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I know it is no secret that I love Home Depot. And it is no secret that Home Depot is an awesome store. But there is something about Home Depot you may not know. They have interior designers that travel the world looking for design ideas for home décor. They have an entire Trend and Design team! I think sometimes we look at Home Depot as a just “hardware store” store. Yes, they sell lumber, pipe, screws, nails, etc. But they also have things to make your home beautiful too. They have furniture, rugs, wallpaper, lighting, bedding, curtains and more. A lot of these items are not in every store but they are online.



I bought the rug for my family room recently in my local Home Depot.  People always comment on it and are always surprised when I tell them where I got it. I adore it.


(Shag rug by Lanart, in Linen)

While I was at the manager’s meeting for Home Depot in Las Vegas I had the chance to meet Sarah Fishburne who is the head designer on the Trends and Design team. And then I got to meet her again at Haven blog conference along with Laura Schneider. They are so sweet and LOVE what they do.

They recently started a site where they share inspiration and tips. I wanted to share it with you today :) Just because it is awesome.


So when decorating your next room, don’t forget to think of HD for more than just painting supplies :)

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