Summer Mantel

My summer didn’t start out lazy at all. It started out full of deadlines and family plans. But it has slowed a bit and I have been reading, which is a past time that I have not enjoyed for about 6 months. So in a way, the last week or so has felt lazy :) I have absolutely LOVED having a mantel. Being able to change out the d├ęcor when ever it pleases me is fun. I love using what I already have to change it up. Here is my summer mantel!

summer mantel 1024x613 Summer Mantel

I am not sure what the next “BIG” project will be. My husband’s unemployment threw a wrench in our perfectly laid out plans. But I do know I can’t stay still very long. So something will be happening :) Stay tuned!



  1. says

    We’re in the process of building and decided against a fireplace in the end because of space contraints. (Our lot has a natural wateray running through it and you have to be 75 ft from it in every direction, which makes building tough – we’ve had to be creative with house size/layout) Anyway, the only reason I wanted a fireplace was for the mantel! (And also because I was confused about how to explain to our kids how Santa gets in.) Your mantel looks beautiful!

  2. CT says

    Lovely mantel, Stacy. Are they real plants under the cloche? Do you get condensation under it?
    Julie: Santa always came in the front door at our house. He knows how to do it without a key. I had a friend who grew up in CA, and Santa drove a station wagon to her house. He’s a flexible guy. The less we know about the details, the more we have to ponder.

  3. Pamela Bendall says

    Cute, cute, cute! My husband has been off wok quite a while too. But with curb side shopping and $3 sample paint from the local Lowes and Home Depot, there’s still time and fun for a project.

  4. Lin says

    Stacy the mantel display is so adorable! I can just smell the lemons! It is so fresh and outdoorsy looking. I hope your husband will find a good position soon. My son’s plant closed several years ago in a very small town and he and his family struggled for a long time. We prayed so hard and so long and now he finally has a good job with a good salary again and is trying ot catch back up. I will keep y’all in my prayers.

  5. says

    So pretty! You dd a great job! I ALWAYS work with what I have and rarely buy new stuff. When I do buy ‘new’ it’s only new to me lol Always second hand. Keeps us within budget and keeps my creative juices flowing. Adore that lemon wreath!

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