabric bins from Home Depot to make my laundry room more functional.

  106. says

    First of all, I love your new wall treatment! Love, Love, Love! Triple Love!

    I need paint, to start. I want to put some color on the walls. I also would like some ‘real’ shelving. We have some of those wire shelves the builder graciously installed. I did have them put supports in the walls so we can hang cabinets later. I would like to get a sweet light and a pretty light switch cover, too. Maybe some beadboard? Or, like you did? Maybe some plank walls? I know I want to do plank walls somewhere, I just haven’t decided where yet.

  107. Amanda McBride says

    We just moved into a fixer upper so the better question is what don’t I need? I think what I want most is a new sink in there and more shelving. Oh we had some electrical problems that we had to fix by tearing into our drywall so new drywall and paint….. (See… so much stuff!)

  108. Litsa Jackson says

    We are redoing the basement since it is our laundry room too. We need to buy a new washer. But first we want to replace the floor….or at least add tile to the concrete floors!!

  109. Hannah Oshier says

    I absolutely love the gray stain that was used for the wood plank wall. Have always wanted to do a wood wall, and just never could figure out how to start. Good information!

  110. LucindaJ says

    I need a house to put a new laundry room in! We currently rent, but I dream of a laundry space with a table for folding, cabinets to hold baskets for each family member, and a play space for the kids so I could keep an eye on them…maybe chalkboard or dry erase walls and a cute little fence to define their space.
    Your grey planks make SUCH a difference! Great start!

  111. jelena says

    I am obsessed with this!! My laundry is in my creepy basement with no window. I would totally copy this if I could convince my husband. I think the gray works better than white anyway because in my basement at least, it’s dusty and there’s a filthy wood pile right next to my washer.

  112. Jen says

    My laundry room is great, but the basement around it could use a little livening up…some new paint & rugs would be great!

  113. Michelle says

    My laundry room is in the DUNGEON of my house and you have inspired me to do the plank walls with the grey stain! Thank you and I LURVE IT!

  114. says

    Would LOVE this gift card – we also have a basement laundry room and I have big dreams of having something other than concrete on my floor in there!

  115. says

    I definitely need a new light, some new paint, I would really like some tile for our little baby closet because the linoleum is

    That would be a great start that would make it not look so heinous since it’s open off of our kitchen! :)

  116. says

    So many things I need/want to do, but first and foremost the kids bath needs an overhaul.! That grey stain is inspiring me to make some changes though! Love what you’ve done!

  117. Anna says

    Does a new dryer count? :P Ours is super old. I love what you did with the walls of yours. We could use a wall redo, maybe just some drywall and paint, and some shelving.

  118. says

    I love this!!! I saw it on Instagram and swooned. My laundry room has mismatched bead board with 98 coats of different paint colors, I haven’t ripped it down yet because I haven’t figured out what I wanted to do. This is gettin my wheels a turnin!

  119. Amy Snead says

    My laundry room is so ugly and tiny. It is in the room with our furnace and there isn’t much space. I think putting planks is a great idea.

  120. says

    I am so inspired by your laundry room re-do! Love the gray walls! You have done a wonderful job! A side note – Wish I had a laundry chute – grew up with one in our house, I have fun memories of tossing things down it! I wonder why builders have stopped putting them in houses??

  121. says

    I am loving the grey wall boards! Lovely ;) and your inspiration mood board is right up my alley. That chandelier is great!
    Xo- Kaara

  122. Connie Kersten Haack says

    We have talked about putting cupboards above the washer and dryer for badly needed storage and I would love to put white bead board on the bottom half of the room to Brighten it up.

  123. Holly ouellette says

    I would absolutely love to win this contest! I am in dire need of more storage, better lighting and better shelving… My fingers are crossed!!

  124. Lisa Brown says

    I would need wood and nails to make a folding table, and then paint to repaint.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  125. Michelle Mikesell says

    My laundry room is tiny but could use fresh paint, a better light fixture and a more functional storage system. I’d also love a sink, but I am not sure where it would fit!

  126. Nikki says

    My laundry “room” looks very much like your BEFORE without the plaster on the block walls. I’d like to have some lumber to erect two more walls to separate the room from my husbands workshop dust and then I’d need paint. I already have a table I’d like to use but I’d also like to have a wall cabinet and built in hanging bar for clean clothes. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  127. says

    I’d love some shelving and a bar to hang clothes on. Also some paint to spruce it up a bit. If I could fit a sink in there, too, I would! :)

  128. Melody says

    I have a nice laundry room with NO character! I need to build some coat hangers and storage to have it function the best it can! A gift card to Home Depot would be perfect to finish my laundry room. I think I would even do plank ceilings and paint my cabinets! Yahoo!

  129. says

    Loving the grey planked walls! Might have to steal that idea for my laundry room that needs redoing so bad. It has the foundation walls too, I have been trying to figure out what to do to them. Thanks for the idea! And that is what I would be spending the $500 on if I was picked!!!

  130. Kristina says

    I would buy a new large pantry style cabinet to store brooms, mops, etc. and some sort do drying rack set up, permanent that is…

  131. Lisa says

    FYI-don’t know if you will read this but I thought I would tell you that I am pretty positive you can get a polyurethane to seal the wood that comes in a matte finish. I know you can purchase the spray can style in this so I think you can get it in the can as well. Hopefully that helps. I love the matte finish look as well. I have been debating whether I do the tongue and groove in my front room with a weathered stain/white wash paint look or do the brick veneer on the wall. Looks awesome! Would love to win! Thank you

  132. Di says

    My laundry room you can hardly move around in. It is on the main floor and washer dryer are the new ones that have the boxes under them. There is also a sink in there, however, no where to hang clothes and if we put a clothes rack then you can’t get into the closet. Would be nice if could do something creative to move things around. Not the washer dry or sink, but maybe, have coat rack in the new pantry area. Then the clothes wrack could be for clean clothes. That would open the room up. The window has a shade that doesn’t fit it. I would like a nicer sink in that area. As for the color the whole house is on color, taupe and I love it so I wouldn’t change that. the flooring is line stone squares with grout and I wouldn’t chance that as it goes into the living rooms and the walk way to the master bedroom, downstairs, upstairs or front door. It is always a pleasure to win something.
    I love what you did with your room, it makes it look so nice. Now I have to ask do you like doing laundry any more better than you did before you did the remodel?

  133. Whitney Hansen says

    I love the idea I’ve seen of a countertop being put over the front loading machines. And my new house needs more shelves/cabinets.

  134. meg says

    Oh I would love to build and install a folding surface over the washer and dryer. Also a full shelf on the back wall, paint the walls and add some cute art!

  135. Kristin says

    I would use the gift card for new washer and dryer. That would keep me happy until I had a new house with an actual laundry room. I love your new wall!

  136. Monica Reaser says

    I would need STORAGE! Specifically cabinets! Lots of cabinets! To maximize the space anything the can hang above the washer and dryer. Also, a fan (it gets hot in there!). I LOVE the wood! Anything with the industrial look it my style. Hope to recreate the wood wall in my house someday! :)

  137. Sonja A. says

    I would need just paint and some shelving. There was only wire shelving here and I don’t like that stuff at all.

  138. Maegan says

    I’d definitely start with some cute and functional storage. I keep all of my cleaning supplies as well as some of my smaller kitchen gadgets in there, so it could use some organizing.

  139. Diana S says

    My laundry room needs storage, storage and storage. I, too, have 4 boys {but mine are bigger than yours ;-)} and laundry NEVER ends.

  140. Brooke W says

    $500 to the Home Depot would be great, we will be house hunting soon and that would help out with some needed items. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone! :)

    • Brooke W says

      For our laundry room we would need a sorter and storage–sorry saw it needed to be specific after I posted the first comment.

  141. Amy Spicer says

    I love how your laundry room turned out! I would put up some shelves and buy some organizing bins and accessories. Thanks for the giveaway.

  142. Kerri Hodgkinson says

    I would love to replace the cabinets above my washer and dryer and create a radiator cover that coordinates with the cabinets!!

  143. Darrah says

    I’d definitely need shelving or cabinets in my laundry room to make it more functional. Maybe new flooring would be good too since the linoleum flooring in my laundry room is peeling off. My laundry room needs so much!

  144. Brenda says

    Love your basement! You did an
    Amazing job and doing laundry there will be a treat ;) with that beautiful space you created!

  145. Jennifer Rice says

    I love your laundry room makeover. Do you any advice for a basement laundry area with no window available? Mine is just a solid ugly cinder block basement. Oh, and it’s somewhat damp.

  146. Tawnya says

    I would love to have alot more shelving above the washer/dryer and even a hanging bar to dry stuff inside during the winter!

  147. Stacey E says

    Our laundry room is also our mudroom and it’s not big enough for both, or really either for that matter. I need some organization help for shoes, jackets, etc. And some new paint! Thanks!

  148. says

    We are currently planning to add a bathroom to our basement (we’d finally have a shower in this house and a second toilet, whoot whoot!) but funds are tight, so just in the planning stages now. Lots of ideas though!
    Just outside the bathroom will be the re-worked laundry space – right now we’re hampered in what we can do because of a giant concrete laundry sink and zero counter space. So much to do… but can’t wait to get it started. Would LOVE to win.

  149. Cathi Ogden says

    My laundry room is very small and right off the kitchen. I could definitely use more cabinets and shelving to organize it.

  150. Sara D says

    Love this look! Can’t wait to see laundry chute “bucket”. I am wanting something from upstairs down but haven’t seen any ideas that would work yet.

  151. lbreid25 says

    Love your laundry room! I need some cute baskets and an ironing board holder. Some organization products would definitely help! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  152. says

    I would need paint and a new light fixture. The globe of the current light fixture gives off a yellow hue, so it makes it difficult to figure out what is navy and what is gray when I pick out my husband’s dress clothes.

    • Tamara says

      I have a small laundry room but would love to move the walls and use some of the space in the next room. I need storage!

  153. Dolores Clifton says

    I love the update on your laundry room… The gray stain is fab! We just repainted our laundry room in “Heavy Cream” – it really brightened the room, as opposed to the previous yellow & gray. From there I plan to print out vintage seed packet replica’s to put on the cabinet doors and then use my vintage trays on the walls for my art. :)

  154. Robin says

    My laundry room may not be in the basement ( though it has been at other homes)but it is in the garage. I would love to close it up and cool it off.! Thanks for making this available to us !!!

  155. Teri says

    Short of cutting a hole in the wall for a window, I could use some paint to brighten up the place a bit. I’d also love a new wall-mounted ironing board. Thank you for the giveaway!

  156. Jasen H says

    Our laundry room is in an unfinished basement. To make it really nice I’d need 2 x 4’s, Green Board, Primer, Paint, Light fixtures… Just the basics! Thanks.

  157. Crystal Camarda says

    My laundry room serves double purpose as the guest bathroom. I could use different items to help hide the dirty laundry, i would love a laundry sorter. I also want to put a shelf above my washer and dryer so i can put my soaps/cleaners in cute canisters so it’s not so blah :-)

  158. Alayna says

    I would need paint, cupboards (zero storage space right now in the laundry room), new lighting, flooring, and trim for the door we replaced 4 years ago. Basically everything:)

  159. Meagan Buck says

    I love this! I just have a laundry closet, but I’ve been wanting to do something like this under my bar where the kids are always kicking the wall.

  160. Tricia Cooper says

    We could definitely use a new laundry sink and new shelving. A new washer and dryer would be great too — LOL! Thanx for the contest!!

  161. joyce says

    I need a wash sink, and a counter top would be great, too. That folding card table we stuck in there temporarily 10 + years ago has GOT TO GO!

  162. Lori says

    My washer and dryer and in the dark basement. Shelving and storage and it need to be happyfied! Ha made more bright and cheery because as a wife and mom I am down there a lot!

  163. Michelle says

    A fresh coat of paint,some shelving,counters and new washer and dryer would make doing laundry a little bit more doable.

  164. says

    I love the wall in your laundry room. I know a perfect spot in our house to make a wall like that. I can see why you need something to nail the planking on. But how did you fur out the wall and make all that laths attached to the cement wall?
    (Hope you understand what I mean. English is not my native language ;( )

  165. Katie says

    I just gave my laundry room a make over and I love it! I painted the cabinets white with Annie Sloan Chalk paint and then heavily distressed them. Made a huge difference!

  166. Cara Sullenger says

    I so wish I wasn’t renting and could design my spaces. You always have the best makeovers and great groves ways so thank you

  167. Cara Sullenger says

    First my laundry room needs paint and more shelving. Really it needs to be relocated but that is a much bigger project!

  168. says

    You did a great job on that wall. It doesn’t even look like the same room. I really don’t like my laundry room. It is one of those tiny rooms you have to pass through to get to the garage. I am not sure what I would get with the $500 for it yet, but it definitely needs a lot of work.

  169. Hannah says

    I’ve been dieing to install a pegboard wall and shelves behind my washer dryer for storage. I would also love to build a platform to raise both washer and dryer off the ground! Thanks for the oppurtunity

  170. Lisa P says

    I currently have our laundry in the kitchen and we need to relocate it so I can have a pantry there. We need to rewire in the basement room where we would put it and do a little plumbing and we will be good to go.

  171. Teresa Ornelas says

    4 kids+2 adults=6 people x 7 days a week= 42 pairs of dirty underwear. JUST underwear!!!! Enough said. My laundry room needs help!!

  172. Sophia Carr says

    I think the first thing we’d add is more shelving. And after that, we’d insert some type of hanging system so that clothes that can’t be machine dried can be hung without just laying on the dryer!

  173. Susan Christy says

    Paint, an area rug, curtains, a table for folding clothes and some new shelving would make my laundry room perfect.

  174. Julie Garst says

    We would need a ton of items! Are washer and dryer are currently in a hall closet with ugly plain shelving above. And the front loaders stick way out, so the closet doesn’t have doors. I’d love to have great cabinets with just a bit of open shelving to store all the stuff! I have a curtain that helps hide all the household supplies, but it’s still not pretty. I’d love some color and great organization to make this very visible space nicer to look at!

  175. Aimee says

    Pipes & new flooring. We are having drainage issues right now, because it’s a forty year old system, & every time I do laundry I flood my laundry room :(

  176. Jen H says

    I would love to do wall like yours its beautiful! I need storage, maybe a free standing unit. Also a shelf by the washer and dryer for laundry soap.

  177. says

    My laundry room is literally a closet, so better lighting, a pretty pop of color on the walls and a repaint the cupboards is tops on my list. I’d also love some new laundry baskets, since the handles are all broken on mine. Crossing my fingers, toes and eyes!

  178. Michele Marino says

    I need it ALL! My “laundry room” is a washer and dryer in the basement, simple as that. I’d love to finish the walls like you have and add a few pretty things to make it not just functional, but a pretty space to be in. It definitely needs shelving or a table to sort and fold and cabinetry for storage. An efficient dryer that doesn’t take 2 hours to dry a load of clothes would be heavenly too!

  179. meredith says

    I need a new house b/c I have a shared laundry room since im in an apt. I could use stuff to help me renovate everywhere

  180. says

    Our laundry room is in the basement, which we have been working on for over a year! The laundry room is kind of becoming the last room to be finished, it has walls, washer/dryer…and that’s about it. So I would love tile for the floor. Cabinets or shelves, a new window (well we have one, it just needs to be put in and the old one removed)! Pretty much any material would be great!!!

  181. Marty says

    We just have a small laundry “closet” so some new shelving for better organization would be key! Thanks for the giveaway!

  182. says

    I love your planked walls! Just a big impact already. I also love your mood board. I am sure it will be beautiful when you are done. I would love the gift card to get a new dryer. We purchased a new washer a couple of years ago, but never got a dryer. Ours works but is old and I am sure it uses a ton of electricity!

  183. Cindy Aiton says

    Thank you for offering such a wonderful giveaway. My laundry room could use a complete overhaul… including a new washer and dryer.

  184. Taryn says

    I really could use some cupboards. Get all of the junk off the top of the Washer and dryer and out of sight. Wow that would be great! :-)

  185. beverly e says

    I really need paint, new flooring and some cabinets with counter tops… this would rock my socks (and the rest of my laundry, too)!

  186. Christina says

    My laundry room is so tiny I wonder how to redecorate or even where to start all the time. Lumber to make it bigger? LOL!

  187. April J says

    Lighting would help a ton! Then, some drywall patches, paint and a few more shelves would make it bearable to do laundry.

  188. Jamie says

    Love the gray planked walls – awesome idea! Laundry is my least favorite chore and a gift card to spruce up the space would make the work much more enjoyable!

  189. John S says

    My laundry room could use some serious help. It is in our basement and is absolutely gross. We could use some shelving and some sort of mobile cart to hang stuff to dry on!

  190. Marie says

    I would love to buy some kind of material to use as a counter over the washer and dryer, paint for the walls, wood for new shelving, and storage containers. I’d love this card!!!

  191. Ashley says

    After 18 years of marriage, we moved in our “first home” just over a year ago now. To say I am overwhelmed is an understatement. So many projects, so many ideas. I just don’t know where to start. But my laundry room is one place I have great ideas. I would love to paint. Paint the walls, paint the cabinets (lucky to have great storage space), even paint the doors, so lots of paint. I would also upgrade my washer and dryer to a new upright! Love those! And while I am updating appliances, I would upgrade the spare fridge too. Would love new hardware for all the cabinets and ditch the brass. I would finally add shelves and pictures to the very bare walls. A new colorful rug to warm the tile. Oh the possibilities!

  192. Amy says

    I would need some way to hide the ugly cement walls (possibly bead board!) in my basement laundry area plus some tile flooring.. My laundry area look very similar to yours right now!

  193. Laura Jacobson says

    I would need some paint that would work on cement blocks, I hate the grey cement blocks! I would also need some sort of shelving or cupboards, and then some bright pictures and baskets! Maybe a nice bright rug for the cement floor!

  194. zahra premji says

    My laundry room could use some extra shelving as well as a drying rack for all the items of clothing that dont go into the dryer.

  195. says

    Fresh paint, artwork (or supplies to make my own), baskets for open shelving, corbels instead of ugly brackets for the shelving, and the rolling laundry butler sounds very interesting!

  196. Jennifer Aldridge says

    I need more storage. I’d love to add a hanging bar above my washer/dryer in order to hang clothes right as they come out of the dryer.

  197. Kreisa says

    I need to get some basics from Home Depot. My husband and I recently bought our first home and I’m getting into the DIY activities. I love getting ideas from your blog. From Home Depot. I would get tools such as a sander, paint brushes, etc. These things will help me with future projects.

  198. Crystal H says

    To fix my laundry room, I may need a sledge hammer. :) But I could settle for adding some storage and paint!

  199. Reilly says

    I need shelves about my washer & dryer so I have a place to put things! Also a new coat of paint to make it more lively in there!

  200. Marie says

    Pick me :) we’ve been in our home for over 4 years and I desperately need this for my laundry room. We have zero storage in our house so I’d use this for cabinets inky laundry room.

  201. Kris says

    my husband and i are moving into a new house next week! ah, it’s so exciting but a little overwhelming too. laundry is in a bathroom, but hopefully this will give me so wiggle room to make it pretty.

  202. Alisha Hodges says

    In order to make my laundry room more functional, I would need shelves or supplies to build shelves, some rods, and some cabinets.

  203. Jennifer E says

    Does a new washer and dryer count? My dryer takes FOREVER! If not that better shelves would be wonderful. I don’t really have a laundry room it is more of a closet.

  204. Becky says

    I’ve got a basement hole, too. I need to finish the walls, frame the windows, add shelves and a countertop. I like the wood planks in yours. Maybe I’d do that, too.

  205. Natalie says

    Wow, that looks so much better! The wood planks came out so nice! My laundry room really needs an update too – I’d probably need some paint, some cabinets for storage, and a counter top surface. An area for laundry baskets would be awesome, too! I would definitely want to make it much brighter and livelier with some fun paint colors! :)

  206. Danielle says

    I LOVE the paneled wall – this could work in my current laundry room as it’s just an unfinished part of the basement.

  207. says

    I need a robot to do my laundry. No seriously. I definitely need more organization in the laundry room since it it also a bathroom. It is a huge room. But my son has dumped bottles of detergent all over the floor twice! SO not only do I need to figure out a better home for such things, I probably need new flooring. Yikes! He is autistic, so I really cannot blame him. It was my fault for not thinking. It could be possible to make it into a closet area, since the washer and dryer are tucked into a nook. I’m not sure. But it would be nice to do something.

  208. kolpin says

    i need lighting fixtures that actually work! my fluorescent lights blind me as i’m doing laundry!

    rafflecopter: daniel

  209. SUMMER PLEWES says

    I actually need a new washer . Truth be told mine are so old that you have to jump on the lid of the washer to put your full body weight on one certain spot before it will kick in and run. I need a new washer. Omg. I would also like some shelves and flooring.

  210. Kristie says

    My laundry room is tiny. To make it more functional I would like to stack my washer and dryer and put a built in folding table where the washer is. I wouldn’t mind trying the gray stained wood on the walls either! Love it!

  211. Jillyn says

    I’ve been wanting to paint my laundry room and add some cupboards, but have been waiting to find someone to install the tile for me. Ongoing projects! I love Home Depot for all of them.

  212. Irma Valdivia says

    FIrst I really need a new washer, then i would like to put in new upper cabinets or shelves. It surely could use a new paint job and ceiling fixture. Any change or addition would help it. I’m always going to Home Depot for paint, lumber and trim and love my store.

  213. Shandy says

    I really need to make my laundry room more functional (and pretty!) I would definitely like to paint the room and add a mobile shelving/organizational unit. I need a new tray under the washing machine, and I’d love to give my washer & dryer a built-in look.

  214. Kaylie says

    My laundry room is bare so I would need lots of stuff! The biggest need being shelving/cabinets. But paint for walls, material to re-do flooring would be nice too :)

  215. says

    LOVE the planked walls! We just bought a house and the laundry room has been low on my priority list so some paint and cabinets would take it far I’m sure! We’re at Home Depor a couple times a week, they pretty much know us by name now, haha! Thanks for the fun giveaway! :)

  216. Lisa says

    My laundry room is so small, I would love to get some cabinets to be able to store all of my soap instead of using the top of the dryer.

  217. Naomi Brown says

    We are closing on our first home in a few weeks, so this would help to be able to decorate it!! Not sure what I want to do yet, but I know I’ll need shelves and/or cabinets.

  218. marisa says

    I’m so glad there was another chance to enter! Trying to do some renovations in our home and this would be an absolute dream!!!

  219. Angela Timmons says

    My laundry room is in our upstairs guest bathroom. So for me I could definately use some nice shelving (currently using boards) and some paint.

  220. Janelle R says

    I have no idea where I would begin! Probably would for husband to build a better base for our washer and dryer. Also some sort of shelves for detergent and etc.

  221. says

    We moved in our home a year ago and the laundry room is the only room left to remodel, redecorate. I would cover the walls with board and batten, new cupboards and utility sink. Hope I win!!

  222. Katie Patterson says

    I would need a laundry room to make my laundry room more functional! :) We have the washer/dryer in the basement, along with all the other junk we keep down there! We could really use some cabinets and shelves, and maybe a nice, bright light.

  223. april says

    I would really love to have some cabinets on the wall instead of the wire shelf we have. It would create more storage and everything would be hidden away.

  224. Jennifer says

    We JUST moved in to our new house after spending 5 years overseas so we need everything to update our laundry room. Including an updated washer and dryer. I want a beautiful paint color with one wall stenciled with a glaze. Also need cabinetry and storage for organization!

  225. Michelle says

    I would need some new lighting, blinds/window treatment for the small window, paint, possibly new door, storage solutions!

  226. Deb Fox says

    Don’t know if my entry the other night was valid, so ill give it another go…my laundry is in my VERY scary basement. $500 would big a big help/start! Thank you!

  227. Kenna S. says

    I would love a custom closet system for the laundry closet. It would help make that space much more functional.

  228. Kappie reynolds says

    Love it the before looked like the clothes couldn’t even get clean….that is my laundry closet now!

  229. Morgan Smith says

    We are currently renting and plan on a move very soon so I need things that are removable and reusable. I could really use so low profile shelving as well as a stand to put a washer and dryer on just to help with some more storage. I would love to find a sink too that is easy to remove once we do move.

  230. Sydney Andersen says

    Currently need everything!! Moving into a smaller home and our washer and dryer won’t fit into the laundry room. Need to get a smaller set, some fresh paint and maybe more shelves/cabinets to organize

  231. Carol I. says

    What a wonderful laundry re-do!! I’d love to put a counter top over the top of my front loaders and add some nice cabinets.

  232. Tracy H says

    I need to re do my walls and I love how the gray stained boards look on this update. I also need shelves and a laundry butler would be super handy.